7 Comments on ““Why Do I Keep Seeing Three’s?” Answers on the Symbolic Meaning of Number Three”

  1. when i was young real young i did not know much i was slow when it came to things but for some reason i always talked about the number 3 for no reason could there be a reason for that

  2. You are a special person try not live in you’re mind so much live in you’re heart n be guided by the spirit be slow to anger and find out every Inch of you’re soul and nature

  3. For maybe the past (3) years, I’ve always encountered the number 3. My number where I stand is 3, a few days ago, out of all the chairs, (there is like 50), I got the one with the number 3, and they’re all mixed up. The number 3 is a daily part of my life, I see the number every day.

    Here’s a bit about myself:
    I don’t prey or ask for God’s help, because I don’t want his help to do things.
    I’ve lately been thinking about God, and in my imagination thinking about talking to him and him talking back, like normal conversations.
    My name means Defender, I have long curly hair and hazel eyes, and I don’t like to smile.
    I don’t feel comfortable around people, but I just can’t help but protect others like kids getting bullied.

  4. Same issues……I don’t know what to do…..and by reading about yourself…..I think we are similar….. aloot similar…

  5. I… let me say this, really quick. I have nightmares/dreams almost every night. My life is almost governed by fear of my monsters in my dreams and nightmares. One thing that is continual in every single dream and nightmare I have is the number three. Not the symbol, triangle or anything, but, say, three characters. Three good, three bad. Or there would be three scenes in the dream, ect.
    I have been trying to find out what this could mean. If anyone has answers please share!

  6. To my exspirence this is a precognition like a dream about the future but somthing special about these is they either mean somthing to you or it will happen later in the future these precognition isnt always for you tho

  7. Thanks for your insight it was helpful. I have seen 3s my whole life. I’m an artist well craftsman and laborer. I’m also bipolar ( no surprise there) always very empathic. I was a heroin attic for 23 years. I have been clinically dead 4 times. I had an out of body experience as well. I don’t use anymore. After a series of seizures I wasn’t expected to live through. I awoke days later feeling spirituality. I dream a lot more vividly and the symbolism according to dream interpretation sites is always on point in the present sometimes prophetic. I often know what certain people I barely know will say. I have done conservation work since i was 12 always in tune with wildlife and nature but now I feel more tuned in. I also often feel the pain of humanity now like a weight I didn’t have before. I know I’m not crazy because I have been. Has this stuff happened to others??? It’s not frightening. I just don’t understand I’m I’m not comfortable speaking of it with people.

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