57 Channels and Nothin’ On…Except for ME! Thank you for tuning in!

making a choice

I’m not that old. But I’m starting to get old enough to say things like…

♦  “I remember the days when  the phone was mounted on the wall and ‘mobility’ meant walking around with a 10 foot cord on the receiver.”

♦  “I remember we had 5 channels on the TV, and we had to get our ass off the couch to change the channel (sometimes we had to change the channel with a pair of pliers because the knob was broken! Yikes!).

♦  “I remember when a ‘drone‘ was just somebody who hated his job, but showed up for work and did his job like all the rest of us under-valued, underestimated schlubs.”

♦  “I remember breaking the ‘repeat’ button on my 8-track tape player just to hear ‘Stayin’ Alive’ one more time!

What’s my point to all the nostalgia?

Well…it has to do with cereal.  Huh? Yeah…Golden Grahams, Sugar Smacks, Corn Flakes, Raisin Bran, Grape-Nuts!  What the heck!?!?

I hate to do this to you…but I feel another one of those “I remember the days” moments…YEAH! “I remember the days when there was only THREE kinds of cereal...and by golly you better like it, or it’s gruel for you!”

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. But I DO have a point…

Today, there are SO many options.  So many choices.  Are any of you overwhelmed by the 57 channels, 100 kinds of cereal, millions of websites, hundreds of corn chips?

I sure am.

That’s why I LOVE you guys!  In the midst of mind-boggling data being hurled at you every moment of the day, you still take the time to tune into symbolic-meanings.com and whats-your-sign.com. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I know I’m not a big fish, but I love you for swimming here in my little symbolic pond.

Having the luxury of so many choices, you can discern, and you deserve the best.  Thank you so much for always coming back to me for the best symbolic meanings you can get.

You’re a smart cookie.  Oh gawd..don’t even get me started on cookies.…do you know how many different kinds of cookies are on the shelf at my local market!?!??!  I think I might faint. LOL!  Kidding.

I hope you get my point (albeit cheeky) .

Thank you for sticking with me for over a decade, and helping me go on into perpetuity.

Love you sweet peeps!



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