Full Snow Moon Meaning of February

Every full moon carries profound meaning.  But there are some full moons worthy of paying extra attention to. This month, we will see a full moon that rivals all others.  In 2019, it was reported to be the largest full moon of the entire year.  In that year, it was known as a ‘supermoon.’

Whether super or not, snow moon meaning packs a wallop when it comes to symbolism and influence upon our lives.

Snow moon meaning is about transition, and learning how to go with the flow.  February is a transitional month.  The weather is unpredictable as spring battles winter for her proper throne.  The energy of this time of year is unsettled.  It’s quite a white-knuckle month.  Our ancient ancestors were edgy during this full moon because many of them were concerned about their resources.  Before the industrial age, folks went to great lengths to prep, preserve and store enough food to feed their families.  Around this time on the year, resources may likely be running low.  This is why the snow moon is also known as the “hunger moon.”

It’s called the snow moon because indigenous people observed this full moon took place during one of the snowiest months of the year.

The essence of the snow moon meaning deals with renewal, hope, and embracing change.  Imagine being under thick, heavy layers of snow for months on end (some of you don’t have to imagine this!).  Now imagine that heavy burden lifted with the return of spring.  It was nothing short of complete rejuvenation for indigenous, pre-industrial people.

snow moon meaning

Here are a few things to bring into focus when the full snow moon reveals itself the night of February 19, 2019

Recognize heavy burdens holding you back. Set an intention to shrug off these burdens. Contemplate a fresh start and renewal.

Be prepared for opportunities. This snow moon marks the returning of the light (spring). After being in the dark (winter) for so long, the light of spring symbolizes the return of hope and possibilities. Acknowledge your potential and be ready for opportunities.

This moon helps us get a fresh start.  When the snow moon rises, take time to think about getting a second chance, or a new lease on life. The snow moon has the energy to help you achieve a clean slate.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the full snow moon meaning of February.

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