Couples Seeing Same Numbers and Number Meaning of 37

I received an email from a gentleman who was experiencing the phenomenon of 37 reoccurring in both his and his girlfriend’s life on a consistent basis.  This is a fascinating phenomenon in which two people consistently experience the same number sequence over and over.  Below is my response to the symbolic meaning of numbers repeating: 

Dear Ephemerally Numeralized,

Numbers offer us so many messages and endless ways for us to interpret.

You can look the numbers separately, together, combine them, add them, divide them…even interpret them visually.  Numbers are crazy-fun to play with in the world of symbolism.

Furthermore, each number carries with it a vibration.  In the realm of energy, each vibration will attract a similar one.  Essentially, you and your girlfriend are vibrating at the same frequency as the energy in number 37 and vice versa.

That said, I would encourage you both to do a personal study on numbers and their meanings.  Then play with this number sequence of yours and begin to see how its various meanings weave meaning/insight into your lives.

Individually, your number expresses creativity and perfection.  It’s a charming number with promise of new ideas, new projects, and creative ventures with the promise of stability ahead.

Learning or education may be required in order to launch these creative endeavors…but that’s okay, because you both will enjoy the process.

This is also a very grounding number…again promising stability.  It’s also a happy number and the vibration is very high.

In numerology a common practice is to “reduce” a number sequence.  In this case: 3+7=10  Ten’s are all about completion, satisfaction, and coming full circle….this leads us back to the assurance that creative endeavors will come full circle, and will “land” you into more a more satisfactory state.  Interestingly, 10 indicates the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot.

Visually, this number beckons you maintain balance.  You have the erratic curves of the three juxtaposed the very strict & staunch looking seven. This is a warning that you must not let one aspect (creativity) outweigh another (structure/order).

This gives you and your girlfriend a start, the rest is up to you both to explore.  Have fun with your continued experience with the number 37. 

The more you play with these numbers and research their meanings as applicable to your lives, the more rewarding and meaningful your number journey will be.

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  1. 37 is a phenomena that both my husband and I have been observing for close to two decades; so much so it has become a family joke.

    Recently whilst studying some more esoteric Gematria I came across the following that may also be of interest regarding this number:

    “Now when we analyse the Names, titles or Ephithets of the lord in the scriptures, the extraordinary fact becomes apparent that in an all together disproportionately large number of cases, these names etc., are by Gematria, multiples of 37”

    ~ A Preliminary investigation of The Cabala Gematria by Simcox Lea & Bligh Bond.

    Now assuming that within each system of belief or praxis there are certain inaliable truths contained (whether obvious or not), one can only conclude that it is possible that the number 37 is indicative of the the devine creative force (however you chose to define or name it) manifest in this earthly reality.

  2. I am looking for information on the number 11. I have been seeing the number 11 in conjunction with other numbers up and down the scale from 1 to 10 since last fall. Sometimes there are frequent occurences in a day. I have found lots of information but know that I have not come to a satisfactory place of understanding of this occurance. Recently a person came to me and mentioned that she had begun to see the 11 mostly in conjunction with the number 1 as in 1:11 and wondered about it. She knows that I have have an interest in things symbolically and numerically but she had no idea that I was currently focused on the number 11. This of course, heightened my curiousity. Is there anything that you might share that could illuminate this occurrence.

  3. Yes, same here. The eleven has been a constant for me as well.

    I’ve written on this phenomenon here:

    I mention it in this page, but the 11 speaks of doorways to me.

    I mean…visually look at it: “11”

    Looks like a door, doesn’t it? My mind walks through it, I enter a space, an opening.

    Doing this every time I see number eleven causes me to stop and be aware (by stepping through the space between 11 ).

    Thanks for posting.

  4. I’m glad i came across this. Me and my boyfriend are both having the same experience, also with the number 37.

  5. Where to begin.

    I have been seeing numbers for many years now. I wont get into all the situations but i will break it down for discussion purposes.

    Firstly the number I see – 33, 13, 22 , 37, 37 , 44 so forth and so on

    ps I would see these numbers mainly when looking at the time

    These numbers also present themselves with doubles, like .. 12:12 13:13 4:44 etc

    Now here are my personal translations:

    33 – spiritual .. .. ..

    37 – like a green robot – meaning = yes

    13 – like a red robot – negative

    44 – negative/ bad energy / corruption

    Now when I see the 13 or the 13:13 they differ as follows…

    13 on its own its somewhat of a warning prehand

    13:13 its in action

    Here is a basic example of what happens to me

    I’m driving to someone to fetch something, i’ll look what the time is and it would be 13 – once arrived there there person wouldnt be there or would be very late, etc.

    Somehow there is a link between 12:12 and 13 or 13:13

    It’s as if the 12:12 moves towards the 13 or interconnected closely but i find alot of negativity around those areas.

  6. i’ve been seeing the number 11:12 on digital clock or I guess at the same time. Strange uh. I’m no numberologist, but if you multiply 3 x 7 = 21 Reverse – 12. Substract 1 = 11. I don’t know. But it sure seem that it means something if other people like my self are experiencing these numbers.

  7. ive seen 222 for years now but recently ive bin seeing 22 and 37.what does this mean.

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