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Hi, I’m Avia Venefica. As a kid, I was always outside, poking sticks at stuff, peeking under slimy rocks, gleeful at discovering some dark treasure (the creepier and crawlier the better).

Today, I’m still exploring, but instead of rocks, I’m flipping over every-day-ness to find magic and inspiration hiding beneath common reality.

When I’m not tending to the care and feeding of the blog and my other ‘sites (www.Whats-Your-Sign.com and www.TarotTeachings.com and www.Veneficarium.com ), I’m involved with any one of the following:

  • Meditation
  • Motorcycling
  • Interpreting Tarot
  • Interpreting Dreams
  • Interpreting Numbers
  • Interpreting Symbols
  • Art
  • Travel
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Walking
  • Internet
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Photography
  • Dreaming & Waking
  • Becoming a Better Person
  • Developing a Sense of Humor

Thanks for stopping by.

Bright beams,

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  1. ColossalFossil says:

    Happy New Year Venefica! Looking forward to seeing great things from you in ’09 and beyond.

  2. Cobie says:

    I have read your symbolic meaning of the owl. Very good, thank you for your wisdom. I saw 4
    owls in a tree next to the walkway close to my house – in Australia. I took a photo of the three owls on a branch – the 4th were hidden between the leaves. I am a South African lady who immigrated to New Zealand and moved last year to Australia. I am missing NZ and friends in SA, but it was the best for us to do a second
    immigration – my husband and 23year old son is happy in Aus. I went into a very bad depression and I stopped walking the walkway. When I forced myself again to do the walkway – I saw the owls.
    My depression is better and I know that I must accept Australia as my new country. I need to find a job, but I am not sure about my career. I have lost my first job in Australia and the people were very rude. I have studied Kinesiology (level 1)in New Zealand and Theta Healing in Australia. I have also learned how to do Metamorphisis Healing. I am always dreaming to work from home in the alternatives, but I do not feel competent and I am scared that I might not find people to work on. We need the second income and I was looking for jobs on the internet. I feel now that the owls must have brought me a message. I have also saw a mother Koala and her baby (very close to the walkway) and I saw another Koala on the walkway – he then climb into a tree. I felt that was also a sign to me to trust the universe and that I do have the knowledge and anwers.

    Thank you that I could share this with you. I am still very alone in this huge country.

    Cobie de Jager

  3. avenefica says:

    Hi Cobie,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage to go through the changes you are describing. And, in the telling of it, you now have a community of incredible people cheering for you (in an energetic sense :-). No longer consider yourself alone. There are legions of all kinds of support available to you. From animals, to people…even the water, wind, and land offer their support.

  4. Diane Smith says:

    I’m writing to ask your opinion on a very vivid dream I had that I cannot seem to stop thinking about:

    It was a sunny morning and I was alone in my house when I heard what I thought were cars driving on my neighbors’ lawn. I went out my front door to see what was going on when I saw a large, grey owl perched on a branch of our cherry tree. I was surprised to see an owl, but I approached him anyway and extended my hand to get him to come down. He just stared at me. I remember thinking he was so close I could just reach out and grab him, but I didn’t. Instead, I started talking to him softly, urging him to come down. His eyes never left mine and I got the distinct impression that it wasn’t that he didn’t trust me, but that I wasn’t ready. I kept my hand extended and continued to talk to him. Finally, and hesitantly, he hopped down a few branches, and landed on my hand. As soon as he did, he closed his eyes and snuggled closely to me. I had an immediate sense of ownership and that I had known him all along.

    I woke up and was left with a strange feeling that it wasn’t a dream and noted that I had to mention it to my co-worker who has an interest in dream symbolism and Native American animal spirits. When I got to work, I was surprised to receive an email from her telling me she had had a dream about me. Her dream involved being at a wake for a man she didn’t know and never saw. She described a location that resembled the place where we had had a funeral luncheon for my father’s funeral 20 years ago. She said I had come into the room with 2 very large dogs and a younger female relative that she assumed was my niece. She felt very strongly that it was my father’s wake and asked me if I had been thinking about him lately.

    Feeling the two incidents were related, I began to google dreams and owl symbolism and was directed to your blog. I found your insight on owls to be very informative and relevant (thank you!). I was just wondering if you could shed anymore light on these dreams and what they might mean.
    Blessings and thanks!

  5. nicole b says:


    i also came across your page about the symbolic meaning of the owl, and it has been quite comforting. other information i have read suggests a dream i recently had is a terrible omen. in the dream i turned into an owl, a tawny owl to be quite specific. the dream was sort of lucid and fun, and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!!!! i recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification and also found out that my estranged biological father is terminally ill with cancer, so i imagine it might have something to do with that? i have never previously felt any connections with owls, but this dream was so vivid and profound……

  6. colleen says:

    Its very early here in Vancouver and I woke before five with a powerful dream of the dragonfly..Actually, this very large dragonfly was on my head in my dream woke me up!!In the dream, It was supposed to be both a guide and pet belonging to a young guest staying at my house. I was very happy and excited that this young person was staying with me ( the son of my exhusband. I haven’t seen my exhusband for many years)However, the dragon fly was frightening me because it wanted to be on my head and it was making a buzzing sound. However, it was telepathic and it knew that although I was very frightened I ment it no harm. Before it landed on my head I looked at it and the dragonfly was “otherworldly” and beautiful and I knew it would not hurt me. This was a very spiritual transaction and I can’t describe the experience fully in words. The dragonfly was a beautiful azure blue. A male collegue I knew from work a few years ago, was also there in my living room as a supportive friend-he is a psychologist from China. The room was filled with large books and different shelving arrangements. The situation, circumstances were all peices from my past and all from different aspects of my life over the last 25 years. When I woke I was crying and had a flood of emotion and nostalgia for my past. I have been dealing with terrible stress and hardship for the last year involving a dying parent, my own illness and loss of my job as a therapist. It has been a difficult,difficult time with no end of the difficulties in immediate sight. Thank you for your page on the dragonfly-It brought me to this page and your wonderful information and spirit. I really appreciate your interpretation of the dragonfly and I feel quite inspired by it this morning.

  7. colleen says:

    Thanks for the new link avenefica!! I visited an old link previously through my google search. The utube video of the dragonfly set to that incredible music was lovely. Thanks again.

    many blessings

  8. MDM says:

    Just wanted to say Hi and tell you that you’ve accumalated alot of really great symbolic info here and your site is wonderful. Kudos to you. :)Maybe you’ll enjoy my site http://orphicpapers.blogspot.com/

    Namaste and Blessings to all

  9. Franz says:

    At the risk of sounding like another crackpot on the internet…(that happens a lot :P) I like you… I have not read much on here and going strictly off your photo and the general feel of your blog; you have a very warm and genuine “vibe”… I did a quick search for a symbolic question and came across your page. I will look forward to perusing it further when the time is right. enJOY, be well and smile!
    Love and light,

  10. avenefica says:

    Hi Franz, nice to meet you. Thanks for the kind words!

  11. Gretchen says:

    Thank you for your postings on OWLS…I had one in my HOUSE, this last November!!!

    A friend came for dinner, and as she was leaving out the back door, I noticed something on my coat, on the hook by the door. I said, “What is on my coat?” and just then, the owl opened its eyes and turned its head.

    I was freaked out, initially, but did get pictures. It was an Eastern Screech Owl, about 8 inches tall. It was very still, and just stayed on my coat. Ultimately, a neigbor boy came to chase it out the door – its wingspan was about 2.5 feet in diameter, and was beautiful and graceful in flight. It flew up onto the garage.

    I have no idea how the owl got in – I have a fireplace, but heavy glass doors would’ve prevented its escape. We haven’t found any holes in the house, so I guess it must’ve swooped in when I came in?

    At any rate, it was very gentle in presence, and probably wasn’t in my house long. It was startling to me, but only because it was so unreal, and uncommon.

    I have been trying to put together since then, why it came, and what message it might’ve had. I have been doing some very deep work around the processing of my father’s murder, and much “opening”, spiritual growth and insight has come with this. I have to think the owl visit must coincide, here?

    Thank you for your “debunking” the negative myths of the owl. It adds strength and mystery and wonderfulness to this experience, for me.

  12. white hawk says:

    I have a book on symbols. I use it daily as I have compicated and symbolic dreams with messages all the time. I came across your web site to follow up more info o some symbols. I like it and your freindliness. (I make flower essences and work with nature by the way).

  13. avenefica says:

    Hi White Hawk, thanks for your kind words. I’m glad the websites have made positive connections. Likewise, yours (http://www.newlifeessences.co.uk/) is mutually inspiring.

  14. avenefica says:

    Hi Gretchen – thanks for sharing, and for your kind words. It’s nice to connect.

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