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Shamanism and Alternative Healing for Pets

alternative healing for pets

Exploring Alternative Healing for Pets from a Shamanic Perspective

Most of us who have pets, are devoted to our animals.  We are not pet owners.  Rather, we are family, providers and friends to the animals who participate in our lives.

Because we feel so deeply about our animal family, many of us are seeking unique ways to help them.  Although shamanism is ancient, it can prove to be an innovative method to alternative healing for pets.

Please note, this article on alternative healing for pets using shamanic philosophies is only suggestive.  Seek professional medical advice if necessary.

There are various opinions about what shamanism is.  Simplified, shamanism is a state of being that recognizes the core and primal spirit in all life.  Shamanism is an instinctive form of practice and thought.  Animism (acknowledgment of a spirit in all things alive) is the prime tenet of a shaman’s spiritual practice and path.

That said, shamanism can be a perfect complement to alternative healing for pets because it is rooted in animalistic wisdom.

So how can shamanism help heal your pet?

It’s decidedly simple.  When called to practice, shamans pick up a single energetic thread of life – the main thread – and follow this thread to its origin.  They understand that there is a core animalistic thread.  Once that core thread is identified, it can be communicated with and healing can begin.

For example, a core thread for domestic dogs is the lineage of the noble wolf.  Shamanism affirms this original energetic bloodline within domestic dogs and communicates with the wolf on the dog’s behalf.

Bearing this in mind, you can serve as a shaman to your pet.  Here are some suggestions for incorporating shamanism as an alternative healing for pets.

  • If your pet is not feeling well, you can take the active role of shaman and perform a shamanic healing on your animal family member.
  • Be in a comfortable environment with your pet.  Have one or two of his/her favorite items (like a chew toy, blanket).  This enhances the sense of comfort and ease.
  • Speak your intent clearly and express gratitude.  A verbal or mental statement such as “We are all connected, and I am one with (my pet’s name here). Healing is activated in this circle of energy, and we are grateful for the work that is done.”
  • Touch your pet lovingly.  As you do so, move your awareness into a deeper, meditative state.  Begin to calm yourself as you continue to calm and stroke your pet. With each stroke, move your mind and spirit to a deeper level of consciousness.  Both you and your pet are diving into sacred shamanic energies.
  • When you feel yourself submerged in a calm yet powerful energetic field, begin to focus your awareness on your pet – but do not see him/her as ill.  Rather, see your pet as complete, whole and healthy.  Part of shaman magic comes from seeing potentials (not what you see in front of you) so see vitality in your dog (even if he/she is sick).
  • Now focus on the prime animal bloodline (that core thread of life) of your pet.  Tap into the root, or the original family line.  This is where the power lies.  In domestic animals this power lays dormant, but it can be summoned and activated to facilitate healing.Here are some suggestions for ancient bloodlines connected to domestic pets:
    –Dog = Wolf, Fox
    –Cat = Lion, Tiger, Puma, etc.
    –Bird = Eagle, Owl, Hawk
    –Fish = Shark, Sturgeon
    –Snake = Cobra, Kundalini
    –Lizards = Dragons

    You may tap into different prime lineage.  That’s okay.  Go with what compels you – that’s what shamans do.

  • Once you identify your pet’s original power line, focus on this energy and begin to communicate with this primal, indwelling spirit.
  • Activate this primal power surging through your pet.  See it running through the veins of your pet as waves of ancient healing, helping and strong ancestral love for your animal.
  • Continue working with these ancient animal energies – see the energies co-mingling.  Respect and participate in the energetic mix.
  • When you feel a dip in the intensity of this excursive, it is a natural cue to begin to wrap up your work.
  • Thank all the energies and spirits who came to help and connect.  Begin to pull back into your every-day consciousness.
  • Stroke your pet, and speak lovingly to him/her.  Explain to your pet what just took place (he/she already knows – but it helps to galvanize the experience for  both you and your pet).
  • These practices are intense.  Spend the next hour or so just calmly relaxing with your pet.  Indulge your pet with your undivided attention and love – this adds to the effectiveness of healing.

It’s important to be open-minded when you are practice this alternative healing for pets.  Let the shamanic ways move you.  Stay in a creative state as you work with these shamanic and animal realms.

For example, if you are working with your dog, and recognize Wolf energy, see that energy emerging from your dog.  See wolf spirit come alive in your dog, making him/her more active, alive and full of wild vitality.  See other wolves coming in packs to connect with your dog, and assure him/her healing is available within the energetic wolf tribe.

There is no limit to the potential power inherent in alternative healing for pets using shamanic methods.  Give it a try, and see for yourself.  Odds are, not only your pet will receive a healing – so will you!

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Healing at the Heart of Niagara – Native American Peace Event

Healing at the Heart of Niagara Event, Goat Island, Niagara Falls, NY
Healing at the Heart of Niagara Event, Goat Island, Niagara Falls, NY

Since interviewing Native Algonquin, Mike Bastine, I’ve come into contact with some incredible folks.  Jill Morris, board member of Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe ( is one such incredible person.  She and others are organizing an amazing event featuring local Native American culture and history at Niagara Falls State Park, Goat Island, Niagara Falls, NY.

I’ll be there, and if you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there too.

Here are some of the many events taking place that weekend:

  • Native American music and dancing
  • Native arts and crafts vendors
  • Drumming
  • Local Native lore and legends
  • Native crafting for the kiddo’s
  • Healing arts
  • Sustainable living presentations

There will also be devotional ceremonies to promote healing and peace for our global community and the Mother (Earth).  A hand-holding ceremony for Global Peace will take place at 11:11 am on Sunday the 17th.

The whole event kicks off Saturday, June 16th, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.  The event resumes on Sunday, June 17th, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Everyone is welcome, and I hope to see you there!

Healing at the Heart of Niagara
Niagara Falls State Park – Goat Island – Niagara Falls, NY 14303
June 16th & 17th, 2012
Saturday & Sunday 10 am – 6pm

For more information, contact Jill Morris at 716-480-4418, or email her at jmtmorris{at}

The event is sponsored by the Neto Hatinakwe Onkwehowe,  Sponsorship and donations for the event are still being accepted (and highly appreciated).  Offerings go directly to Neto. Visit their website, or contact Allan Jamieson, Director at 716-603-4546.

Neto is still accepting enrollment applications for vendors, so if you have keen stuff to share/sell, contact Jill Morris  for a vendor registration form.  Advertising is also available in the event program, so if you have a service or a business you’d like to promote, contact Jill for that too.

I hope you can offer your support and participation for this worthy Native event focused on global peace.  See you there!

Animal Messages: The Good News

Animal Messages - It's All Good

In one capacity or another, I’ve been dipping into animal consciousness and interpreting symbolic messages they contribute to the greater/global consciousness.

An email I got from a reader of my main website (whats-your-sign), asked a great question:

Hi Avia, I love your work and reading your animal insights have really helped me on my life’s journey.  A few years ago I was having a terrible spell of bad circumstances.  The Owl kept visiting me, and I was convinced it was a bad omen.  Do you remember me emailing you about this several years back?  You responded with a link to an article you wrote about symbolic Owl meanings, and it helped.  It also made me explore more of your animal interpretations, and I noticed something.  All your interpretations are positive.  It seems there is nothing but good news coming from our birds, fish and mammals from your perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a criticism, but even your ideals about Snakes and Spiders (critters who aren’t my favorites, lol) are positive and uplifting.  Can you tell me why is it all good news?  Don’t animal messages sometimes include negativity, or at least a warning of bad things to come?  Thanks for your work.

Beth makes a good point.

I look at animal consciousness as an extension of the Unified consciousness (call it the God, the Goddess, Christ consciousness – by any name,  it’s that omnipresent, pervasive, supportive intelligence unifying all energy).  I mention on many occasions that the creatures of our planet are (mostly) clarified energy – they don’t have the weirdies of mentality like humans often exhibit.  Because our creatures are clarified, they’re a pure channel for Unified consciousness.

So, when I dive in for data about animal messages, animal meanings, etc., it just makes sense the information retrieved will be a bright reflection of the Unified field – supportive, buoying, brilliant.  In short, the Natural Realm lives closer to, and indeed, is one with God.  Naturally, their communications will reflect that relationship.

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Why Symbolism?

Why Symbolism - AviaVenefica
Why Symbolism?

You wouldn’t believe the amount of correspondence I get (criminy, I can’t even believe it sometimes).   

Some correspondence forces me to question why I persist in writing/speaking about symbolism. 

Not for approval.  If anything, some of my views and methods have cast me in unfavorable light.  Not everybody digs where I come from, and that’s cool.

Not for wealth.  Get real.  Income-focused mentality involves tactics of compromise (something I totally suck at).

Not for grandeur or status.  What a joke.  None of us rank higher or lower in the process of living.   This kind of subjectivity reinforces the absurdity of status.

So what is it?  What is it about symbolism that keeps me writing and returning time and time again?

Symbolism expands reality to accept initiations of enchantment within the theatres of our lives.

I’m talking silver linings here.  Promise. 

At the very least, looking out with a goal to seek symbolic relevance reconnects hope in some otherwise dismal settings.  Wielded rightly, symbolism is a tool for prying loose human potential.  The very same human potential that is commonly barricaded and immobilized due to mistruths, judgements and attempts at collective socialization.    

Even when the landscape seems utterly bleak, there are supple symbolic subtleties that can be plucked from a barren land. 


  • An arc of sunlight – warm gold – Apollonian energy in a beam.
  • A slice of moonlight – soft and liquid – making the unknowable an artform.
  • Finch footprints – leaving sacred hashmarks – an avian code.
  • Reading bark braille – tracing arboreal lineage in a tactile way.
  • Numerological scaffolding – rhythmic, chronological, ancient ordering evident in everything.
  • Ancestral traditions that peel off biased varnishes painted on by modern slickery and convoluted consciousness.

Symbolism shifts perspective.  It’s an axpick chipping away the hardened topcrust of perception. 

Symbolism cracks the casing of ordinary and opens vision to extraordinary vistas.

It offers potential and magic.   It begs us to move beyond.

And that’s why I keep writing about it.

Anticipation: Astrological Chart Reading

An offer was extended by Jennifer L. Shelton of FemCentral for an astrology chart reading (Jennifer was gracious in featuring on her FemCentral blog).

I love astrology, but not for conventional reasons.  I’ve had my chart read by Robert Phoenix, and my Human Design interpreted by Kim Gould.  Each experience plied mortar between a few bricks in my psyche.  Excellent forays into astrological realms, on both accounts.

I read someplace that each human soul has a counterpart in the stars.  Meaning, there is a stellar-doppelganger of ourselves– only in the form of a celestial body – a star.  I can’t remember where I read that, but I thought it was very cool.  It galvanized my theory that we are first and foremost: Universal.  And, it just makes good sense to tap into that starlight-starbright perspective  by any (healthy) means necessary.

Meditation launches me out there in the dark matter.  So do a few other tricks up my soul-seeking sleeve.  Astrology is another trip to the stars – another vehicle for “lift off.”

So, it’s in this spirit of light-tripping that I look forward to some astrological wisdom from Jennifer.  I’ll let you know more (and probably write up a review of her services so you can benefit from her insights too).

Name Dropping. Magical Peeps Part II

"Trust" By: Ma Deva Padma
"Trust" By: Ma Deva Padma

Earlier in the year I shared a few names of peeps who totally inspire me, and may inspire you too.

This is part deux of the same idea, only these magical peeps are of artful ilk.  Whatever medium, each one of these fabulous souls has touched me deeply. 

What’s more, when I’m stuck in some kind of muck (writers block, emotional rust, barricaded perceptions)…I tip-toe through these artists websites.  Doing so gives me the leverage I need to get unstuck, readjust and swim along as life intended.

I trust you will find equal inspiration from their conveyances.  Check back, as I’ll likely be adding more as time moves on.

In no order:

Donna L. Faber: My friend and soul-sista, Donna’s art has a way of quaking me down to  my oogedy-boogedy shoes.  I own several of her pieces; they hang in my studio office and I can tell you they pack a powerful whallop of creative energy.  See Donna’s work at: (be sure to check out her feminine art  – totally bonzer).

Chiara Fersini: As a writer, it’s frustrating to be wholly struck by various imagery & artful symbolism and not adequately express in word what’s going on in the soul.  That’s what happens when I gaze upon Chiara’s (aka Himitsuhana) art.  Her imagery constantly rips me in half because I am both spellbound, yet unable to describe the sensations set before me.  I can live with that.  Check her out on Flickr: 

Göran Jönsson:  My friend Göran has an old soul, and I’m convinced he’s a descendant of Thor if not Hephaestus.  He takes the cold hard reality of silver and precious metals and molds them into meaningful poetry.  Sleek, simple and packed with symbolism, his sculpted jewelry proffers understated elegance too.  I own one of his pieces and find my demeanor instantly shifted upon donning it.  You can appreciate his work on his website:

Susan Morrison Sims:  Have you ever swirled your finger on the surface of reflective waters?  Peering in, everything in the waters is cast back – but the images are all twirly and dreamy-like.  That’s where Susan (aka: Gypsy-Heart) takes me with her art.  She moves me right out of myself and into various parallels where I can heal, dream and wander.  Let her take you on a trip too:

Norn Cutson: I encountered Norn through Donna Faber, and so thankful for the connection.  His illustrations of classic albums are melodic and utterly macdaddy.  His art takes me on a spin cycle, and never leaves me out to dry.  Crisp, clean, bright and voluptuously vintage. Check out Norn’s goodness here:

James Sutherland: My thoughts lash out in millions of directions, James’ art has the ability to filter my scattered bits into focus.  I love his use of candy-Skittle-colors, they make my corpuscles go “pop” (a very good thing).  His symbolic view is fully refreshing.  When I go off into endless rabbit trails of symbolism looking for a fitting burrow, I find James’ art grounds and centers me.  His expressions are “just right” and comforting.  Be comforted yourself:

L. Caruana:  His rendition of Kali seized me.  So much so, I got it tattooed on my stomach.  I love Caruana’s approach to visual conveyance.  Deeply symbolic, mystical and multi-layered.  Very intense too.  Check out his vibe:

Robert Mendoza:  Some people you just know, @ first sight, they are total super-freaky-keen.  The minute I saw the Magnificent Mr. Mendoza’s work I was electrified.  Be enchanted:

Commandax:  Not one single artist, but a blog devoted to a collection of artists, interviews and images of their work.  I don’t know Commandax, but I love her taste in art.  Not one feature on her blog, Erratic Phenomena , has led to disappointment.  On the contrary, her showcases are illuminating, her views perceptive and her posts enlightening.  See for yourself:

Other artists who rock my world in one way or another…

Keep coming back, I’ll have more to add.

Other soulful kin who inspire me  (part one of this “name dropping” series).