More Tips on Reading Numbers 1052 as Example

The following is a response to a question from an gentleman who wanted advice on reading numbers.  He consistently encountered the number 1052 and wanted the symbolic meaning of the number as well as tips on reading numbers and numerology.

Dear Number Newcomer: 

Reduced, the number 1052 is an Eight which is a numerical symbolic representation of business, success, and wealth.

This is largely due to the fact that Eight represents:

  • Continuation
  • Repetition
  • Cycles

Such elements are seen in arenas where success is obtained simply because of dogged determination and repitition by the practitioner. Also, matters of business and wealth largely depend on cycles to fulfill their manifestation. It’s like the snowball analogy: As it continues to roll, in gets bigger and bigger with each revolution.

Long sequence number interpretation of the 1052 deals with being satisfied with the way things are – being content even when the road is rocky, and having a sense of stability even in times when your relationships and circumstances may seem shakey.  1052 is about living out loud, coming into your own groove, and being aware of the fullness of your own personality and potential.

The fact that this number repeats itself to you is a message that you tend to be a stable person, even though sometimes you put yourself in unstable situations.  In fact, unstable (sometimes chaotic) people and events seem to just “find” you without you prompting – this is because you have a natural balancing effect on people & circumstances.  This happens when people and things need to be equalized…they habitually seek out others who can balance the equation.

I would encourage you to do some research on numerology and play with all the numbers in your special sequence.   Don’t feel limited to this number sequence.  Rather, play with the numerological meaning of your name, as well as the deeper number meaning of your birth date

Almost any system that has a specific set or number of symbols can be used as a telling device for more insight on your number sequence.

For example, you could utilize the Tarot to find meaning to your numbers.  For example, the number Eight as noted earlier in this message corresponds with the Strength card in the Tarot.   You may also want to investigate all of the eights within each Tarot suits of the deck.

Animals totems may serve as an oracle for you too.  Animals with the energy of Eight include:

Even the Ogham can assist you in gaining a deeper meaning.  The sacred trees of Druids are in numeric sequence so you can look up meaning associated with each tree.  For example:

Learn the meanings of each number in your long sequence inidividually and then begin to put them together.  It is like putting a number puzzle together – put them in different sequences and play with the meanings together – you will be amazed at the knowledge of numbers hold for you.