Numbers. Rule or Ruin?


I received an email from an individual who was told his birthdate held a numeric value of eight, and his name ended in eight.   He was told this was an ill-omen in regards to finance and business.

Although it is true that eights correspond with matters relating to wealth and success, having your name and birth-date corresponding with eights is by no means a sign of doomed fortune.

I took this opportunity to express the importance of our own interpretations of signs and symbols.  In other words, we are not slaves to our symbols.  On the contrary, symbols are merely tools for our success.  What follows is (what I hope) was a push in a more positive direction for this individual.

Dear Crazy Eights:

Have you contemplated the numeric value of your whole name?  Here is a link describing the process of determining your name in numbers.

Click here for another link I’ve written about the symbolic meanings of the number eight

To be straightforward with you – I believe we make our OWN destiny.

Furthermore, if you notice in all my writings, I rarely allude to a negative aspect of a symbolic meaning.

It’s not that there isn’t one…every symbol (number, omen, sign, etc.) has an opposite – it’s natural law.  But I think we have the privilege of choosing what we want to believe.

Investigate the beauty in the symmetry of the number eight.  Tip it on its side and recognize it is the lemniscate (symbol for infinity – here’s a link to a post about it) – what does that say to you?  That’s a pretty powerful message to me – it speaks of limitless potential.

We can look at our numbers, symbols and signs from endless angles.  Find the angle that works best for you.  You are the one with divine potential – I would encourage you to disallow something outside of yourself to diminish that divinity.