Do the Sham-ROCK!

Written by avenefica on March 10th, 2014


Meaningful Shamrocks and Playing with Natural Inspiration

Every day, I have an exchange with these ridiculously perky shamrocks.

I watch while ‘patiently’ waiting for the java to brew (“whaddya mean the coffee isn’t ready yet!?!?!” lol), and I get lost in these deep amaranthine beauties.

These shammy gems encourage me to view Nature with dream-eyes.  By doing so, limitless morphing ensues.  For example, these shamrocks set me upon wonderfully odd dreamy-scenes like…

• Seeing whale tales slapping high seas while en route to acres of plankton yummies.

• Spying pterodactyl wings slicing through crazy pre-dawn mists & fog.

• Viewing airplane propellers that spin me into exotic realms.

• Counting sacred trinities and getting lost in the promises these triads hold.

• Picturing hearts crudely cut from construction paper & waiting to be given to a secret love.

You get the idea.  Nature has a magnificent way of making our creative bits go whirly-twirly if we are open to the spin cycle of soulful contemplation.

These sassy shamrocks suggested I share with this you….to invite YOU to dive into Natural pools of wonder…to ask YOU to observe Nature with dreamy eyes and be suspended in a daze of bliss.


Because Nature knows best that the most vital productivity comes from plugging in to natural realms of reverie.

So, let these shams ROCK your world!

What do you see? Where will they take you? How will they shape your day?

PS: Am I one of those hopelessly cheerful ‘morning people?’ Hardly. But the shamrock and other Natural lovelies set me free to the joys proffered by Nature and all Her unfolding glory.

And by the way:  If you don’t have a shamrock in your windowsill. No sweat! You’re not limited to the shamrock to get your groove on.

Nature offers an infinite array of stuff to electrify our hearts, minds and souls.

This post is just an elementary note…passed from my school desk of Nature to yours…with x’s and o’s…to remind you that Nature loves you…and all She asks in return is your love in return.

So get your Nature on, and jump-jive in Her resplendent awesomeness! :)

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Peregrine Parable and Meaningful Falcon Symbolism

Written by avenefica on March 6th, 2014


Very often we can glean symbolic meaning and life-metaphors from stories, myths and parables.  The falcon has tons of symbolic lessons for us.  This is a neat story to illustrate how parable and myth can serve as a powerful message.  It also illustrates how the majestic falcon reminds us of our own potential majesty.

~Peregrine Parable~

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a king who received two Peregrine falcons as a gift.

This was a very honorable offering as the falcons were exquisite, and would make noble companions as the king hunted his royal grounds.

The king passed the falcons off to his gamekeeper and instructed him to train the raptors for next hunt.

The gamekeeper set about training the two Peregrine’s. One bird performed exceedingly well. However, the second bird excelled not at all. In fact, the bird never moved off its branch!

The gamekeeper was flummoxed, so he recruited the advice of an avian expert. After inspecting the bird who would not fly, the expert diagnosed it as perfectly healthy and sound. He was baffled as to why the bird would not fly.

Left with no other choice, the gamekeeper approached the king about the flightless falcon. Never turning down a good challenge, the king sent out an announcement to every village, town and rural residence within the kingdom. He set a high reward to anyone who could make his grounded falcon take flight.

Hundreds came to surmise the flightless falcon. Some tried luring the bird off its branch with bits of meat. Others chanted and sang in hopes to inspire the bird to fly. Still others poked at the bird (which was a big mistake as the falcon bit the fingers that poked at him!).

After many days of challenges and many disappointments, all attempts to prompt the raptor to fly off its branch failed.

Then came an old woman from the furthest outreaches of the kingdom. Since she kept to herself, cloistered in her small hovel, few residents in the kingdom knew anything about her. She was weathered, disheveled and smelled faintly of bog water.

As the old woman approached the falcon, she drew out a wicked-sharp blade from the folds of her garment. The crowd gasped. Would she kill the king’s falcon!?

Hardly. She used the blade to hack off the end of the branch the falcon had been stubbornly sitting upon all this time.

In a flash, the falcon’s wings unfurled, and it took off into the skies with stunning glory, grace and power.

The king marveled over the sight!

‘Woman, how did you know? How did you know my falcon would take flight if you cut the branch?‘ The king asked excitedly.

From leathery lips, the wizened woman replied:

‘Some souls need to be reminded they have wings.


A dear friend of mine shared this story with me and I loved it because it spoke to me of how certain perspectives can limit our views concerning potential.

What do I mean by that? Let me answer this question with a few other questions that may weave deeper meaning into this parable.

• Does complacency limit how far we travel?

• Are comfort zones prohibiting our expansion & development?

• What kind of reminders can we heed about our potential?

What motivates us to excel and succeed?

• What have we forgotten about our divine, authentic selves?

• How can we break the spell of lackluster limitation?

These are just a few questions this Peregrine parable prompted me to ask. What kind of symbolic messages come up for you in this story?

By the way, if the falcon really seizes your attention, maybe this regal bird can serve as a source of inspiration for you. Take flight into a few symbolic suggestions for the falcon here.

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Symbolism of Choices

Written by avenefica on March 1st, 2014

SymbolicChoicesNormally, I talk about symbolism in Nature and how we can weave those impulses into our own experience to gain profound and personal meanings in our lives.

But our choices are symbolic too.

Our choices represent our level of consciousness in any given moment. This makes choices symbolic of our vision and the extent to which we can see beyond the events at hand.

What do your choices say about you?

How are your choices symbolic of something larger lurking like a treasure-laden leprechaun in your psyche?

What if your choices were not just about executing a decision – but an actual reflection of the authentic you?

How would that make you feel about choices that are contrary to your own fine-design and well-being?

If you could give a personality trait to the choices you are making – what would they look like? Does that persona honor who you are?

Just thoughts.

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