Hope for Odd Ducks and Square Pegs

Odd Ducks and Square Pegs Being different is OK


Once upon a time… I worked in accounting.  Can you imagine?  Crunching numbers all day (which, by the way, I’m a complete numerical dyslexic…not the best career choice, lol).

I also had a conventional family life…Prim, proper, law-abiding folks who expected the same from me.

I never broke any laws (well, not any that count, lol).  I kept my nose to the grindstone at my accounting job. I did wifely duties. Basically, I hid myself under the radar.

As a result, I always felt out of place.

NOW, my unique perspectives are viewed as assets – valuable ‘soul gifts’ proffered from a multitude of techni-colored resources.

But there was a time when my unorthodox brand of wisdom was a deficit. And when I started to buck ‘the system,’ I was branded as an outcast. I was disavowed. In other words…I was not treated very nicely for my uncommon views.

I remember feeling like my data banks of knowledge were unusable to the conventional world.  Totally irrelevant and useless. I felt my perspectives were not only unwanted, but I also felt kinda unloved.  I felt such an odd duck. It’s wasn’t very pretty.

Nevertheless, I plugged on and trudged through like  a ‘good girl’ should. I worked with some brilliant, analytical minds. I hobnobbed with professionals who had a wealth of applicable knowledge like accounting, business acumen, engineering, politics, industry, technology, finance, etc.  All that stuff that seemed to ‘matter.’

Yet, my innate understanding – the Soul Knowing that came so naturally – never fit, and never seemed applicable. Honestly, how does a shamanic understanding of Eagle medicine fit in with Monday morning management meetings? Not-so-much.

I remember feeling so frustrated, and thinking: “Why isn’t my perspective just as valid as a lawyers’? Or an accountant? Or my my own family!?”

Guess what!?!?  It is just as valid!! I know that now. But that realization was slow to come.

I finally copped a clue, and went ‘Bohemian’ (as I like to call it). I moved out of the business world and out of the Beaver Cleaver+Stepford wife scene.

It was painful. There were doubts….nail-biting ensued…then the rendering of garments, and of course the gnashing of teeth…all that drama, OY!

But it was totally worth it.

Over time, it was clear my ‘square peg’ mentality would never play nicely with ’round hole’ logic. I had to forge my own path by extending myself beyond the circles of conventional wisdom and into my own spiralesque thought-forms.

The rest remains history, as I consistently make choices to assert my unique voice and perspectives on my own terms.

[Side-note: as time moves forward, I’m finding unconventional thought is becoming vitally crucial in the evolution of humankind. It’s like a surreal table-turning, and it is very, very cool to observe.]

So, the next time you feel like the odd duck, try moving outside the pond you’re currently swimming in. It’s a vastly big world, and with 7+ billion people, you’re bound to connect with a group of like minds (conventional or otherwise).

Better yet…be the odd duck in the conventional pond. Embrace your uniqueness and strike a balance between common experience and extraordinary viewpoint. Demand a little bit of rocking the boat.  Some folks around you need to be put off kilter!

In retrospect, I would have been spared a lot of frustration had I learned to straddle both worlds by modifying mental fittings for square pegs and round holes. It can be done.  I didn’t know it then, but I see where I could have done better.  I still see how I can do better now.  I hope you can too.

Whether you choose to migrate into the realms of odd duckery or learn to adapt your uniqueness within the arena of orthodoxy…be sure you honor yourself in the process. Never discount your special stance. Never question how essential you are to this world.

No matter what kind of knowledge you have, to be sure – it is vital. It is valuable.

Why? Because your views are an expression of your matchless soul and superior brilliance.

For those of you suffering under the thumb of conventional concrete, I hope this helps a little.

Be you, and be smart about it.

Much love,

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