11.11.11 Meaning and Thoughts

It’s coming up, 11-11-11, and I’ve gotten requests for reflection on this numerologically significant day.  I pull from a myriad of resources while exploring symbolic potential of a number, and investigating 11-11-11 meaning has offered rabbit trails of possibilities.  So, thanks for all the requests, and here are some ideas about what this number meaning might imply for upcoming developments.

Congruency:  Sometimes when I’m meditating with numbers, I’m coached to view them visually rather than as numbers.  When this happens, I’m struck with the conveyance of perfection and balance.  In this light, 11-11-11, might be a message to give thanks for that which is working perfectly in our lives.  This perspective also talks about things “lining up” – this could mean things are lining up in our lives in ways that influence what we’ve been focused on in our lives.  This visual approach to number-interpretation also bears a message of balance.  This upcoming date might be the perfect opportunity to achieve more balance by lining up our own thoughts and environment – putting things in order.

Yang: Ones are yang energy, so there’s no denying a very male, assertive, expressive energy in this number combo.  When we’re contemplating 11-11-11 in the context of archetypal gender, the number one vibrates with an motivated, ambitious energy.  Historically, male/yang energy is also very protective too.   Ones are governed by the Sun (also male in most cultural views, not all), which is a symbol of vitality, energy, health and generosity.  These are some symbolic ideas to keep in mind while contemplating the upcoming potential of 11-11-11.  Oh, and for those of us who know there can be no yang force without yin…I thought of that too.  I was first concerned about the lack of yin energy in 11-11-11, but the feminine is there.  She is either implied (hyphens), or female energy can be found in the groupings of three (three sets of 11).  Yin energy to this number combo will be strongly supportive in matters of creativity. [More on Yin Yang symbolism here.]

Numbers: Reduced, 11-11-11 meaning boils into the number six, which is ruled by Venus – so we’re talking about harmony, also balance.  Venus (Aphrodite), as we all know, is a love-goddess.  There’s an undeniable love-energy associated with this number combo…both in the six vibration and the three vibration (three sets of 11).  In my meditations, I have felt very distinct love-goddess energy connected with this number/day, but it’s been kind of a domestic love, not so much a amorous feeling.  Meaning, this day may offer the opportunity to be swept off your feet with the simple joys life offers.  Through tenderness and a renewed outlook, many of us will have a chance to fall in love all over again – but in a unique sort of way. [More on number meanings and symbolism here.]

Creativity:  As mentioned, there are three groupings of 11’s, and this speaks to me of intense creativity.  Backed by yang energy, we’re talking about ‘in your face’ creativity…really powerful and expansive.  Do you have creative goals, projects, desires you need to tend to?  11-11-11 will be great energy to see those creative visions into reality.

Change & Choice: Anytime I see number 11, I’m compelled to see a doorway – a doorway of choice.  Eleven’s signify a clear choice to be made (1+1=2).  Visually, the 11 looks like two pillars one could walk through and between.  Sometimes I use the appearance of 11 in my life as a way to find that “in between” space…the space of total balance in which no choice is required (which is really a choice in itself).  In meditation, I see myself moving through the “zero” (no choice) implied between the two one’s of a binary code.  Try it some time.  Trippy, fun, clarifying.  My point here is…for some of us, 11-11-11 will be a major portal – a moment in time we can walk through with the promise of change and choice on the other end. [More on 11 as gateway here.]

Tarot: Because I see 11-11-11 more visually sometimes than as a number, it’s natural for me to see one’s as rods (or wands) in the Tarot.  So, I revisited the six of rods in the Tarot. [More on six if rods symbolism here.]  (You could also research the Justice card, 11 of the Major Arcana for more insight into 11 energy).

The Tarot as delivery system of wisdom asks us these questions in relation to 11-11-11 energy:

  • Can I maturely handle public acclaim and success?
  • Now that I’ve reached a zenith, what’s my next step?
  • Am I recognizing partnerships that have facilitated my success?
  • Positive recognition from others is great, but am I still letting my inner voice take the lead in my decisions?
  • What is my guiding force?
  • Am I prepared for the responsibility this public success and exposure implies?

And lest we forget the 20 energy (2011), which tends to speak to us about choice (2). For me, this date (and the times associated with it) talks about making some clear choices and being surrendered (0) to the results.  Surrendered?  Yeah, zero has a very zen vibe, it asks us to release to the moment…to be okay with the void.

As with all my writings, these are just my own musings.  I would highly encourage personal reflection and contemplation on this subject – especially if the date and number combo feel important to you.  The following are some potentially helpful links for your research into 11-11-11 meaning and implication:


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  1. Thank You… I want to share that over the past 48 hours I have been hit with a creative vibe. I have never been inclined to draw. I suck at it… stick men was about all could come up with. I wish I could attach a photo of want have been happening. Apparently I would make a awesome Henna artist! Who would have known? Thank you for your creativity and sharing with us!

  2. Love the graphic used for this subject. Plus the six of wands dimension was also very insightful.
    To me 11/11 are the angel wings;
    this time they brought along friends!

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