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Flying Dream Meanings

flying in dream meanings

Exploring Flying in Dream Meanings

Have you ever had a dream in which you are flying? If you have, I’m willing to bet you remember it vividly.  These dreams are so exhilarating! There is a sense of ultimate freedom that is hair-raising. Upon waking we almost weep at having to set our feet back on the ground.

That’s a key point, because flying dream meanings deals with freedom.  Specifically, freedom to be creative and self-expressive.

I was talking to a friend of mine last night who told me she’s had flying dreams since her youth. However, recently instead of flying solo, she finds herself in an airplane or helicopter.  I was inspired by her curiosity about these flying dream meanings. I figured if she was interested in these dreams, then many of you might be too. So, I thought I’d share some thoughts about these phenomenal dreams.

Symbolic Suggestions about Flying Dream Meanings


Bring on the Birdseye View:  
When we dream of flying, it is often our subconscious desire to get above and beyond our circumstances. Moreover, many people who have a lot of flying dreams have a need to see the bigger, broader view of situations. Whether you have a knack for seeing the big picture, or have a need to get more objectivity – a flying dream is your cue to expand your view of your surroundings.

Elton John Nailed It: 
You know that song “Rocket Man”? It describes a guy talking about launching off into space. For him, it’s just a job 5 days a week. He misses his home, he misses his wife. He feels burned out and all alone. I think this is why many of us conjure up flying dreams. Very often we get hung up in our jobs, or we feel stuck in our situations. Flying dream meanings indicate our deep desire to launch out of these ruts in life.  Sometimes these dreams indicate a need to take flight and rocket into a different way of living our lives.

Are You Mental?!:
No, of course you’re not mental if you have a flying dream! But it’s important to note the realm of air is a mental element. Air is symbolic of the mind. Air deals with thoughts, intellect and dreams.  That’s noteworthy because a flying dream might be a prompt to pay attention to our thoughts. Are we avoiding certain thoughts? If so, our flying dream might mean we are trying to escape stressful/negative thinking. The realm of air is also about communicating thoughts. So, a flying dream might ask us to investigate how we are expressing ourselves, our thoughts and our ideas to others.

Tools Rule!:
This pointer deals with our dreams when we are flying in vessels like planes or helicopters, etc.  My friend recently started having flying dreams exclusively in some kind of flying device. I suspect this is happening because she’s got a lot of regulations she’s dealing with in real-life. Flying in vessels in dreams indicates a need for safety, protection or rules.  It may also imply a loss of self-confidence, or being timid when it comes to feeling big freedom.  It may also indicate a need for extra navigation in life situations. I’m not suggesting we pull the parachute cord in these dreams. No, I think these vessel-controlled flying dreams are important to interpret. They represent a level of control required in our lives. That’s great, however, great freedom often means taking great risk.

In closing, I hope you enjoyed this post on flying dream meanings.  And many thanks to my friend for inspiring me to write it for you!

As always, I’ve got to give you kudos for interpreting your own dreams according to your own life situations. I’m glad you know these are just my observations after interpreting dreams for many years – but that doesn’t mean these pointers are the end-all-be all.  You be you!

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Praying Mantis Meaning and Move-In Madness


Praying Mantis Meaning and Move-In Madness

If you’ve tuned into recent blog posts, you’ll know I’ve moved.  There have been lots of signs of reassurance during this move.  It’s a good thing, because this move has been brutal.

Lemme tell ya, I’ve moved way too many times, even across the country a few times.  But this current relocation has been, by far, the most challenging.

Why?  There’s no short answer.  But a lot of challenge came from the fact I moved into a tiny house.  Yep.  I went from 1800 sq ft. to 399 sq ft.  It’s not the smallest placed I’ve lived, but my first tiny space took place when I was much younger.  I’ve accumulated a lot more stuff since then.  Paring down wasn’t too difficult.  The killer was the books.  And that means bookcases.  Ugh.  Thankfully, I crammed all my books in the tiny house.  Don’t ask me how I did it, but I got all my precious tomes in!

So what’s this all have to do with praying mantis meaning?  On surface, not much.  But the mantis has a deeper meaning for me.  It was a very hair-pulling day in the middle of tiny-house moving.  I was pretty much fit to be tied.  Up to my eyeballs in dirt, dogs, books, bowls and not much room to navigate it all.  What’s worse, the shower didn’t work, my windows wouldn’t open, the toilet wouldn’t flush…you get the idea.  Just nuts.

In the midst of all this chaos, I spied this little baby with my little eye: PrayingMantisMeaningAvias

She had been watching me the whole time I was fussing and fighting with fixing up the house.  I had to laugh at that.  She doesn’t have a care in the world (because believe me, there were plenty of bugs in the house for her to munch on, ugh).

My point is, she was calm as a cucumber while I was mad as a March hare.  That’s a lesson.

In fact, praying mantis meaning is all about staying calm and carrying on.  From Asia to Africa, the mantis is a consistent symbol of peace, tranquility and stillness.

Interestingly, the mantis is symbolic of dreams for African Bushmen. The mantis is thought to be a dream-bringer, a soothsayer – capable of predicting events in the future.  When one is seen, go deep in dream or meditation and cast yourself into the future.  The Bushmen say the mantis will guide your way so you can see your future path clearly.

So guess what I did?  I saw that mantis, calmed myself down, and got into meditation mode.  Where did Miss Mantis take me?  Well, she got me as far as unboxing all my books, lol.  And she did assure me all this move-in/tiny house madness will settle down in time.  That’s all I needed to move forward.

So was she right?  Yes.  Move-in magic was made when I got 11 bookcases in, plus my treadmill.  And it looks fabulous!  Not at all cramped or claustrophobic looking as I feared it might be.

As a thank-you to my praying mantis pal, I gently picked her up and placed her out on my front porch.  If you look real close, you might be able to see her among the plants!


I hope you enjoyed these thoughts about praying mantis meaning while moving into the tiny home.  Mostly, I hope this little story reminds you to observe these sweet little visitations from Mother Nature.  Why?  Because every event is symbolic.  Every visit is a gift.  It just takes a little pondering to gain great insight and deeper meaning.

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Six Simple Steps to Understanding Dreams


Tips to Understanding Dreams

It’s been said an unobserved life isn’t worth living. Same holds true for unobserved dreams.

Dreams reflect our inner selves. They mirror back big juju going on in our lives. As such, observing dreams can give us an inside track about our most authentic, pure, deepest inner landscapes.

Imagine you’re reading one wicked-awesome book. The images and plot are so riveting! To your dismay, you discover somebody came along and ripped out random pages throughout the book. Your missing crucial parts of this vivid world described in the book!

That’s a close analogy to ignoring our dreams. Our lives are complex, rich and diverse. Understanding dreams is like having those missing pages. Dream meaning and interpretation can fill in the blanks of our lives and provide more substance and brilliance to our experiences.

With a goal to be our truest, most whole selves, I’m offering six quick steps to understanding dreams. I hope these tips help you to get the full story on your beautiful life and your beautiful self.

Six Simple Steps to Understanding Dreams

1) Record it

Keep a notebook or a recording device by your bedside and record your dreams the moment you wake up. Do not delay because dreams are so whispy; the moment we engage in activity, dreams begin to blow right out of our memories. Record your dreams in small bits – it doesn’t have to be overwhelming detail. Odds are, if you record just the meaty bits of the dream, your memory can recall the rest. Record what seemed most important to you. Interestingly, studies have shown the process of recording our dreams actually helps us find meaning to them. The analytical mind becomes engaged with the creative mind, and this marriage creates new understandings.

2) Summarize it

After you’ve recorded your dream, take a few moments to jot down single words that best describe the overall feel of the dream. You can do this upon waking, or as you go through the day. After you’ve safely recorded your dream, your perceptions of it may morph as you go about your day. Keep track (in a notebook or via recording device) of the single words you’d pick to describe the pervasive feel of the dream. For example, if you were being chased in a dream, you might choose “panic” as one word to describe the whole feeling of the dream.

3) Compare it

By now you are starting to concretize the feeling of the dream. By recording the dream and then putting single-word identifications on the feeling of the dream you are fleshing out the dream and it is taking on a substantial meanings. Now you can begin to compare the feelings and events in your dreams with those you experience in waking life. For example, if you were chased in your dream, think of instances in your waking, every-day life that make you feel the same way you felt as you did whilst being chased in your dream. By comparing dream feelings with “real-life” waking feels we begin the gap between two worlds – the conscious and subconscious worlds. And when we do this, dream meanings inevitably follow.


4) Revisit and Observe it

Revisit your dream and observe the people, places, activities and events in your dream. Pay special attention to the people and animals in your dreams. What are they doing? What do they look like? What colors are dominant in the dream? What kind of activities are taking place? What is the season in the dream? Just play around in a free-associative way with the various elements in your dream. You can write down these thoughts, or merely ruminate in a “daydream” sort of way. Doing this will cause profound meanings to surface in your conscious mind.

5) Self-project it

After you have taken stock of the different people and/or animals in your dream, imagine these people are you. For example, if the main player in your dream is a yellow dog, imagine this dog is you. What does that mean to you? What was the dog doing that you also do? I’m taking this straight from the dream master, Dr. Carl Jung, he proposed everything in our dream is actually a projection of the Self. That means a mother in your dreams is actually the mothering aspect of you. The yellow dog in your dreams is the loyal aspect of yourself. That is, if you subscribe to dogs being man/woman’s best friend. If you have a phobia about dogs, the dream is speaking to a fearful or attacking aspect of yourself.

6) Putting it all together

If you’ve diligently followed steps 1-5, you now have a great overall outline of your dream. Now you will put all of your recordings, impressions, single-word associations, observations and self-projections together. Invest in quiet time alone as you ponder all your dream interpretations. Ask your spirit guides to help you with interpreting dream meanings too – they often communicate through dreams and are happy to help with interpretations.

I hope you have enjoyed these simple suggested tips to understanding dreams.

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Dreaming of Animals




Dreaming of Animals

Dreaming of Animals
Dreaming of Animals

What does it mean when we dream of animals?  There are several explanations like:

  • Getting more connected with nature
  • Being in touch with our primal side
  • Adapting to environment
  • Following our instincts

Animals in dreams also give us messages of survival.  Animals are designed for survival and when they come into our dreams I’ve found they are communicating ways for us to adapt and adjust ourselves.  They show us to be flexible so move out of limitation and into thriving situations.

Animals in dreams are reflections of who we are.  For example, if you are dreaming of a bear, ask yourself how that bear represents who you are.  Is there a part of you that needs to go into an intense span of rest (hibernation)?  Are you a gentle giant?  Is it time to forage for new opportunities?

It’s important to take note of the condition of the animal and the habitat of dreams.  If your dream animal is healthy, shiny and brilliant – it’s a very auspicious sign – a good oracle indeed.  If your animal is being chased, or looks malnourished it’s a clear sign for personal evaluation.  This hearkens back to the theme of survival and your animal dream is telling you to take care of yourself.

Your dream animal habitat will help with your interpretations too.  Forests are symbolic of networks, communication and social connectivity.  Desserts are symbolic of isolation.  Water and oceans represent expanse, dreams and intuition.  Skies have similar meanings as water, but also deal with telepathic communication and mentalism.

Of course, the best way to interpret your dream is by the animal that surfaces in your sleeping hours.  Certain animals will have specific messages.  Here is a loose guideline for what these dream meanings could present:

  • Land mammals:  Dreaming of ground animals in the mammal class (esp. with four legs) is sign we are wanting our basic needs satisfied.  Stability, security and connection with family are the concepts all carried on the backs of mammal dreams.  The realm of matter belongs to these dream animals too.  Therefore these dream animals will clarify beliefs about home, hearth, health and money. These dream animals are a sign of a need for grounding and basic balance in our lives.
  • Uncommon mammals: Bats, whales, platypus, armadillo and other unusual creatures who have traits from other classes of animals but are technically considered mammals will offer you messages as unusual as they are.  These creatures speak to us in dreams about our ability to adapt.  Specifically, they will tell us that it’s okay to be unique and atypical – even in a world that sometimes wants us to be typical or “normal.”
  • Water animals: Creatures of the waters will be symbolic of our emotional lives.  Fish will swim into our dreaming consciousness to give us status on our feelings, and how our emotions can help us learn more about life-perception.  Sea creatures go very deep into the collective conscious and they know things about the psyche and intuitive impressions.  Sea animals will help us with our psychic ability too because water is the realm of deeper knowing.  Water creatures will also present messages of cleaning and purification.  Call upon water creatures when you are working on developing your intuition or if you need to cleanse stale emotional energy.
  • Air animals:  Birds and dreaming of animals in the skies is an oracle from the realms of intellect.  Air creatures are symbolic of higher thinking – the higher mind.  Intelligence, strategy, logic and “the bigger picture” in terms of planning are all areas air animals will assist in dreams.  Dreaming of birds and insects will help structure your thoughts.  Feathers in dreams will also speak of spiritual renewal and ascension too.

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11.11.11 Meaning and Thoughts

It’s coming up, 11-11-11, and I’ve gotten requests for reflection on this numerologically significant day.  I pull from a myriad of resources while exploring symbolic potential of a number, and investigating 11-11-11 meaning has offered rabbit trails of possibilities.  So, thanks for all the requests, and here are some ideas about what this number meaning might imply for upcoming developments.

Congruency:  Sometimes when I’m meditating with numbers, I’m coached to view them visually rather than as numbers.  When this happens, I’m struck with the conveyance of perfection and balance.  In this light, 11-11-11, might be a message to give thanks for that which is working perfectly in our lives.  This perspective also talks about things “lining up” – this could mean things are lining up in our lives in ways that influence what we’ve been focused on in our lives.  This visual approach to number-interpretation also bears a message of balance.  This upcoming date might be the perfect opportunity to achieve more balance by lining up our own thoughts and environment – putting things in order.

Yang: Ones are yang energy, so there’s no denying a very male, assertive, expressive energy in this number combo.  When we’re contemplating 11-11-11 in the context of archetypal gender, the number one vibrates with an motivated, ambitious energy.  Historically, male/yang energy is also very protective too.   Ones are governed by the Sun (also male in most cultural views, not all), which is a symbol of vitality, energy, health and generosity.  These are some symbolic ideas to keep in mind while contemplating the upcoming potential of 11-11-11.  Oh, and for those of us who know there can be no yang force without yin…I thought of that too.  I was first concerned about the lack of yin energy in 11-11-11, but the feminine is there.  She is either implied (hyphens), or female energy can be found in the groupings of three (three sets of 11).  Yin energy to this number combo will be strongly supportive in matters of creativity. [More on Yin Yang symbolism here.]

Numbers: Reduced, 11-11-11 meaning boils into the number six, which is ruled by Venus – so we’re talking about harmony, also balance.  Venus (Aphrodite), as we all know, is a love-goddess.  There’s an undeniable love-energy associated with this number combo…both in the six vibration and the three vibration (three sets of 11).  In my meditations, I have felt very distinct love-goddess energy connected with this number/day, but it’s been kind of a domestic love, not so much a amorous feeling.  Meaning, this day may offer the opportunity to be swept off your feet with the simple joys life offers.  Through tenderness and a renewed outlook, many of us will have a chance to fall in love all over again – but in a unique sort of way. [More on number meanings and symbolism here.]

Creativity:  As mentioned, there are three groupings of 11’s, and this speaks to me of intense creativity.  Backed by yang energy, we’re talking about ‘in your face’ creativity…really powerful and expansive.  Do you have creative goals, projects, desires you need to tend to?  11-11-11 will be great energy to see those creative visions into reality.

Change & Choice: Anytime I see number 11, I’m compelled to see a doorway – a doorway of choice.  Eleven’s signify a clear choice to be made (1+1=2).  Visually, the 11 looks like two pillars one could walk through and between.  Sometimes I use the appearance of 11 in my life as a way to find that “in between” space…the space of total balance in which no choice is required (which is really a choice in itself).  In meditation, I see myself moving through the “zero” (no choice) implied between the two one’s of a binary code.  Try it some time.  Trippy, fun, clarifying.  My point here is…for some of us, 11-11-11 will be a major portal – a moment in time we can walk through with the promise of change and choice on the other end. [More on 11 as gateway here.]

Tarot: Because I see 11-11-11 more visually sometimes than as a number, it’s natural for me to see one’s as rods (or wands) in the Tarot.  So, I revisited the six of rods in the Tarot. [More on six if rods symbolism here.]  (You could also research the Justice card, 11 of the Major Arcana for more insight into 11 energy).

The Tarot as delivery system of wisdom asks us these questions in relation to 11-11-11 energy:

  • Can I maturely handle public acclaim and success?
  • Now that I’ve reached a zenith, what’s my next step?
  • Am I recognizing partnerships that have facilitated my success?
  • Positive recognition from others is great, but am I still letting my inner voice take the lead in my decisions?
  • What is my guiding force?
  • Am I prepared for the responsibility this public success and exposure implies?

And lest we forget the 20 energy (2011), which tends to speak to us about choice (2). For me, this date (and the times associated with it) talks about making some clear choices and being surrendered (0) to the results.  Surrendered?  Yeah, zero has a very zen vibe, it asks us to release to the moment…to be okay with the void.

As with all my writings, these are just my own musings.  I would highly encourage personal reflection and contemplation on this subject – especially if the date and number combo feel important to you.  The following are some potentially helpful links for your research into 11-11-11 meaning and implication:


Real Riches with Tanna Corona

I’ve had the serious pleasure of exchanging uber-keen symbolic insights with Tanna Corona, host of Real Riches Radio.  I adore Tanna’s style – smart, savvy and sagacious.  I think you will too.  That’s why I’m encouraging you to take a listen to her talk show, every Monday night.

And if her radio show isn’t enough to make you adore her too, here’s Tanna’s impressive bio:

Tanna Corona  is a professional Certified Life Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach and Member of the Certified Coaches Alliance. Her expertise is in the fields of prosperity consciousness, love relationships, the Law of Attraction, metaphysical Christianity, and communications. Tanna is also an ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church.

Tanna (pronounced Tah-nah) is producer and host of the REAL RICHES show on (RealRiches), where she interviews Spiritual, Law of Attraction and New Thought practitioners and proponents.

Tanna holds a Bachelor’s Degree (with Latin Honors) in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She worked in the legal field for many years, and she parlays the disciplines of that profession into her current work.

Tanna is self-taught in the realms of divination, self-knowledge and tapping into inner wisdom, such as the Tarot, numerology, runes, acrophonology, feng shui, meditation, and visualization.


Here’s Tanna’s blog for more information.

And don’t miss her show on Blog Talk Radio.