Symbolic Meaning of 222

As is often the case, requests for number meanings come in waves.  Recently, I’ve had a wave of questions asking about the symbolic meaning of two, and specifically the meaning of 222, to which I respond:

Two’s deal with balance, opposition, flexibility, partnerships, awareness of connections, travel, division, creativity, and duality.The fact that you see 2’s tripled indicates that you have the law of three’s working on your behalf.  The law of three’s is a universal guideline that states whatever energy a person puts out into the world, (positive or negative) will be returned to that person three-fold.

Two’s also deal with flux & change in your life.  You may be seeing this number sequence at a time when there is a lot of changes going on – particularly in your work and business relationships.

Visually – this number sequence has a serpentine feel to it – this is symbolic of flexibility, adaptability and rebirth.  This is a signal that you may be in a time of intense growth or development…a time of changing directions or gaining new insight into a life direction.

On the whole your 222 indicates that you are a positive and open-minded individual with a strong will.  This number also indicates that you are a very balanced and orderly person – sometimes overly so with a need to be in control of the situation.  Nevertheless – you have an even temper and rarely let others get the best of you.

As a passing note of interest, two is the numeric placesetting for the Priestess card in the Tarot deck.  You may do well to investigate the meanings of this Tarot card for more insight on your phenomenon of recurring two’s.

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  1. I have been seeing the number 222 over a period of 23 years. I always see the number. I see it everywhere, even in dreams. Sometimes it might be a couple of times per week, others it might be a few times per day. I only found out tonight that others see it also. I’ve always had a gun feeling that it means something specifically. I’m not sure if this is the answer is what I’m looking for.

  2. I have been seeing 222 for a couple of years now and i see it everywhere license plates clocks houses i have urges to just look at the clock and it will be 222 or 1222 and its kind of creepy that i am 23 and Amira has been seeing it for that long and just recently had a daugher march 27 07 and i named her Amira give me some insight please.

  3. The first time I seen 222 and actually that it was a sign of something was March 22,2008. And its not the date that I noticed I had been having problems in my life and met a wonderful man. I had rented a motel room and the room they put me in was room 222. I fell in love that night with so many two’s I though for sure it was great and ment to be forever but turns out the wonderful man is married and now were stuck in love with each other and he can’t leave his family. We still talk and he sees the number too. I mean it feels like the universe is pulling us together. But I’m still alone seeing it no less than 2 times a day. What do I do. I want to fight for him or do I let it go and regret it forever? We have the connection not a lot of people will ever find.if anyone reads this please some advise would be greatly appreciated.

  4. I have been seeing 222 a great deal lately and the explanation really helped me understand. Alongside the 222 viewing the events that surround it have also been made apparent through many other ‘strange’ occurances. It seemed as though i went from seeing 111 to 555 and now 222, admist that there are time when 333 and 444 will appear yet it is mainly those. Even now i see 111 alongside my abundant 222’s which bothered me that much led me to research on the net behind its meanings. I love all this stuff anyway, if anyone has any more info on it i would love to here it, email me 🙂

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