Symbols in Nature and Beyond

symbols in Nature

Basics About Understanding Symbols in Nature

All of Nature speaks a symbolic language. Exploring symbols in Nature like the Four Elements (fire, earth, air, water) is a great place to start for inspired interpretation of signs.

There is no limit to the symbolism found in Nature. Therefore, there is no limit to the higher knowledge, spiritual growth, and profound unfolding we can experience by recognizing the natural wonders all around us.

The cosmos is also a source of powerful symbols. For example, the sun is a prominent icon for the assertion, strength, and energy in countless cultures. Alternatively, the moon is a long-held symbol of passivity, transition, and intuition.

The sun and moon are deceptively simple. Many of us take them for granted. In reality, the sun and moon have influenced entire cultures. These luminaries have been the construct of many a cultural identity and served as anchors for powerful belief systems.

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Every star, planet, moon, etc features its own unique symbolic signature. Figuring out the meaning behind cosmic elements gives us the upper hand in understanding the universe in which we live. The planets, for example, have long been held to be mighty influencers upon human behavior.

Other evidence of gaining meaning from the cosmos can be seen in, zodiac signs. Astrology signs have been established from constellations (star groupings) we gaze upon every night. Greek astrology is the most familiar of star sign systems.   But in truth, every culture who has walked this earth has its own system of astrological wisdom. From the Chinese zodiac to Burmese, people have been looking to the stars for illumination about themselves and the world they live in.

But we don’t have to rocket into space to get profound symbolic meanings. Getting back to grassroots, literally, is often the best way to imbue meaning, and insight about the surrounding elements of our lives. Observing the deeper meaning of grass, bees, birds, trees, squirrels, water, seasons…these and other basic elements of Nature may seem simple, but that’s why they pack a powerful punch of meaning.  Sometimes it is the seemingly most unassuming, simple stuff that brings down the hammer of “WOW!” moments of clarity and meaning. 

Symbols in Nature
Understanding Symbols in Nature

Consider trees: Trees are powerful symbols of connection, growth, potential, life, transition, and flexibility. They stay deeply rooted while reaching for the stars. They adapt and expand, even in some of the harshest conditions. They show flexibility and resilience by adjusting to seasons and extreme weather conditions. Trees are sublime teachers for us, if only we take time to drink in their wisdom.

To be sure, when you are in need of the underlying meaning of anything, look to Nature.  Nature is the most phenomenal guide-book for understanding how life works. Mother Nature teaches us what to do in times of change, and shows us how to be flexible in the face of tremendous transition. When we are perplexed or confused, Nature can ground us and show us solutions to counteract the chaos we might feel in our lives.

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