Seeing Number 11 and Symbolic Duality (Synchroblog Project)

Number 11 seen in pillars represents a symbolic doorway through dualityAs part of our current synchroblog topic, I chose the number 11 as a symbolic concept of duality.

Seeing number 11 is not an uncommon phenomenon.  Indeed, I get many emails from folks who see the number eleven consistently, and in response, I’ve written further symbolic thoughts on number eleven here.

As you will see on these posts, I propose the symbolism of number eleven deals with:

  • Congruency
  • Opening
  • Balance

We garner these meanings through an understanding of numerology (both in the traditional Pythagorean sense, as well as an intuitive/interpretive psychic sense). 

We glean information on the number eleven by investigating its numeric master, which is number one.   The meaning of number one  speaks of:

  • Beginnings
  • Action 
  • Focus
  • Union

However, reduced the number eleven morphs into the vibrational resonance of number two (1+1=2). The meaning of number two deals with:

  • Decision
  • Polarity
  • Reproduction
  • Balance

But what does this have to do with duality?  Everything, when we dance in the peripheries of symbolism.

Investigating the numerical significances of number eleven gives us gossamer glimpses into the meaning of the number.   

On the one hand we march in time with
structure, stability, consistency and sure-footing (number one). 

On the second hand we dance the two-step with
choice, duplicity, option (free will) and diversity (number two).

After years of number eleven presenting itself to my attention at every turn (on clocks, dates, money, tickets, seats, rooms, pages, totals – you name it), I’ve had countless opportunities to meditate on its presence, and ask myself the questions: Why am I seeing number 11 everywhere?  What does it mean? etc.

After exhausting numerological possibilities, my dissatisfaction lingered.  These surface meanings never slaked my need for further clarification.  There must be more depth to match the breadth of 11’s constant appearance in my life.

As is often the case, when we cock our philosophical heads to the side to take an unorthodox view of a thing, we begin to gain profound clarity of its meaning.  And so, after using visualization techniques with the number eleven, its meaning began to come more alive in my understanding.

In my personal experience I’ve concluded the number eleven represents a metaphorical gateway, whose entrance beckons the integration of the duality or opposition inherent in human nature (consider the image in the upper right – do you see the 11 in the form of pillars to an entryway?).

Delving further into the metaphor, my mind turned to the symbolism of the Tarot in which the Priestess card as well as the Justice card resonate with the number eleven.  Both cards depict two pillars on either side of the archetype.  Essentially, a number 11.

The Priestess is traditionally seated in the center of the symbolic pillars of Boaz and Jachin representing foundational strength (physical) and intentional directed energy (spiritual).  These pillars of the High Priestess card illustrate duality through long twisty roots running through the most esoteric layers of knowledge.

Further, her equal-armed cross signifies an ability to balance between the gateway of duality.  For eons, ancient wisdom has driven this point home:  Equalibrium is available within the center of perceived opposition.

This concept is a rhythmic theme drummed into every line of alchemical texts:  Humankind must appropriately and mindfully mix the elements of duality together to conjure the elixir of enlightenment.

The meaning of eleven, in this visual sense, illustrates this profound potential: We reach our zenith by seating ourselves in the midst of duality (just as the Priestess is purposefully poised between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin).  

So rather than tip the scale, choose a side, or invite imbalance – the great wisdom teachings of our kind (in all manner of metaphor) beckon us to settle BETWEEN the dualities. 

Essentially, we have the ability to levitate between an elegently slender gap,  gracefully slipping betwix such starknesses as:

  • Black – White
  • Day – Night
  • Elation – Depression
  • Introversion – Extroversion
  • Physical – Spiritual
  • Action – Rest

As our energetic ancestors have always known, it is in this subtle space we find our true home.

This is what years of seeing number 11 have brought to bear in my own understanding.  What has it revealed to you?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Duality Synchroblog.  There are some incredibly passionate and insightful posts on the topic.  I would encourage you to read them all:


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  1. thanks for this post. i also read your other pages on number 11. it is good 2 know I am not the only one who experiences this. 11 haunts me. it is everywhere. it is hard for me 2 understand everything u r saying here. but i am trying. u have a great mind.

  2. I first noticed the 11 (and 11:11) long before this all opened up for me. Here’s a blog where I speak of it.

    In the comments of that blog, I mention the number 33 being potent in my life. It fascintates me, and I wonder why it’s there. When I moved here, I found two places in the newspaper. The first was a house to share. The house number was 33. I never went to see it, just phoned her…and then was drawn to an ad in the paper for an apartment. I immediately loved the apartment, it was just perfect for me. Apartment number 33, and that’s where I live now 🙂 I was marveling the other day at how it seems perfect for a bird, heh 😉 (so many bird totems) It’s all up in the trees on the second floor — my favorite part, the bedroom window that faces the wonderful woodsy area, and all those luscious trees 🙂 … but still amazed how the two places I was drawn to both were number 33.


  3. To expand on meaning of specific numbers, I also like to spell them out. When I spell eleven backwards, I discover the word Nevele, which is a actually a location in east Flanders, Belgium. It is known for writers and mysterious synchronicities that may relate to cross-overs of energetic grid lines beyond view of the naked eye.

    Otherwise, eleven is a higher octave of #2. This draws attention to psychic vibrations and balance of masculine and feminine energy. Eleven is linked to people with gifts such as clairvoyance and other heightened sensitivities. This is balanced by perceived negative effects such as betrayal and two-sided visions.

  4. Outstanding observations Liara – thank you so much.

    I forgot to mention the Roman numeral for 2: II

    I’m sure we’ll think of more before the jig is up.

    Thanks again.


  5. It is sooooo great for me to see that there are so many of “us” seeing 11’s in our lives. I have absolutely no idea what it means, but I do know exactly when it started for me – after reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail (post DaVinci Code).

    So natually I connect it to esoteric spiritual knowledge. I sort of believe that something is trying to tell me I’m on the right track 🙂

  6. Hi Carol,

    Welcome, and thank you for sharing your experience.

    I know your own personal understanding will come to the surface as you continue to unfold in your own knowledge.


  7. Hi Dovelove,

    Fascinating. I’ve written about three’s here.

    I’m also doing some intense study on the meaning of 6 (the reduction of your 33), and it’s right in synch with the beauty you express in your communications – loving, honest, bright, true, and connections that are eternal. Thank you for sharing this experience.

    Namaste & light,

  8. Ah, such a sweet thing to say, Avenefica — thank you 🙂

    I must say, your blog has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things — like the multitudinous ways you look at numbers and such. I love it 🙂

    And, Liara, I love how you reversed the spelling, that is so awesome! And it fascinates me, as someone who sees the 11 so much, because it seems the Universe has, in so many interesting ways, encouraged me toward writing. Even got a few articles published a few years ago (lordy, it’s actually been 4 years) — once in the Sedona Journal 🙂 And that was essentially my first attempt to get published. (So many stories with, and around, all that.)

    But I’ve made no effort to do so since then — I continue to resist. (*sigh*) My blogging is me kinda dancing with it, without really doing it 🙂 It’s more like “wild writing,” that I make no real effort to polish…

    A number of examples of how the Universe has continued to nudge me in this direction are coming to mind (including one this morning)… Hmmm, I may just have to blog about it 🙂

    Oh, also, A., your totalling of the number 33 to 6 brought to mind the Lovers card in the Tarot. That makes sense, I’m a Libra, we love love, heh 😉 Venus and all that 🙂 And I think you can see a kind of love in all the 6 cards, the Lovers would be romantic love; 6 of cups, friends/family love; 6 of swords, grieving and healing from the loss of a loved one; and with the 6 of wands, “adoration” comes to mind, or maybe loving of the self per our successes.

    Jumping back to the 33 🙂 When all of this began to happen for me (1998, a most magical year), I moved into my very first apartment ever. The address was prolific with 7’s (777 was the apartment complex number, and my apt number was 7). With the street number included, it all totalled to 33 🙂


  9. Hi Dove – thanks for your kind words.

    And the time on your post is a great affirmation, isn’t it? You’re in-line, tuned-in, turned-on. Just love it when synchronicities line up like that.

    I hadn’t noticed until you pointed out your own post time – but look at the time I made on my initial blog post: 12:11. Splendiferous!

    Peace out,

  10. I never thought much about numbers being messages until I read your post. You have a lot of different ideas about common things.

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