Deserts of Misconception

Deserts of Misconception
Deserts of Misconception

Last night, I was a dust-encrusted cowboy riding my horse in the desert. 

My tongue was a dry stone.  My eyes were gritty pits.  Every inch of me made friction noises because my skin was sand paper. 
And I was riding, slowly, aimlessly, exhausted…everything a blur.
And the desert winds blew a question in my sand-stuft ears.  And although muffled, the question was no less demanding.
The inquiry penetrated my granular coma.  The question made me slip off my saddle. 

But instead of landing in a dry heap upon the blistering desert sands, I splashed in cool, calm Waters – transported – transformed – revived – renewed – refreshed.
Isn’t that a great dream? 

The desert was amazing.  Even in its killing power, it was an incredible place to be.  And my horse was equisite (I thought – in my “lucid” mind – I wonder if I can go back to the desert for a moment and bring my horse back to this Oasis!).

You know me – I’m all about the symbolism, and this dream delivers that in spades.

In my experience, this was the “Desert of Misconception” and we’ve all been a nomad in these desolate lands from time-to-time.

My dream is a replay of some very archetypal images – a theme of pilgrimage & exodus.  A phase of life in which we endure the lean weeks, months…maybe even years with sometimes only faint whispers of hope to keep us moving forward.

We’ve all been in that barren land in which our perception is bleak, and we strive to move past unsavory appearances.  It’s why I call it the Desert of Misconception because in spiritual realitywe exist only in Oasis

Happily, each of us has been called out of the desert too.  Maybe we haven’t heeded the call – but the Voice has beckoned us.  I guarantee it.

We are obligated to keep ourselves keen to the Call that shakes us out of our saddle and splashes us smack-center in the Oasis of Life.

Even if our ears are stuffed with sand – the Call of the Divine has the power to pierce all obstructions. 

Listen.  There is more to hear than the soft shuffling of horseshoes in the sands.

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4 Comments on “Deserts of Misconception”

  1. A strong dream, a vivid image. Yes, we listen… and we also send messages to the universe. It’s listening, too.
    Fond full moon and kalanna greetings to you, thank you for your insights.

  2. Oh, I love the imagery you’ve created in this posting. And, who knows, the horse may be someone you’ve known before, right? I know horses are important to you and your people. Great thoughts from a great thinker.


  3. This definitely was a very powerful dream. Perhaps you were in a rut and didn’t have anything new to say or feel, therefore the desert period, and inspiration was evading you, but by letting go and falling into water, and therefore, into Spirit, you found fresh outlook to expand and grow upon. ?

  4. More …

    As I get closer to the promise of the full moon, I delve deeply into the realm of self-rationalization in order to understand what I need to do to honor my new year commitments. I posted once earlier, and the day went on, I bumped into some of my own stupidity, and now, walking the dog outside in the dark under the full moon, I find myself asking the great mother for help, and feeling her so present.

    I’m discovering the desert of misconception is also a desert of self-deception. And breaking through those barriers is serious, intense and scary.

    I’m also convinced that making a promise to oneself under a full moon/lunar eclipse is heavily binding.


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