Seeing Symmetrical Numbers: What Does it Mean?

I got a question about seeing symmetrical number sequences and its meaning.  For example, this person continually saw numbers in perfect beginning and ending sequences like: 1221, 707, 53035 (the same numbers at the beginning and ending of a series providing a symmetrical frame). 

She went on to tell me she was finishing up a book deal, and wanted to know if these number sequences had a meaning pertaining to this phase of her life.  My response follows:

Dear Digitally Mastered:

Congratulations on your book deal!

Does your numerical phenomenon have something to do with it?  I would say that what we observe in our physical reality is directly linked to what we’ve focused our attention upon in our non-physical reality.

Meaning, our external observations are mirrors of our most constant internal thoughts.

Numbers are the most responsive symbols to our vibratory energy because their own energy is simple, and consistent.

I’ve written a bit about this here:
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The types of numbers you’ve described indicates an orderly mind-set. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you take great measures to be orderly yourself, and partake in planning, organizing, and pay attention to fine details in your daily life.

A sequence of numbers that are framed with like numbers (i.e.18081 – with One’s being the frame in this instance) indicate a need for clean distinctions – a clearly defined beginning as well as a definitive ending.

I would look to the meanings of numbers for further information too. 

For example: “161” might indicate a clear beginning of a project dealing with harmony and love (or a new relationship) that may only last for a certain period, ending as clearly as it began.  It may also indicate a need for action in relationships.

Here “6” is symbolic of harmony and relationships.  “1” is symbolic of new beginnings and action.  So, we can take the meaning of One as the frame or the settings of the stage – and the meaning of Six to be the player on that stage.

Finding the meaning of these numbers in your life depends upon your interpretation.  Once you begin to learn the basic core meaning of each prime number – begin to translate these meanings into your own life circumstances.

For example the core/base meaning of “4” is about structure and stability. If you see many “4’s” in your life you may apply this to your life circumstances (do you have enough stability?  Too much?).

Then, take the meaning of each symmetrical number and frame it around the center numbers for a “big picture” meaning.  Then lay this upon your life circumstances as a template.

Working with number meanings is like putting a puzzle together….but once you have all the pieces in place the results in your understanding will be profound.

I’ve also written a post about seeing numbers in time that might be helpful:
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2 Comments on “Seeing Symmetrical Numbers: What Does it Mean?”

  1. No matter how many books one reads or experts one consults about the ‘meaning of numbers,’ what you believe is what matters. Its a question of raising awarness or jogging your memory to where you create your own associations with the sequence that stands out. Repetition certainly tends to capture attention. What other people suggest is only ever their view. The point of the exercise is for each person to gain self-confidence and churn out meaningful answers they can believe and accept. Listening to other people can inspire you to expand on your own journey.

  2. Hi Liara,

    This is a powerful observation you’ve made, and I consciously work very hard to drive this nail into the framework of my expressions.

    In other words, my focus is on the jewel of the lotus that is already present. My goal is to place the observer’s attention back in the seat of power that is within themselves.

    The realm of interpretation is a slippery one.

    I regurgitate what I am shown, but ultimately, NO ONE is qualified to interpret a meaning except the one who is observing the phenomenon first-hand. I feel I make that clear in my writings.

    As always, my gratitude & light to you Liara,

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