Feng Shui Tips Using the Numerology of Your Street Address

This article has been renewed, expanded upon and offers tons of information about feng shui, numerology and enhancing your home.  But, I’ve moved the article to my main website. If you’re interested in improving the vibes of your home – check out these stellar tips steeped in the ancient traditions of Feng Shui and numerology.

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  1. Adorn your west wall with an elegant arrangement of Chinese fans.  Fans are very in auspicious in Feng Shui, and are believed to deflect negative energy.  Fans will also keep the chi flowing smoothly in your home.
    Get creative an consider painting the image of a lotus on your west wall.  Or, find a pretty print or painting of a lotus and mount that instead.  The lotus is a symbol of enlightenment, progress, purity and perfection.  This peaceful blossom will insure to keep anxiety at bay!
    The moon is a universal symbol of cycles and phases in the universe.  Because the number eight is also a cyclical vibration, consider placing a moon motif in the west segment of your home.  The moon is also associated with metal in Feng Shui (silver).  Here we have similar energy between the moon and number eight which deals with cycles, while we have a metal conductor to keep the energy electric and flowing smoothly.

    Nine is a number of happy returns and completion.  It’s symbolic of attainment, wealth, abundance and full potential.  For a home, nine is a supremely optimal number because it proposes that you have achieved an ideal residence with positive energy for you and your residents.  Gone awry, nine energy can produce negative qualities like unhealthy egotism (cockiness), greed, lust, mistrust and envy.  Not good.  To keep things in perfect prime, activate the north region of your home.  North governs the element of water in Feng Shui.  North also rules the winter, so it has a cool energy, just the thing counteract a potential powder keg in the home”
    I do not agree

  2. Good day,
    my children and I will be looking at a house number 7 to move and I would really appreciate some advise about this possible move. My children are 15 and 17.

    Thank you.

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    why not to calculate the street itself ? Also what if this is a condo , should aprt number be included?

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