Animal Messages: The Good News

Animal Messages - It's All Good

In one capacity or another, I’ve been dipping into animal consciousness and interpreting symbolic messages they contribute to the greater/global consciousness.

An email I got from a reader of my main website (whats-your-sign), asked a great question:

Hi Avia, I love your work and reading your animal insights have really helped me on my life’s journey.  A few years ago I was having a terrible spell of bad circumstances.  The Owl kept visiting me, and I was convinced it was a bad omen.  Do you remember me emailing you about this several years back?  You responded with a link to an article you wrote about symbolic Owl meanings, and it helped.  It also made me explore more of your animal interpretations, and I noticed something.  All your interpretations are positive.  It seems there is nothing but good news coming from our birds, fish and mammals from your perspective.  Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a criticism, but even your ideals about Snakes and Spiders (critters who aren’t my favorites, lol) are positive and uplifting.  Can you tell me why is it all good news?  Don’t animal messages sometimes include negativity, or at least a warning of bad things to come?  Thanks for your work.

Beth makes a good point.

I look at animal consciousness as an extension of the Unified consciousness (call it the God, the Goddess, Christ consciousness – by any name,  it’s that omnipresent, pervasive, supportive intelligence unifying all energy).  I mention on many occasions that the creatures of our planet are (mostly) clarified energy – they don’t have the weirdies of mentality like humans often exhibit.  Because our creatures are clarified, they’re a pure channel for Unified consciousness.

So, when I dive in for data about animal messages, animal meanings, etc., it just makes sense the information retrieved will be a bright reflection of the Unified field – supportive, buoying, brilliant.  In short, the Natural Realm lives closer to, and indeed, is one with God.  Naturally, their communications will reflect that relationship.

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7 Comments on “Animal Messages: The Good News”

  1. I love your website! I have long believed that in one way or another animals have been communicating with me.My spirit animal is the wolf, and I am very interested in the Native American spirituality. Thank you for all your pages and the ability to learn from them.All the best.

  2. I don’t understand how an animal could be negative. Especially if it’s just because a person dislikes that animal. I dislike tomatoes, does that make them bad? 😉 Signs from animal spirits can surely only take on the highest meaning, but I wonder if the individual’s bias against an animal would have some significance to the message, too? Say, a spider coming to you to give a message, but it is tinted with your fear of spiders, and that is just another layer to the message: you are afraid of the knowledge you need to receive. It certainly gives me a lot to think about.

    Many people are afraid of bats, so I have had more than a few funny looks when explaining that Bat is my totem animal. 😀

    Keep up the amazing work, Avia, and a very blessed Samhain to you (while I celebrate Beltaine in Australia!).


  3. You always make me think about things in a whole new light… I’m glad I have had time to read your blog, you are constantly taking me somewhere new!

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