Interpreting Prophetic Dreams

prophetic dream interpretation

For me, and many others, the bulk of richer understanding comes about through dreams and meditation.

Those of us who derive knowing from dreams, meditations and visions must be vigilant in educating ourselves in the way of discernment.

Why? Because higher data is packaged in dreams/visions, and our interpretations of this data depends upon our ability to expand our Views beyond ground-zero, beyond mundane, beyond the scope of the banal self.

Prophetic dreams will share common threads like:

•         They will be intensely visual/vivid. Prophetic dreams will feel like we are experiencing the scene in actual, real-time reality.

•         Prophetic dreams will reference and/or address global concerns.

•         These dreams usually reveal themselves as a parable – a narrative with a moral.

My dream last night embroidered each of these common threads into my awareness masterfully. Additionally, those of us whose main source of information comes from ephemeral channels learn the flavor of their dreams, and can identify a prophetic one by the feel of it.

So what? What’s the purpose of a prophetic dream, and why should we be so diligent in discerning it’s meaning?

First, the gold of a prophetic dream is found in the deftness and accuracy of the translation. This depends upon how much investment the dreamer has made in knowing his or herself, and how much education has been devoted to the study of esoteric/soulful/symbolic languages.

Second, once interpreted, the dreamer must have the evolutional constitution to know what to do with the prophecy. Announcing a prophecy to the public is highly ill-advised. Even if the dreamer is a true prophet, it’s integral to recognize the consequences of divulging certain information to mainstream public.

prophetic dream interpretation
prophetic dream interpretation

So what’s a prophet to do with his/her predictive dream?

Retrace the steps to prime, energetic philosophy which says change first comes from within. A fire is hottest within the center, and by its nature, spreads outward from its core.

I’m saying: Put your prophecy smack-center within the flame of your soul. Hold it, continue to contemplate it (more meanings will unfold as you do), nurture it, and keep the vision pristine in your energy. Doing this will activate the battery (you) and thus charge up your environment.

You are the catalyst, and changing the environment rarely happens by verbal communication. It comes from presence. And having presence causes energetic morphing which causes waves of change in your environment.

So keep the prophecy alive from within, and you will see its life unfold without.

I hear questions: ‘What about an apocalyptic prophecy or destructive predictions?’ -or- ‘What if my prophetic dream is rife with horror? Do I keep that active within my soul-center?’

My response to this recaps my earlier statements:

•         We must be vigilant in educating ourselves in the way of discernment.

•         Change first comes from within.

•         Consider the investment you’ve made in knowing yourself.

•         We must move beyond the scope of the banal self.

That last point drives the stake of Truth into the heart of so-called ‘destructive’ or ‘apocalyptic’ dreams.

The banal self interprets disaster (endings).

The expanded self interprets progress (continuity).

The evolved/united/enlightened self has a wholly different interpretation than that of the base/banal/surface self.

The expanded self cannot see crippling events – even in the most hostile-seeming dreams because the expanded self moves from a knowing place that all events sustain continuity.

Most importantly, the expanded self acknowledges (in all things) an energetic set-point of love, unity and harmony. This is why holistic interpretation of prophetic dreams is essential.

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