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Tree wisdom tree worship

A few thoughts about tree wisdom…

Long before the very first church was ever built, our ancient ancestors experienced spiritual connection among roots and branches of trees. There is an overwhelming body of evidence that shows indigenous, ancient people considered trees to be remarkably powerful and spiritual figures in our world.

In many early cultures, trees were considered to be memory-keepers. It was believed trees could absorb the energy of the tribal people as they passed on from this world into the next (so-called death). This allowed our ancestors to ‘tap’ into trees and access their loved ones on the spirit side of life This is because trees retained a piece of the soul of humans once they transitioned into non-physical.

Trees were also commonly considered to be an illustration of the cycle of life among pre-industrial people.  The process of seed to branching out into the world, while we are rooted within a strong foundation is a lovely metaphor for a life well lived. Then add the transition of trees through the seasons, (from green, to fire-colored falling of leaves)…trees served as the perfect example of transience, evolution and growth.

Ultimately, trees are a profound illustration of a life lived with dignity, strength and grace.  They are stoic in the face of constant change. They endeavor to persevere in extreme environments. They rely on themselves for comfort and nurturing. They are both grounded and high-in-the-sky at the same time. Trees are marvelous mentors. They teach us how to be balanced, how to be patient, how to grow, how to thrive.

Tree wisdom tree worship

Take-Away Points on Tree Wisdom

Potential: One tiny little seed (like an acorn) can lead to extraordinary results. Consider the oak, who from a wee acorn can grow up to a 100 feet tall!! Never underestimate a teeny weeny seed. Whether a seed of thought, dream or tiny seeds of actions…those babies can become mammoth, given the right nurturing!

Reliance:  Even the most solitary trees rely on the sun.  The sun’s light is crucial to their livelihood. It’s a good lesson.  No matter how fiercely independent we are…there will always be a time when we need a little outside help to get us growing and going again. It’s all about cooperation and balance.

Homeostasis: Speaking of balance, trees are experts at maintaining homeostasis, which is just a fancy word that means being stable and having equilibrium in life. I absolutely adore how trees are rooted in the ground, yet branching out into the skies. It is such a perfect and fitting picture of what a well-rounded life looks like.  Reach for the sky, but always keep to your roots. Love it.

When it comes to tree wisdom and early worship of trees, I think in these terms…

Whatsoever is beautiful, pure, giving, kind…that’s the stuff most peace-seeking religions tout…Me and a whole bunch of other cultures/believers think trees are the perfect place to start when accessing such serene, spiritual beatitudes.

As always, thanks for reading.

Arboreal blessings,

xo, Avia


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