Skinning Life


Had she known from
the Beginning that
Life is like a

Turning and twisting
through the years of

Shedding its skin,
just as we all shed
extraneous layers….eventually.

Had she known
both Life and Serpent are
synonymously elusive,
equally cryptic.

Had she known all this,
she would not have been consumed
or constricted by the coils of Life.

But rather,
she would have
snatched the serpent firmly,

by the jaw –

twisted hard –

commenced skinning it with infinite care,

crafted a fine pair of
snakeskin boots…

And then gone square-dancing in them.

In memoriam for Miranda 11/11/72 – 5/03/10.
May your next life find you unconstricted and kicking up your heels.  😉

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  1. Love this. Love you.

    Libérer l’âme tourmentée et renaître, se renouveler. Doux adieu, Miranda.

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