4 Comments on “Changed Names and Name Number Meanings in Numerology”

  1. The creepiest part about my birth name, and the different name I was called right after birth, is that they both come out to the same number, number 19.
    So my number stays exactly the same for both my birth name and my name.

  2. I love learning about this! I have a question that came up when I went to a kabala numerology where aparently you work with numerology but your name numerology has to be in harmony with your birth numerology in order to fulfilled your destany or path, base on your experience is this true and how would one calculate both name and birth numerology to reflect your astrological highest purpose. Thank You

  3. I got a lot of information from this website. I want to share something.
    My original name is Nilavo Krishna Das whose name numerology is 6. I also use an alias name whose numerology number is also 6. My alias name is Samay Kumar.

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