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Do-Over’s and the Meaning of Rainbows

Meaning of Rainbows

Any youngster subjected to vacation Bible school remembers the story about God sending a rainbow to the world after the Great Flood.

I was enchanted by this idea. I remember hearing my Bible school teacher talking about this magnificent “bow made of light to make the world right.”

In my simple-minded youth, I took this to be synonymous with a big “do-over.” You know…a do-over is when something gets botched, and you get to try again. A foul pitch, missed basketball hoop, or even losing a game of thumb wars could merit a do-over (depending on who you’re playing with).

As a fat kid with a gruesome skin condition and a slight stutter, I wished with all my heart God would grant my life a do-over. I imagined God wrapping me in a big bow of light, and magically turning everything wrong into everything right.

Of course, that didn’t happen, and I was a little crushed when my Science teacher quashed the idea that rainbows weren’t a magical gift-wrapping accessory from God, but actually a product of light refracting off water particles.

As it turns out, do-over’s and the meaning of rainbows aren’t too disparate in symbolism. How so?

Well, rainbows are intrinsically connected to rain or water. Water is symbolic of cleansing and healing. Consider the legendary healing waters that flow from the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes in France. The water of Lourdes has purported to provide miraculous do-over’s by healing the sick. A simpler example is water washing away dirt and debris – that which is soiled is made clean by water. In this respect, the meaning of rainbows addresses themes of: Renewal, cleansing, rebirth and healing.

The “rainbow body” achieved by some Yogi master’s is the highest state of illumination, enlightenment and realization. It is the penultimate level of samsara – a very big deal – and typically achieved at the time of death. This (in my mind) is like a do-over. It is the ultimate clean slate. At the moment of death, the light and energy of the rainbow body eradicates all trace of earthly ties and allows the soul to restart its experience at a whole new level. This Hindu tantric phenomenon is the ultimate do-over and associates the meaning of rainbows with: Transformation, ascension and enlightenment.

We see a global do-over not only in Genesis, but also in the Epic of Gilgamesh. In this account, the Babylonian goddess Ishtar gave the world a do-over by creating a rainbow to restore the earth. Her rainbow also prohibited the god Enlil from ever wreaking more floods or havoc upon the earth because it blocked him from feeding on the offerings placed on earth’s altars.

Symbolic Meaning of Rainbows

Numerically, the meaning of rainbows is like a re-start in reality. How? Because the rainbow expresses the number seven in its colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). The number seven in numerology represents a turn-over in our consciousness. It’s because seven is a number of esoteric studies and knowledge. Once a level (known as the seventh level in many secret learning societies) of education has been achieved, the way we perceive the world and our lives changes. In essence, the scholar’s perception is made anew after obtaining a higher metaphysical education. This area of thought implies the meaning of rainbows deals with: Attainment, unification, harmonization, elucidation.

It’s noteworthy that there can’t be a do-over without some sort of fumble preceding it. This implies that the meaning of rainbows is synonymous with grace. Why? Because a do-over is a gift. Rainbow’s and do-over’s happen after a span of trial, tribulation, error or long-suffering takes place.

In essence, the rainbow is a symbol of reprieve – a symbol of hope and promise – a gift of grace.

I hope this post prompts your awareness the next time you see a rainbow. Maybe its presence will signify a gift of reprieve, and allow a healing space for you in your life.

Read more about the symbolic meaning of rainbows on the website.

Thanks for reading!

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Feng Shui Tips Using the Numerology of Your Street Address

Feng Shui Tips Using Numerology (image by Avia)

Did you know you can align the energy of your home using Feng Shui and the numerology of your street address?  No joke.  These Feng Shui tips really help (I’ve gotten great feedback!).  I know this is a long post, but you don’t have to read all of it.  Simply crunch the numbers to get your street address down to one digit, and look up the Feng Shui according to your home number.

Feng Shui is an ancient Asian practice in which strategic placement of certain auspicious objects in your environment can release positive energy (also known as “chi“).

Numerology is the practice of interpreting the deeper energy of a number and utilizing that vibe for optimal understanding and alignment.

By combining the energy of your home address with Feng Shui, you can encourage the flow of beneficial energy in your home.  So let’s get started!

How to get your single digit home-number:

First, you’ll need to determine the prime root number of your home address.  We do this in numerology by a process called reduction.  Here’s how to do it:  Take your street address, and add all the numbers together.  For example, if you live at 2542, add them up like so: 2+5+4+2=13.  If you come up with a double digit such as in this example, add the two numbers together like so: 1+3=4.  In this case, your prime number is four.  Of course, if your address is a single digit, you can skip this step altogether. If you come up with a 10 in your calculations, your prime number will be one.

Now that you have your prime address number, it’s time to open your home up to luck, love and good mojo!

Simply refer to the guide below according to your prime address number to stimulate your chi!

Like the song says, one can be the loneliest number.  One-energy can express isolation.  It’s the first in the procession of numbers, and it can represent a “lone wolf” feeling.  This is great if you’re a loner, but if you want to attract lots of friends, family and good juju in your home, you’ll need to jazz up the south quadrant of your home.  In Feng Shui, south represents fire, and lightning.  Activating the southern area of your home will connect the initiatory (new beginnings) flavor of number one.

  • Activate the south wall of your home by painting it with a warm, fiery color like amber, gold or blood-red. Number one is an initiator, and this color in this quadrant will enhance a quality of igniting energy, making your environment energized and welcoming.
  • Since one is a solitary number, incorporate pairs in your home.  For example pairs of fish, swans, fu dogs, geese or double lanterns are all lucky symbols in Feng Shui.  Consider hanging these items (in pairs) in the southern area of your home.  Doing so will enhance a sense of balance, partnership and equanimity.
  • The number one is a yang energy (male, aggressive, assertive), so it’s a good idea to temper that, especially if you sense a bit of assertive tension in your home.  Incorporate yin energy (female, passive, reserved) in the southern area of your home.  Some ideas for yin items include moon motifs, silver accents, flowers, or a water feature.

The number two encourages balance and partnership, which is great if you share your home with a committed partner.  Two is also a wonderful number for families.  The drawback with number two energy can be a sense of indecision, duality and doubt (inability to make your mind up about choices/decisions).  We’ll activate the northwest area of your home to neutralize a bit of that doubt. The northwest represents ‘big metal’ and activates creativity as well as paternal energy in the Feng Shui practice.

  • Consider hanging a wind chime made of metal in the northwest area of your home.  The number two is a yin (feminine) energy, and the metal or silver marries well with this chi.  The chime accentuates harmony and balance, while still activating your senses with its musical tones.  These tones will encourage clarity and mental stimulation.
  • Place a vase in the northwest section of your home.  This structure will “capture” feelings of doubt or frustration.
  • Think about painting your northwest wall a light color, like pastel blue, ecru, or ‘barely there’ pink.  These soothing colors will stimulate a sense of security and comfort, making it easier for you to know what you want, and how to get it.

Three is a number that rules creation and creativity.  It’s an outstanding number for artists with studios in their home.  However, the number three can produce too much creativity, which may lead to a sense of chaos under your roof.  Too much activity, too many ideas…these can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed, and not knowing which project/direction to pick.  We’ll look to the southeast sector of your home to neutralize that potential crazy vibe.  Southwest represents the ‘big earth’ in Feng Shui, and breeds a sense of grounding as well as receptivity.

  • Soften up some jagged nerves by placing a vase of pink flowers (peonies are especially auspicious in Feng Shui symbolism) on a delicate end table in the southwest corner of your home.
  • Another way to neutralize an over-active three vibration is to place a water plant in the southwest.  Get a lucky bamboo plant, place it in an elegant, glass vase or bowl.  Water is a purifying agent, and will cleanse your home’s aura.  The green of the plant is also a great way to attract luck and wealth! Be sure to change the water when needed, so it’s always clear and clean.
  • Take that calming water element a step further and consider getting a goldfish!  A goldfish will enhance creativity in the home, while the water will encourage emotional well-being.  The most ideal set-up would be a small aquarium with a bubble feature (an oxygenating device).  The bubbles will make your goldfish happy (you can have more than one if you like), and will activate the receptive flavors inherent in the southwest section of Feng Shui practice.  Be sure not too overfeed your goldfish. Also, change the water as needed, keeping it clean and clear of algae.

The number four is an energetic expression of community, stability and is THE number for homesteads.  It’s a rooted energy, and very structured.  Consider the four points of a traditional home foundation (most homes are square).  It’s a optimal number for building a solid home, and a solid relationship/family/environment.  The drawback is, this sense of stability can become too overbearing, and you may get a sense of rigidity under your roof.  You may also get a feeling of being ‘closed in’ if number four is too overbearing.  We’ll look to the east to balance that potential cloistering.  The east governs thunder and the ‘big wood’ in Feng Shui.  Wood will encourage stability, while thunder will insure things are not overly structured by shaking things up a little.

  • There’s no better symbol than the dragon to introduce spontaneity and vibrant chi in your home.  Display an image of a dragon, or place an ornate dragon figurine in the east of your home. Dragon energy is sure to get you out of a rut!
  • Consider shopping for a jade ornament or figurine (jade dragons, fu dogs, or turtles are perfect!) and placing it in an east corner of your home.  Jade is incredibly lucky, and wards off negative energy.
  • The jade plant (a succulent which loves bright light – perfect for an east window) is synonymous with jade stone.  This plant will oxygenate the air, which will stimulate your sense of well being, and thwart any kind of stuffiness looming in your home.  If jade plants aren’t your thing, consider orchids, or a chrysanthemum plant.  These are all very auspicious in Feng Shui.  If you don’t have a green thumb, an artificial plant will do.  Either way, pick a plant with bright green leaves, a perky demeanor. If you opt for a live jade plant, follow nursery instructions to keep it happy in your home.

The number five can be a tricky energy.  Five is always seeking to balance itself.  This number is also a very spiritual number because it represents the completion of the elements, which are: Fire, earth, air and water.  The fifth element is ether (spirit)- an ephemeral, all-pervasive essence which imbues all things.  In the home, an over-active five energy has a potential to trigger a sense of instability or imbalance.  It may also render a flighty or ‘spacey’ feel to your home – a sense of not feeling ‘all together’, but rather drifting out into space.  The west sector of your home represents focus, closure and security. West governs the ‘small metal’ in Feng Shui, and prompts joy, stability and completion.

  • If you’re in a mental fog, or feeling discombobulated, consider placing a metal gong in the western section of your home.  The roundness of the gong encourages a sense of cohesion (circles are symbolic of unity).  Give that gong a whack when the urge comes to you.  The tone of the gong will chase away any fuzziness in your home’s energy.
  • Five-homes are prime headquarters for spiritually minded people.  Remember, five is the number of ether (or spirit).  You can enhance a sense of spiritual connection by placing unique crystal elements in the west.  A crystal ball, crystal vase, candle holders…these are all perfect features.  Ideally, place these crystal accents in a window, and watch the setting sun make prismatic patterns on your walls.  This will activate the rainbow within you!
  • Find a sun-and-moon motif and hang it on your westwall.  The union between these two energies will offer balance and stability, while still encouraging a celestial connection for you in your home.  The sun is a yang (male) energy and moon is yin (female) – these are ancient archetypes for perfect harmony.

The number six is the perfect number for sensual evenings by your hearth fire, and romantic interludes.  It’s because the six is the number of love, sensuality and romance.  It’s also a number for nurturing (great for raising families in the home) and physicality.  There’s a flip-side to six if it’s over-active in your home’s energy.  Too much six vibration can lead to obsessive-compulsive tendencies.  If not in balance, the number six can lead to jealousy or potentially abusive behavior.  It’s the passion backing number six that causes a backfire if the vibration in your home is out of whack.  Incorporating Feng Shui practices in the southeast area of your home will assist in keeping that six energy loving and bright.  The southeast region in Feng Shui represents the ‘small wood’, and governs the element of wind.  This Feng Shui sector is also the region of gentleness and clear communication.  Activating these elements will keep your six-house in perfect order.

  • Red is an energizing and passionate color.  Temper that powerful essence by incorporating soft, comforting fabrics in the southeast area of your home.  Lush, velvety pillows or rich window treatments will activate that sexy-six vibration while the soft tactile fabrics gives a mellowing effect.
  • Crystals, like quartz and amethyst are perfect accents for your six-aligned home.  Make a Zen rock garden with a bunch of your favorite crystals and place it in the east corner of your home.  Crystals (especially amethyst) will boost positive chi in your home, while at the same time, eradicate any negative energy looming.
  • Hang a light from the ceiling to unify heavenly and earthly energies for harmony.  Pick out a pretty crystal chandelier.  Or, get a candle holder that hangs from your ceiling for the same energetic effect.

Seven is the number of scholarly pursuit, higher education and serious study.  If you have a seven house, it’s a great place to learn new things, and explore new topics.  Seven also has an introspective quality; its vibration prompts us to go within, reflect, ponder and meditate.  Clearly, these attributes of number seven are valuable, but if the energies in your home are not in balance, seven can bring about a hermit mentality within the home.  If there’s a tendency for you to want to withdraw to an unhealthy extent, or you’re spending too much time holed up in your house – it’s time for a little Feng Shui to put the balance right.  The northeast should be activated in your home to counteract any unhealthy, or overly cerebral tendencies.  In Feng Shui, the northeast rules the element of the ‘small earth‘ which will put a grounder on overactive intellectual pursuits.  The northeast is also a representative of mountains, which will enhance studious behavior too.  Mountains are grounding, while promoting mental/spiritual ascension at the same time. It’s all about balance, so incorporate these Feng Shui elements to get the energy in your seven-home just right.

  • If you’re feeling too much “in your head” consider placing a stone/marble statue in your northeast corner.  The stone will effectively ground you.  Some suggestions for statues to bring you back to earth include: The horse, fu dog, bear, elephant, or a tiger.
  • Warm metals like bronze and copper are nice energetic conductors for mental energy.  They enhance alacrity, while disbursing it too, so your mind doesn’t have a tendency to get all clogged up.  Think about stringing Chinese amulet-coins (they have a square hole in the middle and are marked with Chinese writing characters) on a red ribbon and hanging it on your northeast wall.
  • If you have moments when you feel withdrawn and overly introverted, grab some bright vermilion candles and light them in the northeastern section of your home.  This will energetically illuminate you, and bring you out of yourself.

Eight is a very cyclical energy.  It represents change, seasons, time, and the realm of the infinite. Eight is a great number for a home because it maintains the emotional flow of its resident’s.  Eight speaks to us of balance, and consistency.  As with the rest of our Feng Shui numbers, these awesome qualities can backfire if the energy of your home is not harmonious.  Some negative results of unbalanced eight energy include stagnation, anxiety and lack of motivation.  Off kilter eight energy may also incite sudden, unpleasant changes in your home, causing arguments and unrest.  Feng Shui can help!  Avoid these unwanted scenarios by sprucing up your west wall with some Feng Shui power symbols.  The west rules the ‘small metal’ which serves as a conduit, keeping chi flowing on a steady current.

  • Adorn your west wall with an elegant arrangement of Chinese fans.  Fans are very in auspicious in Feng Shui, and are believed to deflect negative energy.  Fans will also keep the chi flowing smoothly in your home.
  • Get creative an consider painting the image of a lotus on your west wall.  Or, find a pretty print or painting of a lotus and mount that instead.  The lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, progress, purity and perfection.  This peaceful blossom will insure to keep anxiety at bay!
  • The moon is a universal symbol of cycles and phases in the universe.  Because the number eight is also a cyclical vibration, consider placing a moon motif in the west segment of your home.  The moon is also associated with metal in Feng Shui (silver).  Here we have similar energy between the moon and number eight which deals with cycles, while we have a metal conductor to keep the energy electric and flowing smoothly.

Nine is a number of happy returns and completion.  It’s symbolic of attainment, wealth, abundance and full potential.  For a home, nine is a supremely optimal number because it proposes that you have achieved an ideal residence with positive energy for you and your residents.  Gone awry, nine energy can produce negative qualities like unhealthy egotism (cockiness), greed, lust, mistrust and envy.  Not good.  To keep things in perfect prime, activate the north region of your home.  North governs the element of water in Feng Shui.  North also rules the winter, so it has a cool energy, just the thing counteract a potential powder keg in the home.

  • Consider adopting a live turtle and setting upan aquarium along your north wall.  Turtles are symbolically synonymous with nine energy.  They stand for accomplishment as well as long life.  Incorporate an aeration element (bubbles) in the aquarium to get that vital chi moving.  The water in the aquarium will serve as a purifying agent and marries nicely with the northern energy.  Be sure to care for your turtle, and keep the aquarium clean and clear.  If turtles aren’t your thing, you can get a statuette/figurine or a picture of a turtle will do nicely too.
  • Water is an essential element for nine-homes in the north.  Consider a water feature, like a fountain.  These accentuate the beauty of the home, while assuring continual energetic . If this isn’t an option for you, perhaps you could play a CD with water sounds (waterfalls, the ocean, babbling brooks, etc) in the north region of your home.  You could even paint a water scene (or buy a painting) on your north wall.
  • Adorn the north area of your home with a large, ornate vase.  Vases ‘contain’ good luck, and are symbolic of harmony, wealth and peace.   Choose a vase with lucky symbols on it.  Some suggestions are: Peacock, phoenix, fish, seashells, or floral prints.  Take the power of the vase a step further and place long stemmed flowers in it.  Choose white or red flowers for optimal energy.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a home renovation to adjust the energy of your domain.  Just a few simple additions will do the trick to make the right shift.

I trust these Feng Shui tips will offer you optimal levels of love, luck prosperity and contentment in your home.

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11.11.11 Meaning and Thoughts

It’s coming up, 11-11-11, and I’ve gotten requests for reflection on this numerologically significant day.  I pull from a myriad of resources while exploring symbolic potential of a number, and investigating 11-11-11 meaning has offered rabbit trails of possibilities.  So, thanks for all the requests, and here are some ideas about what this number meaning might imply for upcoming developments.

Congruency:  Sometimes when I’m meditating with numbers, I’m coached to view them visually rather than as numbers.  When this happens, I’m struck with the conveyance of perfection and balance.  In this light, 11-11-11, might be a message to give thanks for that which is working perfectly in our lives.  This perspective also talks about things “lining up” – this could mean things are lining up in our lives in ways that influence what we’ve been focused on in our lives.  This visual approach to number-interpretation also bears a message of balance.  This upcoming date might be the perfect opportunity to achieve more balance by lining up our own thoughts and environment – putting things in order.

Yang: Ones are yang energy, so there’s no denying a very male, assertive, expressive energy in this number combo.  When we’re contemplating 11-11-11 in the context of archetypal gender, the number one vibrates with an motivated, ambitious energy.  Historically, male/yang energy is also very protective too.   Ones are governed by the Sun (also male in most cultural views, not all), which is a symbol of vitality, energy, health and generosity.  These are some symbolic ideas to keep in mind while contemplating the upcoming potential of 11-11-11.  Oh, and for those of us who know there can be no yang force without yin…I thought of that too.  I was first concerned about the lack of yin energy in 11-11-11, but the feminine is there.  She is either implied (hyphens), or female energy can be found in the groupings of three (three sets of 11).  Yin energy to this number combo will be strongly supportive in matters of creativity. [More on Yin Yang symbolism here.]

Numbers: Reduced, 11-11-11 meaning boils into the number six, which is ruled by Venus – so we’re talking about harmony, also balance.  Venus (Aphrodite), as we all know, is a love-goddess.  There’s an undeniable love-energy associated with this number combo…both in the six vibration and the three vibration (three sets of 11).  In my meditations, I have felt very distinct love-goddess energy connected with this number/day, but it’s been kind of a domestic love, not so much a amorous feeling.  Meaning, this day may offer the opportunity to be swept off your feet with the simple joys life offers.  Through tenderness and a renewed outlook, many of us will have a chance to fall in love all over again – but in a unique sort of way. [More on number meanings and symbolism here.]

Creativity:  As mentioned, there are three groupings of 11’s, and this speaks to me of intense creativity.  Backed by yang energy, we’re talking about ‘in your face’ creativity…really powerful and expansive.  Do you have creative goals, projects, desires you need to tend to?  11-11-11 will be great energy to see those creative visions into reality.

Change & Choice: Anytime I see number 11, I’m compelled to see a doorway – a doorway of choice.  Eleven’s signify a clear choice to be made (1+1=2).  Visually, the 11 looks like two pillars one could walk through and between.  Sometimes I use the appearance of 11 in my life as a way to find that “in between” space…the space of total balance in which no choice is required (which is really a choice in itself).  In meditation, I see myself moving through the “zero” (no choice) implied between the two one’s of a binary code.  Try it some time.  Trippy, fun, clarifying.  My point here is…for some of us, 11-11-11 will be a major portal – a moment in time we can walk through with the promise of change and choice on the other end. [More on 11 as gateway here.]

Tarot: Because I see 11-11-11 more visually sometimes than as a number, it’s natural for me to see one’s as rods (or wands) in the Tarot.  So, I revisited the six of rods in the Tarot. [More on six if rods symbolism here.]  (You could also research the Justice card, 11 of the Major Arcana for more insight into 11 energy).

The Tarot as delivery system of wisdom asks us these questions in relation to 11-11-11 energy:

  • Can I maturely handle public acclaim and success?
  • Now that I’ve reached a zenith, what’s my next step?
  • Am I recognizing partnerships that have facilitated my success?
  • Positive recognition from others is great, but am I still letting my inner voice take the lead in my decisions?
  • What is my guiding force?
  • Am I prepared for the responsibility this public success and exposure implies?

And lest we forget the 20 energy (2011), which tends to speak to us about choice (2). For me, this date (and the times associated with it) talks about making some clear choices and being surrendered (0) to the results.  Surrendered?  Yeah, zero has a very zen vibe, it asks us to release to the moment…to be okay with the void.

As with all my writings, these are just my own musings.  I would highly encourage personal reflection and contemplation on this subject – especially if the date and number combo feel important to you.  The following are some potentially helpful links for your research into 11-11-11 meaning and implication:


Real Riches with Tanna Corona

I’ve had the serious pleasure of exchanging uber-keen symbolic insights with Tanna Corona, host of Real Riches Radio.  I adore Tanna’s style – smart, savvy and sagacious.  I think you will too.  That’s why I’m encouraging you to take a listen to her talk show, every Monday night.

And if her radio show isn’t enough to make you adore her too, here’s Tanna’s impressive bio:

Tanna Corona  is a professional Certified Life Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach and Member of the Certified Coaches Alliance. Her expertise is in the fields of prosperity consciousness, love relationships, the Law of Attraction, metaphysical Christianity, and communications. Tanna is also an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

Tanna (pronounced Tah-nah) is producer and host of the REAL RICHES show on (RealRiches), where she interviews Spiritual, Law of Attraction and New Thought practitioners and proponents.

Tanna holds a Bachelor’s Degree (with Latin Honors) in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She worked in the legal field for many years, and she parlays the disciplines of that profession into her current work.

Tanna is self-taught in the realms of divination, self-knowledge and tapping into inner wisdom, such as the Tarot, numerology, runes, acrophonology, feng shui, meditation, and visualization.


Here’s Tanna’s blog for more information.

And don’t miss her show on Blog Talk Radio.

Common Dream Meaning Video

While I was with my friend, Michele Knight in NYC we took this short video discussing common dream meaning.

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