2 Comments on “Mistletoe Symbolism”

  1. Hi, Avia … what a lovely story! All the elements of familial drama and angst wrapped into a tidy package just in time for the holidays. Also illustrates the power of true love over even death. I find it curious that in her endeavors to thwart the possible future she prophesized, Freyja actually brought what she feared most into manifestation. And then in the end, it was the sincerity of her grief that prompted the elementals to grant her son life once again. Goes to show you that perhaps if she’d just gone with the flow to begin with, maybe everything would’ve been okay. Or at least a lot less exhausting!!

    Best wishes and loads of love for a wonderful holiday!


  2. Donna, I always love your take & so grateful for you Views. Yeah, I agree….our poison is often our liberation. Thanks for being you, and TONS of love to you & yours this holiday season! xo

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