12 Comments on “January Wolf Moon Symbolism”

  1. I loved every word! Thank you for this interesting and insightful revelation!

    I love full moons as well as wolves and have a wolf as spirit animal, a black one that can often be seen with me by psychics.

  2. How strange. I am a Capricorn and wolves have always been a talisman. Their kin, my companions, as shepherds have been my absolute preference. My 11 year old fur girl is lying near by as I type this. My birthday was the 11th and the wolf moon was waxing full. For the last few nights it has shone brightly through my windows. In the early morning hours of the 11th we had a severe nor’easter wind that cut off electric power, yet I was able to see in the dark due to the light of my wolf moon. I found candles and flashlights because I had moonlight streaming in to guide me. What is so peculiar to me is that I just saw a post of that most beautiful moon arising over our island and they called it the “wolf moon.” I had never heard that term before and my curiosity lead me to this site. It would appear that even though I did not call “wolf moon” by her name she was always calling to me: through my fur friends, the photos and pictures on my walls, the books on my shelves, the imprints on my checkbook and the commitment in my heart to defend their rights to live and thrive here because they preceded us and they deserve our supreme respect and ultimate protection.
    We must learn balance or perish. Regardless the moon will shine in all her splendor and by all her names. I am happy “Wolf Moon” is my birth moon and my moonstone jewelry will now become my Wolf Moonstone. It will remind me that fierceness and beauty, power and commitment, freedom and pack, intellect and instinct are interwoven.

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