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Hi, I’m Avia Venefica. As a kid, I was always outside, poking sticks at stuff, peeking under slimy rocks, gleeful at discovering some dark treasure (the creepier and crawlier the better).

Today, I’m still exploring, but instead of rocks, I’m flipping over every-day-ness to find magic and inspiration hiding beneath common reality.

When I’m not tending to the care and feeding of the blog and my other ‘sites (www.Whats-Your-Sign.com and www.TarotTeachings.com and www.Veneficarium.com ), I’m involved with any one of the following:

  • Meditation
  • Motorcycling
  • Interpreting Tarot
  • Interpreting Dreams
  • Interpreting Numbers
  • Interpreting Symbols
  • Art
  • Travel
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Walking
  • Internet
  • Learning
  • Teaching
  • Photography
  • Dreaming & Waking
  • Becoming a Better Person
  • Developing a Sense of Humor

Thanks for stopping by.

Bright beams,

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  1. Thank you so very much on addressing my question on the symbolism of wind. I appreciate it. much happiness and blessings to you……Dawn

  2. Hi A.Venefica!
    I really like your blog…it’s different from other “metaphysic” sites. You present a variety of information that are more sensible and relevant. I am a very spiritual person and very interested in metaphysics. I’ve been searching around for the meaning of symbols that have come into my life. I have been trying to figure out why I keep seeing the number 41 in the minute second time. It’s really irritating. You seem very knowledgeable about numerology…can you help me interpret this? ^-^

  3. Hi SummerRain,
    It’s good to meet you. Yes, I have a few ideas about your 41. I will be emailing these thoughts directly to you. Thank you for taking the time to write such kind words about my work.

  4. I would like to know the symbols for the sanskrit words “truth” and “reconciliation.” My 21 year old sun died on December 6 of a rare t-cell cancer. It was a tattoo he wanted when he got well. I would like to find the symbols for these two words and have them tattooed on my arm. Thank you for any help.

  5. Hi Lisa,

    My sincerest empathy to you – your tribute tattoo is understandable, and an honorable ritual to commemorate your bright son’s soul.

    I am not well-versed in sanskrit – although if I had the time, I certainly would be – lovely visual language.

    However, I would encourage you to check out this website:
    http://www.Omniglot.com this guy (Simon Ager) is a master at linguistics (and quite passionate about the subject too). You’ll likely find your sanskrit (or a means to figure out the symbols) on his site.

    My light is with you,

  6. I think its really helpful to share ideas and impressions of life experiences. Your blog offers a wealth of thoughts that invite readers to reflect and perhaps choose to sense their world differently. You are a breath of fresh air.

  7. Hi Donna,

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. Your sites are outstanding, and I’m enjoying your insight.

    Indeed – our (ALL of our) connections in this age is legion.


  8. I’ve been following your progress for over a year now.

    By far, this blog contains your most compelling writings. You reveal your personality more on this site too.

    Do you wonder if you are making a difference?

    If you do, don’t question it. You ARE making a difference.

    Don’t ever stop.

  9. I would really love some help interpreting a dream. I have NEVER had someone interpret any before and I dream vivid dreams. I could write books! Anyway, this one seemed extremely meaningful. The main parts of the dream were about three buried bumble bees, and one ruby slipper, buried by a shaman, in order to ‘summon’ me? I came to him with utter confusion about finding three bees and a ruby slipper. I am not native american… I would appreciate any help, as this one seemed much different than most of my dreams!

  10. When driving away from the funeral of a elderly family member yesterday in the day time, I looked out the window to see a large owl perched on the balcony railing of a seaside condominium/apartment. What could this symbolize? I have also recently had concerns of my own health.

  11. I adore your websites, and your advice on dream symbology is some of the best I’ve managed to find. But I have a somewhat detailed dream question. I recently had a dream where I saw a very specific animal. He was a no-colored cock, just standing there, facing my right and looking in that direction as well. He was normal-sized and healthy looking, but the feeling I got from him was much different. He felt golden and regal, and for some reason my mind keeps insisting that he is a cock, not a rooster, as if the letter “C” is important. Also, my mind keeps insisting that the letter “C” has something to do with the golden feeling. He felt very familiar to me, and it was like seeing an old teacher, not friend, for the first time in years. I get the impression that it’s a good thing ours eyes didn’t meet. He was in a plain barnyard and it was at dusk. There was a large coop behind him with a ramped entrance facing me. I couldn’t see into it, not that I was really trying. The cock had most of my attention. This is one of the most detailed dreams I’ve ever had. Do you have any idea what this could all mean? Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

  12. I read the page you linked to and it helped me out a lot. I think the part about the cock symbolizing the need for a wakeup call is particularly valid in the context of my life at this point. Thanks so much for your great insights! I appreciate it!

  13. Hi Alexis,

    It lights me up to learn a connection is made.

    I was thinking of your “C”….

    It’s the third letter of the alphabet. Symbolism of three’s speak of

    I’ve written more on the meaning of three here.

    I rather like the visual symbolism of “C” too…it recalls the crescent moon which speaks of development, progress, and the evolution of the intuitive mind bearing light on the practical side of reality.

    Such a beautiful dream – rampant with beautiful symbolism. I’ll keep rolling it around :-).

    Thanks again for sharing Alexis.

    Namaste & bright blessings,

  14. Wow, thanks again! It’s no coincidence that the number three came up, as it’s always been my lucky number. And I was born in March, the third month 🙂

  15. How did you come to know what you know? I mean, how do you know things like you do and what made you start working as a psychic? I am very psychic and believe I can help others too but somtimes i get stuck and can not seem to “get” antyhing to give pepole readings (I work with Tarot). So what do you do when you are not “getting” antying from spirit? Also how did you know you wanted to be a psychic? Sometimes I think I want to be a psychic and other times I get scared at the thought. I gues I am asking what worked for you.

  16. Hello, I was browsing around adding sites I liked to my blogroll and wanted to say that I really liked yours. My wife and I have been studying dream meanings for a while now and this site is one of the better ones I have found. Thanks.

  17. hey V. Thanks for the reading. I know yu’re out of town now but will looking for more on your sites when ur back.

  18. Hi Gem,

    It was a beautiful reading we did together. I’m not back from the trip yet – but thanks for sticking with me and staying tuned for more.


  19. Hi Mable,

    I don’t know how to answer your questions.

    It’s not “being psychic” or “becoming psychic” or “getting something.”

    It is just being – everything else rolls in like waves in an endless sea of connectivity.

    Namaste & light,

  20. Hi, I was wondering if you would be able to provide any sources for your information on the symbolism of inverted triangles? Particularly its uses in the Catholic faith, by alchemists, and as a symbol of water?

    I would very much appreciate it!

    Many thanks for any help.

  21. Hi,
    I have a question to ask. Have you have ever heard of any omen about a black bird landing on top of somebody’s head? Yesterday around 5:00 p.m., I was walking in Costco’s parking lot and I felt something clawing my head, it felt weird. I touched my head, and nothing was there and I looked around and didn’t see/hear anything either. Then it happened again, this time I saw a black bird fly away. I was freaked/scared, I thought this was a sign that something bad/tragic is going to happen. So far, nothing has happened. Have you ever heard of this happening?

  22. Your quote about being psychic: “It is just being – everything else rolls in like waves in an endless sea of connectivity” – what a perfect way to describe it (not to mention the imagery is just beautiful!). This is inspiration for me on my path…

    Thank you – love your site. Blessings!

  23. Hi A,

    I came across to your site by searching the symbolic meaning of Eagle. Don’t know where I’d begin to comment or how I’d stop. But one thing I’m sure is that you’re a very powerful person in the spiritual world (both – light and dark). You do understand both in you. I’m trying to do the same.

    I usually get symbols through dreams. Lately, I’ve been seeing mixed symbols in physical, such as cats crossing on the streets, a big moth/butterfly, blue jays on the trees, etc. Still learning to pay more attention to them and understand them since I’m a person who is easy to be sidetracked. And I found your site has a powerful message. I’m glad that I’ve found you.

    Lost in a fake forest and be Found on the street!

  24. Hello, A.Venefica

    I just found out your blog while searching summmerrain1234’s same query: I’m seeing the number 41 quite often when looking at the time. I’d really appreciate your interpretation on this. If there’s any way I could retribute your kindness, please let me know.

    Thank you very much.

  25. In the last two days I’ve had an encounter with a Falcon and an Owl, not being one to let such event’s go without wondering the possible meaning here is my story in hope that you could shed some light on it
    Two days ago while going to my apartments pool I noticed a falcon perched on the fence, no one else was around so the bird seemed very calm, sensing this I tried to approach the falcon allowed me within five feet of it before I stopped. I was awestruck, not only did it not fly away it seemed to be at ease in my presence, several times I locked gazes with it finding my self almost entranced. I stood there for at least five minutes before it flew to a tree a few feet away again it let me approach this time even closer I was basically standing under it before we locked gazes again as if saying goodbye it then flew away.

    The very next night I again was headed to the pool but this time was stopped before I even got there when I heard the hoots of an owl, scanning the trees around me I could not see it but continued to hear its calls. I continued onto the pool sat and rested in the hot tub listening to its calls, just as I got ready to leave I see it soar directly overhead of me letting out one last series of calls and flying into the night.

    I would greatly appreciate any insight to these events you may be able to share

  26. Today I noticed circling over my house six Falcons and when I went outside there were more in some of my dead trees with their wings in full spread sunning themselves. Currently I am unemployed and going through hard times financially, what would you suggest the symbolism of so many Falcons is for me? Thanks.

  27. Hi all, I came across this page when looking into the meaning of an owl sighting. A few days ago, my 15 year old daughter woke me up with much excitement saying that there was an owl outside her window. I didn’t think much of it initially, but then it struck me..an owl? COOL, so I jumped out of bed and sure enough, there was an owl perched on a tree branch right outside her window. It was a big grey owl, and it had its back to us. I said “wow, I wonder what its doing here” and just then it turned its head..all the way..and looked right at us. It didn’t startle, if anything we did. It was amazing. Also, we live in a very populated area without much nature to speak of, and it was daylight..early morning, but still daylight. I went to get my boyfriend, but it had flown away by that time. It really srtuck me as a cool experience, but it gets better…My co-worker and I are very in-tune to each other. I am a Special Ed teacher and she is my assistant. We are always saying words simultaneously, calling eachother at the same time or while thinking about the other. We are similar in so many ways yet so different, and I am 10 years and two kids older than her. She always says “get outta my brain”..we laugh. Well, I came to work that Monday morning (saw the owl on Sunday) and I told her about my encounter. She couldn’t believe it because that same night she saw an owl in her dream. She said it was random, she saw a grey owl from the back (just like me) and said “is that an owl?” and it turned and looked at her..very similar to my experience. My friend and I have never particularly had an interest in owls. Its not that we don’t like them, but neither of us have ever had any kind of encounter with them. I have become a bit obsessed with owls now, and I would love to get any input on the significance of the sighting of the owl and my friends dream. Also, my daughter saw the owl first, does that mean it came to her? I would love any insights into these cool owl events.

  28. Last night on the way home from picking up my son from school, we were almost in a car accident. Another car pulled out in front of us and I braked and steered right and missed the car by inches. My husband in the passenger seat did not have his seatbelt on and if we had hit I think he would have gone through the window.

    When we pulled into the driveway my son said, “Mom is that a crow up there on the tree?”

    I turned to see the outline of an owl perched on the topmost branch of the tree in our neighbors yard. It was dark so I only saw the outline, but it was obviously an owl. The owl and our family stared at each other for a few minutes and then the owl casually glided away.

    It scared me because other sites said that the owl meant death. And I wondered if the owl had brought the accident but another force had spared us. But now I wonder if the owl had protected us.

    It’s very interesting. Also wonder if this means I MUST pursue higher education. I wonder if it is saving me to get this done – I keep toying with this and never quite finish.

  29. I just came across your site and after reading the many wonderful owl experiences people are sharing I thought I would share my experience. Since I couldn’t find how to leave a comment on that page, I am posting it here — I hope that’s alright.

    My mother, who lived with us for eight years, fought cancer for two years and finally died in May. My 60th birthday was in September (on a full moon). Since my actual birthday was on Monday, we decided to celebrate it on Sunday (still a full moon). After getting things ready I decided to relax in a hot tub. It was at this point that an adolescent Great Horned Owl flew into my bedroom window landing on the window sill (bathroom is right off the bedroom, open arch doorway). Mind you he did not fly into the window from outside – he was inside our house. We had left the back door open awhile the night before because it was so nice out, he came in, spent the night in the guest room (I found his droppings), and decided to make his presence known while I was in my bath.

    I had heard that owls were messengers so my first thought was that this was a message from mom and she was attending my birthday party. After we got him out of the house and talked about it, it seemed there were many possible interpretations. However, I have decided that the owl is my totem (I don’t have to be hit over the head too hard to realize things). I have often wondered what my animal totem was, and now I know. I feel very fortunate to have this kind of an experience.

  30. Hi. Great website. Very informative. Here is a question for you or anyone to comment on.

    I’ve recently had an amazing apparition experience with many images appearing on a once vacant cement wall. It appears to be a history of my existance (or foretelling not sure).

    Some of the images include what appears to be Athena, an owl, skulls, other ghostly/spirit figures, an image which is made up of a boar, horses nose and tiger/cat like ears.

    Any thoughts, anyone?

    Happy holidays.

  31. Hello A,
    I was attempting to look up a symbol that I keep drawing and seeing in my dreams,but have not found it.Although,it feels as if I have seen this symbol somewhere before.Maybe you know what I am seeing.. it looks like the following: two triangles,one pointing down the other upwards and in the middle they are connected by one long straight line from one tip to the next of the triangles,in the dead center of the line is nearly a perfect circle,one side appears to be a skinny darkened cresent moon.
    Any advice or enlightenement would be wonderful.I appreciate you listening/reading.thank you!

  32. hello. I was looking for symbolsim on owls and found your comments. I have had an owl sitting outside of my house for about a month. It is there every day. About a month ago, my mother, who lives nearby, got very sick and I have been looking out for her night and day ever since. She is getting much better. The owl still sits outside my house, every day, on a a frond of one of my many tall, white Birds of Paradise. That area is a very protected area of my yard, and the Birds of Paradise thrive and bloom there. The owl sits on one of the low, dying frond. (I leave it natural outside- maybe I should clear it away.) I am still concerned about why his is out there. I sure hope it is a really, really good sign. Thank you for your commments, feedback.

  33. Hey V, just checking in and out. Appears you’re moving and shaking just as I suspected you would be. Cheers to you for 2009.

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  35. I have read your symbolic meaning of the owl. Very good, thank you for your wisdom. I saw 4
    owls in a tree next to the walkway close to my house – in Australia. I took a photo of the three owls on a branch – the 4th were hidden between the leaves. I am a South African lady who immigrated to New Zealand and moved last year to Australia. I am missing NZ and friends in SA, but it was the best for us to do a second
    immigration – my husband and 23year old son is happy in Aus. I went into a very bad depression and I stopped walking the walkway. When I forced myself again to do the walkway – I saw the owls.
    My depression is better and I know that I must accept Australia as my new country. I need to find a job, but I am not sure about my career. I have lost my first job in Australia and the people were very rude. I have studied Kinesiology (level 1)in New Zealand and Theta Healing in Australia. I have also learned how to do Metamorphisis Healing. I am always dreaming to work from home in the alternatives, but I do not feel competent and I am scared that I might not find people to work on. We need the second income and I was looking for jobs on the internet. I feel now that the owls must have brought me a message. I have also saw a mother Koala and her baby (very close to the walkway) and I saw another Koala on the walkway – he then climb into a tree. I felt that was also a sign to me to trust the universe and that I do have the knowledge and anwers.

    Thank you that I could share this with you. I am still very alone in this huge country.

    Cobie de Jager

  36. Hi Cobie,
    Thanks for sharing your story. It takes a lot of courage to go through the changes you are describing. And, in the telling of it, you now have a community of incredible people cheering for you (in an energetic sense :-). No longer consider yourself alone. There are legions of all kinds of support available to you. From animals, to people…even the water, wind, and land offer their support.

  37. I’m writing to ask your opinion on a very vivid dream I had that I cannot seem to stop thinking about:

    It was a sunny morning and I was alone in my house when I heard what I thought were cars driving on my neighbors’ lawn. I went out my front door to see what was going on when I saw a large, grey owl perched on a branch of our cherry tree. I was surprised to see an owl, but I approached him anyway and extended my hand to get him to come down. He just stared at me. I remember thinking he was so close I could just reach out and grab him, but I didn’t. Instead, I started talking to him softly, urging him to come down. His eyes never left mine and I got the distinct impression that it wasn’t that he didn’t trust me, but that I wasn’t ready. I kept my hand extended and continued to talk to him. Finally, and hesitantly, he hopped down a few branches, and landed on my hand. As soon as he did, he closed his eyes and snuggled closely to me. I had an immediate sense of ownership and that I had known him all along.

    I woke up and was left with a strange feeling that it wasn’t a dream and noted that I had to mention it to my co-worker who has an interest in dream symbolism and Native American animal spirits. When I got to work, I was surprised to receive an email from her telling me she had had a dream about me. Her dream involved being at a wake for a man she didn’t know and never saw. She described a location that resembled the place where we had had a funeral luncheon for my father’s funeral 20 years ago. She said I had come into the room with 2 very large dogs and a younger female relative that she assumed was my niece. She felt very strongly that it was my father’s wake and asked me if I had been thinking about him lately.

    Feeling the two incidents were related, I began to google dreams and owl symbolism and was directed to your blog. I found your insight on owls to be very informative and relevant (thank you!). I was just wondering if you could shed anymore light on these dreams and what they might mean.
    Blessings and thanks!

  38. hello!

    i also came across your page about the symbolic meaning of the owl, and it has been quite comforting. other information i have read suggests a dream i recently had is a terrible omen. in the dream i turned into an owl, a tawny owl to be quite specific. the dream was sort of lucid and fun, and i haven’t been able to stop thinking about it!!!! i recently completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification and also found out that my estranged biological father is terminally ill with cancer, so i imagine it might have something to do with that? i have never previously felt any connections with owls, but this dream was so vivid and profound……

  39. Goodmorning,
    Its very early here in Vancouver and I woke before five with a powerful dream of the dragonfly..Actually, this very large dragonfly was on my head in my dream woke me up!!In the dream, It was supposed to be both a guide and pet belonging to a young guest staying at my house. I was very happy and excited that this young person was staying with me ( the son of my exhusband. I haven’t seen my exhusband for many years)However, the dragon fly was frightening me because it wanted to be on my head and it was making a buzzing sound. However, it was telepathic and it knew that although I was very frightened I ment it no harm. Before it landed on my head I looked at it and the dragonfly was “otherworldly” and beautiful and I knew it would not hurt me. This was a very spiritual transaction and I can’t describe the experience fully in words. The dragonfly was a beautiful azure blue. A male collegue I knew from work a few years ago, was also there in my living room as a supportive friend-he is a psychologist from China. The room was filled with large books and different shelving arrangements. The situation, circumstances were all peices from my past and all from different aspects of my life over the last 25 years. When I woke I was crying and had a flood of emotion and nostalgia for my past. I have been dealing with terrible stress and hardship for the last year involving a dying parent, my own illness and loss of my job as a therapist. It has been a difficult,difficult time with no end of the difficulties in immediate sight. Thank you for your page on the dragonfly-It brought me to this page and your wonderful information and spirit. I really appreciate your interpretation of the dragonfly and I feel quite inspired by it this morning.

  40. Thanks for the new link avenefica!! I visited an old link previously through my google search. The utube video of the dragonfly set to that incredible music was lovely. Thanks again.

    many blessings

  41. At the risk of sounding like another crackpot on the internet…(that happens a lot :P) I like you… I have not read much on here and going strictly off your photo and the general feel of your blog; you have a very warm and genuine “vibe”… I did a quick search for a symbolic question and came across your page. I will look forward to perusing it further when the time is right. enJOY, be well and smile!
    Love and light,

  42. Thank you for your postings on OWLS…I had one in my HOUSE, this last November!!!

    A friend came for dinner, and as she was leaving out the back door, I noticed something on my coat, on the hook by the door. I said, “What is on my coat?” and just then, the owl opened its eyes and turned its head.

    I was freaked out, initially, but did get pictures. It was an Eastern Screech Owl, about 8 inches tall. It was very still, and just stayed on my coat. Ultimately, a neigbor boy came to chase it out the door – its wingspan was about 2.5 feet in diameter, and was beautiful and graceful in flight. It flew up onto the garage.

    I have no idea how the owl got in – I have a fireplace, but heavy glass doors would’ve prevented its escape. We haven’t found any holes in the house, so I guess it must’ve swooped in when I came in?

    At any rate, it was very gentle in presence, and probably wasn’t in my house long. It was startling to me, but only because it was so unreal, and uncommon.

    I have been trying to put together since then, why it came, and what message it might’ve had. I have been doing some very deep work around the processing of my father’s murder, and much “opening”, spiritual growth and insight has come with this. I have to think the owl visit must coincide, here?

    Thank you for your “debunking” the negative myths of the owl. It adds strength and mystery and wonderfulness to this experience, for me.

  43. I have a book on symbols. I use it daily as I have compicated and symbolic dreams with messages all the time. I came across your web site to follow up more info o some symbols. I like it and your freindliness. (I make flower essences and work with nature by the way).

  44. Avia, I’d like to thank you for sharing your heart’s passion via your website. I have found it incredibly insightful and at a time when I needed it the most. I’d love to spend hours picking your brain and I feel like I get to do that when reading all of the posts and information you’ve shared. Thank you, thank you, thank you! As a result, I’m now more cognizant of the communications that nature is sharing with us (and me personally). It has made a significant difference in my life. I appreciate you! I’m honored and grateful to be a regular visitor.

  45. Your knowledge on things expands even many peoples beliefs on things. I enjoy reading what you’ve writ about topics that interest me or are concerned with me.. But, I do have a question (I am posting this on here since I do not know any other way to contact you as of this moment), when did you first start seeing the number eleven? Like how old were you? If you could, please get back to me on this. Hope all is well.

  46. Avia- I just read your article on butterflies and the LOA. It was absolutely perfect timing and I really appreciate it. Blessings and good vibes!

  47. Avia – Is there a list I can get on to receive your blog posts? I didn’t see it here.



  48. So for some reason I was able to leave work 15mins early and I’m driving home turn into my cummuinty and i decided to take another way in the cummuinty to get home the I came to a complete stop because I saw the most big beautiful Owl it’s eyes were like gold, however when I made the stop it’s back was facing towards me about 5 sec later it turns it’s head looks at me for 3 sec. Then fly to the left of me and sets on the house and watches me drive away the whole moment flet intense
    It felt like the owl knew me.

  49. Tonight on my way home from work(i’m med-aid at a al/ltc facility(i drive about 9 miles to and from work)an owl flew up from im assuming the ditch and scared the living daylights out of me because i was afraid i was going to hit it. But it seemed to just kind of hover above my windshield. Looked like it was probably a barn owl. It was huge. Trying to decide if owl is a good sign or bad. I’ve heard both. Ive seen owls before. Had one that lived in the tree in my backyard in town growing up. But ive never had one come out of nowhere and startle me while driving. I was paying more attention to the possibility of a deer popping up out of the ditch

  50. I just happened upon your site while researching owls. My best friend and I have both had great losses in our lives and they happened exactly one month apart from each other two years ago – my fiance in Sept and her son in Oct. We hike as often as we can because it helps us to cope and we can talk to one another about what we’re feeling without worrying that the other will get sick of hearing about it. On one of our hikes, an owl flew so close to my face I thought he was going to land on it. Then he landed on a dead tree trunk right next to us, looked at us for a couple of seconds and took off again. I’ve seen owls before on our hikes, but, I’ve never had one come this close to me before. It was thrilling and also a bit scary. My friend had also lost her father not too much before her son died. He had a love for owls. I’d like to think this was a visit from beyond for both of us. We get a lot of signs on our hikes. She’ll find a dime and I’ll find a penny in the middle of nowhere or I’ll happen to glance down and there will be a bluejay feather at my feet (only happened once). Could this owl have been a heavenly visit or can it mean something else?

  51. Z2Guks This is a really good tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate information Thank you for sharing this one. A must read article!

  52. Regarding your articles on symbolism on St. Patrick’s Day, I didn’t see anything written about all the “supposed snakes” he rid Ireland of? I heard recently that the snakes he was getting rid of were actually the pagans there. There were no snakes in Ireland. What do you think of this?

  53. Avia,
    I was truly amazed (and humbled) by the depth of your writings on the Triskele. i recently acquired a triskele pendant (or better, it acquired me) and had some since of Meaning and Essence but you opened things up quite a bit. I just cleansed the pendant and will be wearing it shortly with much more Awareness.
    ps. the writings on your website, several of which i briefly read, are also very helpful. Next is on “Bear” and Kokopelli, two other totems and spiritual guides that recently arrived…but i want to give triskele its proper amount of time!!!!!

  54. Dearest Avia, i feel completely confident with your answer, and need to keep it in mind,…as ive been at a crossroad with loved ones i deeply care about, so, for many years, have tried everything in my power to help and support them, also given them the opportunity to a better life, i changed my mindset toward them, i even tried to imagine myself in their positions, and felt sorry for them,…….i believed i was not angry anymore, but, i fight in my dreams with them, and wake up sad and very disturbed, it seems as if, i cannot get rid of the anger, truthfully, ……the worst thing is, i keep giving chances, and opportunities,…..my belief is , I’d rather love someone, than dislike one…… i’m always getting the short end of the stick.

  55. Hello Avia,

    My daughter texted me earlier tonight to say this:

    “just saw 3 owls on our roof.”
    “three !”
    “they were all “hoo-hoo”-ing n stuff it was crazy”

    (I asked if she took a picture, and she said:)

    “no they flew past me”
    “ they swooped down from the roof and past me”

    Does this mean anything? I’ve never heard of anything like this before. I’ve heard owls before, & I’ve seen one in nature about 10 years ago, but I’ve never heard of seeing 3 at once! And they were on our roof!!!

  56. I forgot to mention: we live in a condo, not a farmhouse or anything like that. It’s a populated suburban neighborhood.

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  61. Hi Avia,

    I came across your pages when I was searching bird meanings. Would you recommend any books for more in depth understanding of them? I have a male and female cardinal living outside my house, as well as a few blue jays and a red headed woodpecker….not to mention the hawks I see flying above me when I am outside.

    It’s definitely has my attention. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!!!

  62. Hello Avia!
    I hope you are doing well. I wanted to tell you crazy happening that I had yesterday. I am aware of my guardian angels and know the names of 2- based on signs received. Yesterday when after work and I go to my car I found a little baby white feather on my windshield. So I thought of my angels and thanked them but didn’t take it off because I figured it would fall off when i started driving. It was stuck with the nib to my glass and though wind was flipping it around but it didn’t come off. There wasn’t any substance it was secured with. But I figured the fast speed of my car would cause it to fly off. So I started driving. NOPE. Not even on the highway while going 65 MPH!! When I finally got home I when to pick it up and it came off as easily as if it just floated there. Of course the color had changed to a dull grey on the feathers edges but I thought it was a small miracle. I have read your article about the meaning of feathers about finding one on the front of my car. It was profound reading that alone. But I am telling you this because I wonder if there was a deeper meaning because it wanted to stay!!
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