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Symbolic Meaning of Number Eleven

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A 10 minute video on the surface and deeper symbolic meaning of number eleven. Enjoy!

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Changed Names and Name Number Meanings in Numerology

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NameNumberMeaningI get many questions about name number meanings. I’ve offered a lot of thoughts about this and the topic of symbolic numbers in general.

This blog post addresses a question about the consequence of changed meanings of name number when our name is changed.

{Fuzzy on how to calculate your name number?  Go to my Name Number Meaning page for explanations.}

What is the impact if we take a different name? What if we have a nickname?  How do we interpret the numerological meaning of our “real” name in relation to our adopted/married/nickname etc?

Traditionally, numerologists recommend using the name with which we are most familiar.

When dealing with several names to uncover meaning with numerology, I conduct readings on both names.

Why?  Because I know nothing happens without some deeper reasoning.  Ergo, I know significant numerological meanings  can be found in both names.

When I play around with name number symbolism, I’ll first ask for the name most used or common.   For example, a friend of mine has been called “Butch” for 40 years.  I interpreted his nickname first as his primary reading.

But, I’ll almost always do a second reading with a formal (less familiar) name too. I’ve encountered doing this gives an added layer of clarity. It’s almost like revealing two different personalities:

  • a side we show to everyone, and
  • another side we keep more private.

If you have several names here’s a way to interpret your name number meaning…

Common Name:  Determine your number according to the name you are most comfortable/familiar with.  This could be your nickname, birth name, whatever.  This is the name you call yourself (and likely the name most of your friends/family know you by too).

The number associated with the name you are most intimate with will be metaphoric of your intimate path in life.  This number will speak to you about:

  • what is close to your heart,
  • what you comfortably show, share and express with others
  • how your common, daily life experience is unfolding
  • how you connect & interact in family and social settings

Other Name:  Now determine the number for the name that is not as familiar to you as your common name.  Perhaps it’s a newly discovered adopted name, or a change from maiden name to married name – or perhaps you’ve taken an assumed name.  The name number meaning associated with this newer name in your awareness could potentially reveal:

  • long term views or focus in personal development
  • the hand of fate or destiny playing a role in your life
  • internal or hidden sides of personality – traits not likely expressed outwardly
  • a persona you want to express, but has been latent (or is not yet comfortable to reveal to others)

Important note: Be mindful of how you feel about this secondary name.  Is there joy surrounding the less familiar name?  Did you pick it yourself and love it?  Your feelings associated with your names (both common and uncommon) will affect your name number interpretation too.

I’ve known people who had names divinely spoken to their psyche – these are spiritual names that belonged to these people even before they were born into this lifetime/place.  In this instance, that name is going to have a wholly different meaning in numerology.

This brings me to a final important point.  It’s a good practice to combine your name number meanings

For example, if your familiar name-number is a 2 and your married name-number is  7, combine these two numbers to make 9 and begin to research the conjoined symbolism from there.

Overwhelmingly, I’ve found combining these name numbers to be extremely enlightening as to my client’s personality, personal development and multi-dimensional progress.

I hope this information proves helpful to each of you as you seek out innovative ways to uphold the most important tenet : “Temet Nosce”

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Symbolic Meaning of Nine on 09/09/09

In this video, I discuss a bit about the symbolic meaning of nine on this auspicious day.  Click links below the video for more information on the meaning of number nine.

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Symbolic Seven: Associations with the Number Seven

symbolic seven

Symbolic Seven is found throughout history and cultures.  To wit, here are a few symbolic associations with number seven to help us further grasp the symbolic meaning of seven:

In astronomy’s infancy there were initially seven planets identified:

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Venus
  • Mercury
  • Mars 
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

In ancient Sumaria each of these planets were identified with seven gods which shared the same name:

  • Sun = Shamash (the law giver)
  • Moon = Nanna (lord of destiny)
  • Venus = Ishtar (the pristine)
  • Mercury =  Nabou (the jumper)
  • Mars = Nergal (the smoulderer)
  • Jupiter = Marduk (the one who glows)
  • Saturn = Ninurta (the constant)

With each of these “planets” and gods, correlate seven days of the week (and each of these days are symbolic as you will see on my post here).

Seven musical notes and seven prismatic colors:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Indigo
  • Violet

Seven primary chakras (composing the chakra spine):

  • Muladhara
  • Swadhisthana
  • Manipura
  • Anahata
  • Vishudha
  • Ajna
  • Sahasrara

In Christianity the Bible is rife with symbolic sevens – too many to mention, but here are a few:

  • Seven pairs of clean animals & birds retained in the ark parable
  • In the same parable seven marks the passage of time
  • Seven virtues
  • Seven sins
  • Seven sacraments
  • Seven joys
  • Seven sorrows of the Virgin
  • Seven seals
  • God’s blessing on the seventh day 

In Judaism:

  • Seven branches of the Menorah
  • Seven heavens
  • Seven feast, festivals and purifications
  • Seven pillars of wisdom
  • New year begins the seventh month
  • Sabbath occurs every seventh year

In Buddhism:

  • Seven heavens
  • Seven emblems of Buddha

In Hinduism:

  • Seven symbolic rays of the sun
  • Seven symbolic faces in the world mountain

In Islam:

  • Seven heavens
  • Seven hells
  • seven earths
  • seven seas
  • seven doorways to paradise
  • seven ambulations around Ka’aba at pilgrimage

In ancient Egypt:

  • Seven gods of light
  • Seven gods of darkness

These are just a scant few references to symbolic seven. 

What other symbolic sevens can you contribute to this post?

Seeing Number 11 and Symbolic Duality (Synchroblog Project)

Number 11 seen in pillars represents a symbolic doorway through dualityAs part of our current synchroblog topic, I chose the number 11 as a symbolic concept of duality.

Seeing number 11 is not an uncommon phenomenon.  Indeed, I get many emails from folks who see the number eleven consistently, and in response, I’ve written further symbolic thoughts on number eleven here.

As you will see on these posts, I propose the symbolism of number eleven deals with:

  • Congruency
  • Opening
  • Balance

We garner these meanings through an understanding of numerology (both in the traditional Pythagorean sense, as well as an intuitive/interpretive psychic sense). 

We glean information on the number eleven by investigating its numeric master, which is number one.   The meaning of number one  speaks of:

  • Beginnings
  • Action 
  • Focus
  • Union

However, reduced the number eleven morphs into the vibrational resonance of number two (1+1=2). The meaning of number two deals with:

  • Decision
  • Polarity
  • Reproduction
  • Balance

But what does this have to do with duality?  Everything, when we dance in the peripheries of symbolism.

Investigating the numerical significances of number eleven gives us gossamer glimpses into the meaning of the number.   

On the one hand we march in time with
structure, stability, consistency and sure-footing (number one). 

On the second hand we dance the two-step with
choice, duplicity, option (free will) and diversity (number two).

After years of number eleven presenting itself to my attention at every turn (on clocks, dates, money, tickets, seats, rooms, pages, totals – you name it), I’ve had countless opportunities to meditate on its presence, and ask myself the questions: Why am I seeing number 11 everywhere?  What does it mean? etc.

After exhausting numerological possibilities, my dissatisfaction lingered.  These surface meanings never slaked my need for further clarification.  There must be more depth to match the breadth of 11’s constant appearance in my life.

As is often the case, when we cock our philosophical heads to the side to take an unorthodox view of a thing, we begin to gain profound clarity of its meaning.  And so, after using visualization techniques with the number eleven, its meaning began to come more alive in my understanding.

In my personal experience I’ve concluded the number eleven represents a metaphorical gateway, whose entrance beckons the integration of the duality or opposition inherent in human nature (consider the image in the upper right – do you see the 11 in the form of pillars to an entryway?).

Delving further into the metaphor, my mind turned to the symbolism of the Tarot in which the Priestess card as well as the Justice card resonate with the number eleven.  Both cards depict two pillars on either side of the archetype.  Essentially, a number 11.

The Priestess is traditionally seated in the center of the symbolic pillars of Boaz and Jachin representing foundational strength (physical) and intentional directed energy (spiritual).  These pillars of the High Priestess card illustrate duality through long twisty roots running through the most esoteric layers of knowledge.

Further, her equal-armed cross signifies an ability to balance between the gateway of duality.  For eons, ancient wisdom has driven this point home:  Equalibrium is available within the center of perceived opposition.

This concept is a rhythmic theme drummed into every line of alchemical texts:  Humankind must appropriately and mindfully mix the elements of duality together to conjure the elixir of enlightenment.

The meaning of eleven, in this visual sense, illustrates this profound potential: We reach our zenith by seating ourselves in the midst of duality (just as the Priestess is purposefully poised between the pillars of Boaz and Jachin).  

So rather than tip the scale, choose a side, or invite imbalance – the great wisdom teachings of our kind (in all manner of metaphor) beckon us to settle BETWEEN the dualities. 

Essentially, we have the ability to levitate between an elegently slender gap,  gracefully slipping betwix such starknesses as:

  • Black – White
  • Day – Night
  • Elation – Depression
  • Introversion – Extroversion
  • Physical – Spiritual
  • Action – Rest

As our energetic ancestors have always known, it is in this subtle space we find our true home.

This is what years of seeing number 11 have brought to bear in my own understanding.  What has it revealed to you?

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Duality Synchroblog.  There are some incredibly passionate and insightful posts on the topic.  I would encourage you to read them all:

Seeing Symmetrical Numbers: What Does it Mean?

I got a question about seeing symmetrical number sequences and its meaning.  For example, this person continually saw numbers in perfect beginning and ending sequences like: 1221, 707, 53035 (the same numbers at the beginning and ending of a series providing a symmetrical frame). 

She went on to tell me she was finishing up a book deal, and wanted to know if these number sequences had a meaning pertaining to this phase of her life.  My response follows:

Dear Digitally Mastered:

Congratulations on your book deal!

Does your numerical phenomenon have something to do with it?  I would say that what we observe in our physical reality is directly linked to what we’ve focused our attention upon in our non-physical reality.

Meaning, our external observations are mirrors of our most constant internal thoughts.

Numbers are the most responsive symbols to our vibratory energy because their own energy is simple, and consistent.

I’ve written a bit about this here:
Symbolic Numerology: Meaning of Same Sequence Numbers

The types of numbers you’ve described indicates an orderly mind-set. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you take great measures to be orderly yourself, and partake in planning, organizing, and pay attention to fine details in your daily life.

A sequence of numbers that are framed with like numbers (i.e.18081 – with One’s being the frame in this instance) indicate a need for clean distinctions – a clearly defined beginning as well as a definitive ending.

I would look to the meanings of numbers for further information too. 

For example: “161” might indicate a clear beginning of a project dealing with harmony and love (or a new relationship) that may only last for a certain period, ending as clearly as it began.  It may also indicate a need for action in relationships.

Here “6” is symbolic of harmony and relationships.  “1” is symbolic of new beginnings and action.  So, we can take the meaning of One as the frame or the settings of the stage – and the meaning of Six to be the player on that stage.

Finding the meaning of these numbers in your life depends upon your interpretation.  Once you begin to learn the basic core meaning of each prime number – begin to translate these meanings into your own life circumstances.

For example the core/base meaning of “4” is about structure and stability. If you see many “4’s” in your life you may apply this to your life circumstances (do you have enough stability?  Too much?).

Then, take the meaning of each symmetrical number and frame it around the center numbers for a “big picture” meaning.  Then lay this upon your life circumstances as a template.

Working with number meanings is like putting a puzzle together….but once you have all the pieces in place the results in your understanding will be profound.

I’ve also written a post about seeing numbers in time that might be helpful:
Symbolic Meaning of Clock Faces and Seeing the Same Time