Symbolic Meaning of Clock Faces & Seeing the Same Time Repeatedly

This post is in response to a question from a reader who kept seeing the same time on the clock, and she also wanted to know the symbolic meaing of clock faces

Dear Clock Watcher:

Part of the beauty in number meanings is that they exude vibrations that match up with our own.  Meaning – numbers are like tuning forks….they slow down or speed up according to the level of our attention (the frequency or vibration of our thought).

The fact that the majority of the time when you look at a clock (a symbolic representation of framework, or structure both in dream & lucid symbolism) and you see consecutive like numbers tells us that you have a knack for order – organization – detail – and a need for structure.

Consecutive like numbers that show up repeatedly in our lives in the form of time, usually indicates our need or tendancy to have everything in our lives put neatly into place or a need for control and stability in our lives.

This occurance is typically a message that we either need more order & structure in our lives or things are lining up for us very nicely – we are in a perfect place of congruency & we should enjoy it while we can because this kind of stasis is a gift!

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  1. The number 943 comes up in my life frequently (@ least twice a day lol) and has been for many moons, at least 6 years. Was a strange feeling, but this comment about time gives me a peaceful meaning that may or maynot be right. But thank u.

  2. I truly believe that those that have passed on speak to us through numbers. My best friend was murdered in 2007. His birthday, 3:17. He has been trying to reach me through that number, trying to tell me something, or maybe to get my attention. He was doing the same with his girlfriend, I finally figured out his message – he has not done it since. I have no doubt in my mind there is more after death.

  3. I kept seeing 333 on my cell phone and I kept telling myself I know iv read numbers mean something finally like after the fourth time seeing this for over few weeks I researched it and that how I found ur website.wich I may add after my research found yours really helped me understand I always come back to life was filled with disapointment 333 helped me realize things were gonna get better an they have I had no car no job crappy relationships with only myself to blame I should add but it all turned around within last cup mts but now it’s like I see 333 or 33 on clocks one time reciet over and over than at a gas station I seen 777 recentally which freaked me I glance up at clock an see 11 mixed with 33 and still 333 now for second time jus trying to make sense of the drastic diff between meanings of them all showing up so closely together.

  4. I dramp that the alarm clock was going off. i can’t remember if there was a time but i do feel i’m going to have a life changing experience is this only a matter of time? I feel i’m leaving and going on a journey, but not sure where and how i’ll live is this determined or is it me to deside. is time running out?

  5. Hi amber,
    I have been seeing number 11 each time i see the clock too. it is 7:11, 3:11,9:11 and any other number assossiated with 11. I dont know what it means. i found your situation similar to mine. Am just wondering what happened to you.

    Hope it is all good luck.

  6. Everyday, twice a day for the past 5yrs I look at the clock at the same time.12:17. No matter where I am, or what I’m doing. I have an idea what it represents… I just don’t knw why. Its driving me crazy!

    Thank, lucy marie

  7. Every time I look @ the alarm,stove,microwave I see 11:11 or 1:11.It just happens! I din’t think much about it but finally I was telling my sister.That’s when I realized!wow what does it mean?Its been going on for a while!

  8. I always look at the clock at either 7:47 or 7:48…in fact the clock on my phone is now stuck on the number 7:48.

  9. Every day at the same time I look at the cellphone,alarm,stove,microwave or car radio or anywhere else. I see 11:11 am or 11.11 pm.
    I am not sure why i see this everyday.I am sure it has something to do with my life.
    Please answer me.

  10. I was laid off work in Nov, 2010 from a job that I hated with passion! since then I suddenly have this extreme desire to go west, The Tetons to be specific. Every time I meditate or ask for guidence, some TV show will come up with a show on The Tetons or Wy.. or a billboard or an email; all points to Wyoming. My friend’s daughter 25, also told me out of the blue she is feeling the call to go there, Tetons or Yellowstone… anybody else out there with the same call?? just curious.


  11. In regards to the repeating numbers, this begin for me about 5 years ago and at the beginning were pairs such as 11-33- and so, later to be 333-222-111 .. not coincidence at all! Try Doreen Virtue’s book “Angel numbers 101” and she also have several other books on numbers, all very helpful to me,like reading a map! right on target every time!
    I hope it helps.

  12. I have bought 4 wall clocks in the past 2 months. None of them will keep time. They all go too fast and burn the battery out within a day or so. I’ve tried 4 different brands of clocks and always put new batteries in. I’ve replaced a lot of wall clocks in my life but replacing my clock every 2 weeks is is getting to be too much for me. My last 2 clocks only lasted a day before they quit working or got stuck on a number but kept trying to tick. The one before this last one got stuck at 3:37. When I replaced the batteries it worked for a day and again got stuck at 3:37. Now my newest clock is stuck at 9:07. It has not worked for 24 hours and now it has started to tick again but the second hand just ticks in place. I reset this clock 3 times in 3 hours because it had skipped ahead by at least an hour and replaced the batteries twice! I am wondering what is going on spiritually with me and my clocks. Is there something I need to know because I am not getting the message.

    Thanks for your help. Shantae

  13. Ok… weird, coincidence, whatever it is, Atleast once a day I see on the clock, 2:22. This has been happening for atleast 2 or 3 years, I have done some slight research into the numbers and my own experiences and I do not see a direct link. But whether it be AM or PM, I see 2:22 on the clock every day or night. I never see a minute before or two, and sit and watch. The second I look it is always at 2:22.

  14. every day i look at the clock at 12:26 either am or pm idk wat it meanz but it happens all the time.. its my moms birthday but does that mean anything? idk i really wanna know what it means? help!

  15. Mine is ,either 12 o clock,1 o’clock,2oclock,I mean all the oclocks please what is this telling me .

  16. okay, soo my birthday is october 19. my ex boyfriend told me every time he looks at the clock, its either 10:19am or 10:19pm. ever since he told me that, i catch myself looking at the clock at its that exact time. is it just me or is that a bit scary, or freakishly odd? /:

  17. I have kept seeing the number 542 for a year now. I”l look at the clock or hop in my car or receive a phone call/ text message and see that it’s 5:42. My life has slowly gone downhill in the past year and I am starting to wonder if seeing this number means anything.

  18. I always happen to see the clock on the hour. It’s been this way well over a year. Not sure wtf but it freaks me out. I need to stop looking at the clock.

  19. Oh yeah forgot to mention my life this past year has totally kept going further and further down the crapper. I wonder if there is any connection with this freaky on the hour clock thing but think well if it’s all going to shit but I still believe I’m on the right path connection or not.

  20. Sir I have been seeing the time like 21:21,11:11,06:06,09:09,08:08,07:07,13:13 etc.Its happening daily 4 to 5 times each in a day from past six months.M ay I know what does it mean.Anyone help me

  21. I keep on seeing the number 666 l know its the number of the beast so were told it is a mystery number what if its actually a good number many people have tried to work it out but to no avail. I work with alot of machinery and computers the number all ways pops up here and there or in dreams l recently lost my bank card and applied for a new one when my card arrived in the post l opened it and sort of freaked out the card didnt have the 666 what it did have was 999 and to me it seems the same ??? If anyone out there can tell me what 666 means to them or have the own interpretation of this mystery number or would like to work with me to unveil the truth of this number please drop me a line.


  22. For some time now every time I look at the clock it’s 13 minutes after the hour, doesn’t matter what the hour is i always catch it at 13 minutes after as well as seeing 13 on other things like license plates, tv etc. please explain to me what it means.

  23. I always keep seeing 16:20 which is like 4:20 evening hours. And I’m clueless as to what it means?

  24. I am a bit worried because I’m always catching the number 9:11, the reason I’m so worried is because when I was born I weighed 9 pounds and 11 ounces. Something else that has worked me up more is that when I was researching a play today on wiki it was published in may 2003. The month and year I was born in. I am a very open minded person and accept new ideas so that’s why it’s sprung to my mind like why is this happening… in my gut I feel there’s something wrong and I’m trying to be contacted in a way
    Do you have any ideas?

  25. I see The Time Like 1:00 2:00…….12:00 ..If I’m Busy On something,My Mobile Automatically Opens Or My Hands Automatically Goes To The Mobile And Shows Me this Type Of Time..It Is Happening Since 1month..Plz tell me what type of Sign is this?

  26. poonam I also experince it like this from 1 month … me jab bhi clock dekhata hu tab … exact 1,2,3,5.00,6.00 aise hi time hua hota hai or me ab iske bare me kuch samjg gaya hu … I hope agar apko koi madat lage to muze whats app kijiye …. +919405043986 ya shayad muze apki jarurat pade …. ye me msg likh raha hu shayad iska bhi koi matlab ho reply plz

  27. poonam I also experince it like this from 1 month … me jab bhi clock dekhata hu tab … exact 1,2,3,5.00,6.00 aise hi time hua hota hai or me ab iske bare me kuch samjg gaya hu … I hope agar apko koi madat lage to muze whats app kijiye …. +919405043986 ya shayad muze apki jarurat pade …. ye me msg likh raha hu shayad iska bhi koi matlab ho reply plz

  28. @bianca I keep seeing 10:14 everyday at least twice a day I even took pics of yesterday and today’s time at 10:14 without even thinking about the time. It’s also my mom’s birthday. I think it’s from being a good hearted soul . Through all things we still love

  29. So for the past year, I’ve been seeing 11:08 on the clock twice a day on more days than not. 11 is my birth month and 08 is the day I was born on. So what does that mean? Also, I see 2:08 the same way and as much as I do 11:08. What’s the deal with these two sets of numbers? Thanks.

  30. K ,so here is the answer people ,once you’ve seen it twice it has activated your subconscious mind ,now you will see that time always unless you change your mind,I am a hypnotist
    It is a simple trick your mind is playing on you
    You have no cause for concern ,you are reading mysteries into it
    To explain the unexplained

  31. Wow, thanks. Good to know it’s a mind trick. But how do my mind know that it’s about to be 1.00pm, 2.00pm. 3.00 pm so on? And why do I look at my phone at that exact time?

  32. plzzz tell me what is the meaning of 13:13 and same hour and minuits i mostly seen the no 13:13..but i see the other same nos also…so pplz tell me the meaning of that..its good or bad sign??????

  33. Des and ashkay the same thing happens to me at least once a day sometimes up to 5 times a day. It’s been going on for years with me. I’ve been a lil freaked out by it. But it could like someone published in an earlier post angelic numbers or something. I believe this can’t be a coincidence. So angelic numbers gives me some peace to this.

  34. I see 10:16. I have seen this time for years. I could be asleep and wake up suddenly and look at the clock- BOOM 10:16. It is also my birthday, but I don’t see how that matters. My kids birthdays are 10:19 and 10:21 and neither of them see that time everyday. It’s so strange.

  35. Every day I look at the clock and I always see 9:11 or 11:42 and I don’t know why and it kinda recently has been bothering me, because I don’t know what it means.

  36. I have been seeing 8.20 both morning and night daily…..this is happening since 15 years…last year my son born at 8.20 !!! Till last year I taut its the answer for my sons birth Time. But it still continues…. Everybody sees watch to know time…I look at the watch to pray….

  37. I have been seeing 9:12 repeatedly more and more. In the mornings and evenings. It’s weird to me because it’s my birth month and day.

  38. Hello.
    When I was 12 year old since from that time when ever i looked at time it was like 38. Like ex: 02:38 6:38 03:08 like when ever i would see the time for me there was 38 common.
    Now it’s like around 9 years since it was started. But still i see that 38 number whenever i see the watch. For me it was the amazing experience. So i taught that 38 is my lucky number. So i accepted that number in my life. Like i kept it in password in my email. In college jersey my number is 38.
    I don’t know what this number wants to explain me. If any one has the correct meaning plz reply for me.

  39. I always look at the clock or my phone and the time is always 3:17 no matter what i’m doing at the time and i click on my phone or where i am and i look at the time, it’s always 3:17. i feel like this might have something to do with my future in life but i have no idea. my birthday is 3/17 (march 17th) so maybe there is a message trying to be sent to me from someone or something.

    I’m curious to know… it’s always on my mind.

    Please help me find out

  40. I always see 12:00 whenever I see the time. I m freaking out by this.. no matter what, I always try to avoid this but unfortunately I have to see it.. be it in a day or night..even when I try to avoid to see the time in my clock or wrist or my mobile but I don’t know how i see it I other clock or watch or phone.. what does it signifies???

  41. I keep seeing the number on the clock like ?:41… it could be anything by the hour but the minute is always :41 mostly, I see 9:41 am or pm, but it just happens so often and it’s just not a coinicidence and it’s getting so annoying and I’m actually getting freaked out by it.

  42. For the last couple of years everyday I see the time on any clock 9:11 or 12:11 the minut s are always 11 I don’t get it not sure what it means

  43. I always look at the clock on the hour. Only when I want to check the time on my phone it always seems to be on the hour. Even when using my phone, if I decide to just check the time it’s always on the hour. I don’t know what this means. Please help me to know

  44. Hi my name is Rahma
    I think it started this year (2018) when i started to see 59 ex: 2:59, 3:59 and so on. First i was impressed cuz i saw it twice i think on a day or two. Then i started tos ee it more often and i told my freinds after i told i started to even se in school when i had my computer and watching yt with a little screen(u can see the clock down to right)
    My freind was like this is some eluminate shiett and we laughed
    ok, except for me seeing that 59 couple times a day has started to become more…it started with one time on a dya but now i see 4 or even 5 times a day….Even if i see ex: 10:58 and i kno its 1min left i look away and try not to look but my eyes just attach and pulls to it or something.
    I read an article today about i and it said it was an angelic number and it also said that if u answer quistions it answers and thats when i thought of when i watch soccer games or any kind of which one is right I get right most of teh times…like if i say this team will win with 2 scores and it actually does…I also told my freind and she is impressed and she also said go talk to somone who knws about this and i was like no i dont have to but now when i read all these coments and others I now want to know more about it…If anyone has experience the same plzzz contact me…[email protected] or DM me on: babyguurl.r

  45. I’m always finding myself looking at the time 59 minutes to the hour of any number .. I’m still trying to figure out what it is, maybe pay more attention to whatever it is ..

  46. I’ve been seeing the time 3:08 a little bit before I turned 14 years old. 3/08 is my birthday and when it first began I wondered why I would see that time so frequently. On the day of my 14th birthday (3/08) I had my first kiss and since then I started to believe that seeing the time 3:08 was a sign of something was going to happen on my birthday. It has gotten so frequent over the years but nothing seems to happen on my birthday every year so I’m not sure why else I randomly see this time. Some would say because my brain has developed the habit of seeing it but I highly doubt it. I have this weird “gift” of things coming out to be true when I FEEL or KNOW like they’re about to happen. I’m not sure if my “gift” and the time has to do with anything?

  47. I’ve been seeing o’clock (1.00 11.00 12.00 all the numbers) on watches, Phone and wall clocks 4 – 5 times a day 7 days a week for about 7 years, what’s the go

  48. I too have been repeatedly, up to 7 times a day looked at a clock, any one of many clocks in my home and whether or not it is exactly correct it will be exactly on the hour. It seems to have started quite suddenly a few months ago and has continued ever since. I am disabled and at home most of the time and being that I don’t really need to look at the clock necessarily often, in that I don’t need to be at work or much else on exactly an exact time, I find it even more noticeable. :00, :00, :00. ???????

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