Common Dream Meaning Video

While I was with my friend, Michele Knight in NYC we took this short video discussing common dream meaning.

Check out the links below for more information on this *dreamy* topic.   Enjoy!



More Suggestions for Common Dream Meanings

My Portal Page to lots more Dream Meanings

4 Comments on “Common Dream Meaning Video”

  1. Avia,
    You are fabulous, sister! I just discovered your website today as I was looking into the possible significance of individual ants placing themselves smack dab within my view today. You confirmed my feeling that they were here for me and had something to say. Thank god I finally realized it – I will be far less disturbed now. 😉 You’ve got yourself one new fan today. It’s great to now know you.

  2. Avia only gives us a few examples of symbols of our dreams, but in doing so, she teaches us how to look at our own dreams in a way that can not but help us.

    I think I’ll take a nap and watch a dream or two. Cheaper than a movie and written expressly for me!

  3. Thank-you SO Much, not only for a very informative video, but for speaking SO clearly! I’ve followed your Web Site for years Avia! Thank-you also for introducing me to Michelle Knight via this video!!

    Smiles, Anna Cook

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