Moonlight Meaning

moonlight meaning

The moon has been doing some funky, spectacular things this year, so I thought it high time to illuminate some symbolic points about moonlight meaning.

Most noteworthy, moon symbolism and wisdom emerges with our recognition that Lady Luna creates no light of her own. Her power is in Shadow. Her conveyance (her ability to be seen) depends upon her ability to reflect (back the light of the Sun).

So what does that say to you?

La Luna whispers to me about….

♦  Reflection: What kind of light (intent/emotion/behavior/action/thought) are we reflecting? How can we reflect our most authentic selves more effectively? How can we utilize the light from our Soul (Sol/Sun) to shine (reflect) our best sides?

♦  Shadow: The Universe is designed in a schematic of opposites. Good/Evil, Light/Dark, High/Low. It’s a clever design because it navigates us. Recognize the shadows, but know their opposites are also inherent. When Lunar light bathes our awareness, it might be sign to acknowledge the darkness as a way to step into lightness. See the light in your dark nights of the soul. Keep your joy illumined. Within every sorrow, there lives joy. Sometimes we have to be sneakyabout how we find that joy – but to be sure – it IS there via creative design.

♦  Untapped potential: The Moon is a subtle symbolism. She reminds us of our hidden works, our hidden powers, our hidden resources. Her luminous visitations should prompt us to wonder about the treasures we have hidden within us – those majestic mysteries still yet to be illuminated in our awareness.

♦  Purification: Lady Luna is also a purifier. In ancient alchemical wisdom, the Moon is akin to Silver – which is a purifying, clarifying, cleansing element in the Great Work. Moonlight encourages us to clean, clear, clarify, renew, refresh, etc.

♦  Feminine Vibe: With rare exceptions (Japanese culture comes first to mind), the Moon is a feminine archetype. Ergo, Madam Moon encourages us to pay closer attention to our deeper intuition, dreams, our sense of empathy, our ideas about cycles/time/progress.

♦  Birth: What are your feelings about birth? The Moon represents an endless parade in the phases of growth & development. Every new Moon phase, Lady Luna begins anew – with a tiny seed of potential. Thus, every full Moon represents a new birth. What’s inside you waiting to be born?

Consider the seeds within you – dormant at the new Moon. Focus on the process of nurturing new ideas/intentions/visions throughout the following fortnight and giving birth to these with full-blown manifestations upon the full Moon.

This is just a picnic-sampler of moonlit delights. Still hungry?

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