Spiritual Meaning of Number Zero

When it comes to determining the symbolic and spiritual meaning of number zero, there are a lot of details to consider.

The number zero suggests a vast arena of potential and opportunity. Consider – zero is an essence of void, vacuous space that implies extraordinary space to move freely in a myriad of directions.

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  1. Originally, zero is a perfect circle symbol. When circle become number zero, the value is not empty or not null. Zero have content but uncertain or unknown. So, all aspect contain zero number will have error rate. In our decimal system the rate called six sigma. Naturally, zero also symbol of Ring Of Fire. The land of Origin.

  2. as galiu ir parasyti apie nulio simbolika jei kas skaityt galite lietuviu kalba,atsiliepkite tuomet parasysiu ir as,man labai patinka jusu si svetaine -yra kas skaityti daug idomaus,10 balu jusu svetainei-jega!

  3. can you please tell me the spiritual meaning of 990.send the meaning to my email please. I saw the number in my dreams. Thank you

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  5. Thank you for your refernce to zero. I had a phone call last night, which I did not answer but on checking who had called later the recorded mesage said the callers no was 00000000
    I certainly did not know that tel no existed! Just wanted to check the significance of this so looked you up. Am wondering what the significance is?

  6. For the passed few months I have seen the number “11” followed by a repeating number and it is usually “44”. Does 44 follow the same guidelines as being doubled in its mean ing as you describe for 11? What does “44” mean and what does it mean combined with “11”?

  7. I have tried many systems of numbers. Everyone has their own calculative reasoning. #1 always comes up for me, (and 9’s) but I am glad you did this for zero. My BD is 10/10/1958. I have an affinity with the 1010. I am now going for my BS in IT and realized its all about 1’s and zeros. 1010.. any thoughts?

  8. @Dragonfly: Just as Tric noted in his comment above; everyone has their own calculative reasoning at determining numbers and their meanings within the context of our life experiences. Your recurring numbers talk to me about congruency, order, establishment, foundation, and a drive toward stability….but those are just the surface ripples of my own impressions.

    May I offer some additional reading for you to ponder as you mine your numerical phenomenon for philosophical gold?:

    @Tric, you’ve got great perspective here, and I value your approach to flipping over your numbers to see the underside of their meanings. Tens talk to me about reaching a zenith…like it’s a container – a culmination of all that has preceeded it – an apex, and a total sum symbolizing completion. There is a step into the beginning (#1), the journey (the space between 1 _ 0), and the acceptance of the encapsulating whole, the ovum, the gravid potential expressed in the 0. And, perhaps that’s why 9 surfaces for you too…as if you are always on the precipice of finalizing a phase.

    May I share these other pages for your contemplation?:

    To both:

    Numbers demand to be observed through a myriad of viewfinders. I just love them as oracles because they are so painfully simplistic yet vast in complexity (it’s that duality thing that really sets me on the jazz about numbers). Here are a few ideas for “viewfinders” when looking at your numeric phenomenon

    Draw them
    write them
    journal them
    paint them
    sing them
    dance out numbered rhythms
    drum their rhythms
    find them in the clouds
    observe them in the Tarot
    count them out in your M&M’s or cornflakes
    speak them
    count backwards
    breathe in number patterns
    count stitches (yes, like needlepoint)
    randomly open your favorite book & observe the number page for assistance in meaning.


  9. I would just like to thank you for this website. I have a spiritual teacher in Ireland and at the airport in Dublin I bought two Irish rings with celtic designs. Within this last week both of the Conamara stones fell out. One specifically when I feel an Angel or an Ascended Master appears with a message for me in a human body. My friend put a piece of clay with a symbol on it called the Rising Star( an energy modality from this spiritual teacher in Ireland). Finally that wore away and I ended up with a great Zero between two trinity symbols. I’m like WOW i like this Zero look! So i found your web site and I like what you said about it and everyones comments. I’ve never done this before I’m new at the computer. Anyway I have a zero between two three’s (manifestation)!!!! My journey is just beginning.Thank you Hey this teacher is coming to usa in March the website is http://www.sq-wellness.com/moretruthUStour2009.php it’s awesome-check it out.

  10. @Suzanne Poeltler-Crane,
    Thanks for sharing your experience here! Glad to have you & you’re welcome here any time to chime in w/ your thoughts. Thanks also for providing SQ Wellness info. Namaste!

  11. I can’t seem to find the spiritual meaning of 10?? If I am figuring correctly, November 9, 1952 should = 10??

  12. really enjoyed your perspective of zero. i hav very similar ideas but am often criticized for lack of evidence. look forward to more

  13. devide each by 10 20/10=2 10/10=1 10/10=1 2 1 1 =the year 2011 will see wat happens on that year dont u see climate change . confusion . wars . hhhhhmmmmmm let me know what u think of wat i see ill let u in on more

  14. on the top of the site address on the end the numbers are 3106 add them equals wat haaa……………= 10
    0= nutral lost rethinking 1= new begining wat goes around comes around

  15. I’m so appreciative of your blog. I happened upon early this am, as I struggled to figure out all of the circular/zero symbols being sent my way in such an obvious manner…so I would not fail to see them.
    My very spiritual mom just passed away and I’m starting over in every area of my life as well….it has forced me to do a lot of personal work, and the things you mention: eternity,or just transition to the next phase, evolution, growth, are all very real for me right now. Thank you.
    I would like know how to access your blog on a daily basis.

  16. Super site! Love your work.
    I use #’s a plenty and the meanings do run deep. It’s about finding your path and not getting totally lost in the nummers. Everything is relational, which is why letters, symbols, etc… should not be overlooked.
    Your concepts of 0 are spot on in my own opinion and could not agree more. I mean – nothing is so often overlooked! A shame really. Imagination & creativity spring of 0, it is the basis of the tree, or Y. I won’t ramble on in my conjecture here.
    Though I will say about 1010 for Tric, (or anyone really) this is also a # for melchizedek. relating to 101, and also 11. sometimes… nothing is nothing. As in 00. Ehm, yea. 🙂 Yes, I get a bit silly with my terms many times. Fun is a key to Joy.Something the world needs more of!
    Love ya!
    John a.k.a ToT

  17. Great, good thinking…
    As a computer programmer numbers have my special attention. You can halt any computer (even today) by dividing any number by zero.
    We used to count 0 to 9. It appeals to me aesthetically. Give regards to the Creator first, then go into expansion. Marko Rodin talks a lot about numbers as well. And in electricity we use live, ground and earth. Earth being the zero that safeguards life. If the polarity of 1 and 2 is separated by the non-materialistic 0, all flows in harmony… well, a bit like that. There are many books on the history and origin of 0…Mathematicians and scientists are afraid of it, as its way to esoteric…:)

  18. These definitions explode with energy. Everything as we know it can parallel mathematics to the specific points as such. I research information like this and love to get lost in the thought. Ideas such as these, also from https://zeromeaning.com, help me relies we live life that reaches outside imagination. When we can think we grasp these concepts we only touch the surface.

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    Your friend,


  21. Hello! I need help with something. I have this little book I write things in but all I see is Zeros on every page. Repeating one after another. No one else can see it but me. I wonder what that means for me.

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