Symbolic Meaning of Number Five – A Brief Summary

A follower of my blog questioned why she kept seeing the number five, to which I respond: 

The vibratory energy of Five is sending you a message to move or change the scenery in your life.

Fives are all about travel, motion, direction, adventure, and change.

Ironically Fives also represent the Five human senses.

If things are unstable in your life right now – your attention to the Fives are an indication that you need to take action to balance the equation.  Get in touch with all of your senses – get grounded – be aware of yourself and your surroundings.

If you have been thinking of making a change – your notice of the Fives is a clear signal to begin moving in that direction of change.  Take all possibilities into account, and begin to work in the direction you feel most pulled.

A word of caution – Fives can be extremely erratic – Fives can have a very unpredictable energy. 

Work with the number Five – incorporate it into your meditations.

Concentrate on the a geometric representation of Five (like a five pointed star) before sleeping and upon meditating.  All the while concentrating – pose the questions you want answers to.  The vibrational frequency of the Five will allow for answers to come.