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Life is Symbolic. Start Interpreting.

Symbolic Oracles are Everywhere
Symbolic Oracles are Everywhere

Nestled in soft pockets of awareness, there are messages waiting to unfold themselves to us, cosmic messages intended for our eyes only, and in James Bond ‘double-oh-seven’ style, with cryptic innuendo and a bit of humorous cheek, we are left to ponder the symbolic implications of oracles glittering on our path.

This human life is all espionage and safari, and I contend the hunt begins at the front door of our own consciousness. We all seek meaning, we all seek value, we all seek to lift the veil of the mundane that tends to cloak the brilliance awaiting us in this life.

To be sure, there is a remarkable quality of life available to each of us, and in my experience that extraordinary quality reveals itself via the endlessly versatile language of symbolism.

We all know this language, and we owe it to ourselves to interpret deeper symbolism in all its delightfully unusual dialects and cosmic contexts.

Symbolism is a language spoken from the Unified field, and its speech is variable, multi-tongued and infinite in manifestation. Interpreting signs, symbols and all manner of natural oracles is akin to tapping into limitless potential as well as establishing an experience with the Mystical.

Our lives are replete with multi-layered meanings, and that means big juju for all of us.

It means there is magic inherent in every moment of our lives. This magic dispels the ennui that sometimes clings to the human experience. Interpreting personal symbolism rekindles the conviction that we are all light-infused, special and valuable.

Regardless if we may be beset with grief, boredom or rage, we have the power to open just a few cracks of unique contemplation and view the moments of our lives as symbolic messages – these messages offer validation about our connection to something grandiose, something utterly unified in its ability to support and encourage our well-being.

Life is symbolic. Start interpreting.

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Symbolic Meditation

Meditation is Symbolic Too
Meditation is Symbolic Too

Meditation is symbolic too. I’m not just talking about the journeys and impressions received during meta states. I’m talking about the act of meditation as a symbolic event.


Because meditation is an engagement with the aspects of ourselves that dance with powerful intagibles of higher experience.

The act of meditating is a signal to our expansive selves that says: “Oy! It’s ok to play now! Let’s party in the dreamtime! Let’s fly! Let’s create! Let’s experience everything without restriction!”

As a practice, meditation is symbolic of:

  • Commitment
  • Devotion
  • Awareness
  • Connection
  • Liberation
  • Focus
  • Freedom
  • Unconventionalism

Do you meditate?  What does the act of meditation symbolize for you?

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Responsibility and Symbolic Interpretations

Personal Views on the Responsibility of Symbolic Interpretations
Personal Views on the Responsibility of Symbolic Interpretations

I’ve been offering perspectives into deeper symbolism for years.  Understandably, I’m constantly called upon to provide symbolic interpretations and personal consultations.  Although I do answer as many emails as I can (mostly referring inquirers back to the 1000+ online pages I’ve already written) about varying forms of symbolism…I feel a nagging discomfort with it.

This baffles a lot of my friends and colleagues.  They ask: “Why don’t you offer a symbolic consultation service?  You could help so many people.  You could make a great income and profession from it!”

That’s true.  Except…I have major moral conflicts about a) charging for interpretations and b) having the weight of this responsibility on my shoulders.

In a previous life (this life, but seemingly so long ago it feels like a different life), I served in the medical field.  At that time, I was a witness to new lives being born.  Conversely, I was witness to lives transitioning into so-called “death” too.  Each moment in my medical career proved overwhelmingly crucial and stood as a reminder of the responsibility involved with the process of healing the human condition – physical and spiritual.  I know those of you in the healing profession can relate 100%.

Some may argue that offering symbolic interpretations is not a life-or-death business.  I dunno about that.  I’m not so sure human energy differentiates between physical and non-physical.  We’re all an amalgamation of varying forces, entangled and interconnected

Perhaps one day I’ll evolve into a state of being that allows me to offer personalized readings, but for now my perspective is deeply planted in the contrary. 


Because I’m not convinced it’s my responsibility to tell folks what a symbolic phenomenon means to them, or what kind of message it holds.  I always figured this is the responsibility of the one encountering the phenomenon…not me. 

So, I continue to offer personal observations online about symbolic meanings.  But these are only my perspectives. 

The real key to lasting soul-evolution is deciphering symbolism for ourselves – to our own personal satisfaction.  Of course, there are situations in which an outside view is required.  But the majority of the work in understanding ourselves, our lives, our collective consciousness is up to each of us.  That’s why I’m forever touting the value of personal responsibility in interpreting symbolic events.

Furthermore, our awareness would not be drawn to a symbolic event if we ourselves were not equipped to interpret it.  It may take an investment in time, meditation, awareness, focus, research, patience, etc., etc….but I’m resolute in the knowing that every symbolic episode is unique to each of us.  Likewise, the meanings are unique and therefore the interpretations require personal reflection first and foremost.

Trust in the process.  Trust in your own ability to make sense of the deeper meanings that are inherent to life.  That’s what living  a symbolic life is all about. 

Be determined in mining for meanings in your own inner caverns of knowing.  You will reap gold eventually, and that’s a promise.

Seeds as a Symbol of Consciousness

Seeds - A Symbol of Consciousness?
Seeds – A Symbol of Consciousness?

Last night, in the dreamtime, symbolic seeds were sown into the meaty furrows of my brain.  Their manifested identities known only to my deeper consciousness.  It was a fabulous sensation.  The grey matter of my mind seemed willing, pliable and moistly awaiting the first touch of root to mental-membrane.

A good dream. An oracle of potential growth.  A sign of depositing new ideas into old rows with the hope and promise of a bumper crop of…of what?  Creativity?  Productivity? New kinds of nourishment?  Food for a hungry mind?  New neuro-network patterns?

Who knows.  Dream-walking advances at a far different pace than common ambulation.  That means, I’ll have to walk calmly between multiple time-lines to see the cycles of growth these dream seeds represent.

But in the meantime, while I’m weeding, feeding and cerebrating over these dream seeds, I thought I’d sow a few symbolic thoughts on seeds as a symbol of consciousness.

Traditional symbolic meaning of seeds include:

  • Potential
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Nourishment
  • Sacred
  • Earthiness
  • Initiation
  • Reproduction
  • Cycles
  • Time
  • Provision

Several years ago, while dining with a colleague, he asked: “What’s the symbol for consciousness?”

In response, I pulled out a pen and drew a single dot on a paper cocktail napkin.

“That’s it?” He asked.

“Yep, that’s it.” I said, “The dot represents a single point of awareness.  It is, essentially, a seed.  It is the point of pure potential.  This present moment of focused consciousness gives no clue as to which side of the polarity it leans.  There is no gender, no higher or lower, no light or dark.  It simply is.”

My colleague protested: “But isn’t consciousness expansive?  Pervasive?  Everywhere at all times?  This dot, or seed suggests limitation, and that’s not how I see consciousness.”

I loved this observation, and after pausing a moment to let his implications sink in, I responded:

“Yes, I agree with your model of consciousness.  However, I chose this dot to represent a seed as a symbol of consciousness because it is the point of initiationAwareness must be initiated.  And the concept of initiation is inherent to the ancient symbolism of seeds.  So, it’s the idea of initiation…specifically, initiating the potential that is powerfully packed in a small unit (a dot, a seed) that I’m emphasizing here.”

I was reminded of this conversation when I woke from my seed dream.

Those crazy brain seeds!  That tiny dot drawn on a cocktail napkin.  A single unit of initial potential!

These images made me want to become that dot…to become a seed and

  • Auger a sense of stillness in the midst of daily bustling.
  • Be as a seed is: Patient, Potent, Packed with potential.
  • Be silent, rest in a damp darkness, suspended.
  • To “just know,” and own remarkable wisdom without the necessity to prove it.
  • Submerge in resolute assurance that transition, growth and ascension is inevitable.

Just thoughts.  Thanks for growing along with me..

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Skinning Life


Had she known from
the Beginning that
Life is like a

Turning and twisting
through the years of

Shedding its skin,
just as we all shed
extraneous layers….eventually.

Had she known
both Life and Serpent are
synonymously elusive,
equally cryptic.

Had she known all this,
she would not have been consumed
or constricted by the coils of Life.

But rather,
she would have
snatched the serpent firmly,

by the jaw –

twisted hard –

commenced skinning it with infinite care,

crafted a fine pair of
snakeskin boots…

And then gone square-dancing in them.

In memoriam for Miranda 11/11/72 – 5/03/10.
May your next life find you unconstricted and kicking up your heels.  ;)

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