Whale Totem Meaning and Messages

Whale Totem Meanings and Messages

The whale totem tells a tale of great connection and insight.There are some swimmingly good insights from the whale totem. If the whale is appearing in your life, there are reasons for its presence.  

Straight from the whale’s mouth to your heart….If the whale totem could speak to you directly, what would it say to you? Here are some ideas…

Direct communication from the whale incoming now!!!

“My dear humans, first off, please quit calling some members of our whale clan ‘killers’.  Let’s get one thing clear: Like all creatures on this earth, we kill for survival. Sometimes we kill to escape entrapment. But to be sure, we whales kill with a clear instinct to live.  I think that’s a crucial concept for humans to ponder. You humans kill too – for pretty much the same reasons we do.  Fact is, the whole universe is based on ‘alive’ and otherwise. Even stars live and die, killed by the progression of time.

How do I know this? Because me and my whale kin are highly skilled at sensory perception. We communicate in unique ways. We also receive communication in unique ways. We speak through song, and I think all of existence was created with song. It’s about resonance, harmony and cohesion. This makes me ask you: How do you communicate? How do you express your feelings to others? It’s worth thinking about.  Every living thing is capable of communicating with love, or with hate.  We whales encourage you to create a song that communicates acceptance, passion, understanding and love.

Speaking of song, my message to you would be incomplete if I didn’t mention our mode of transportation. Specifically, how we get around in this world.  We do it with song…err, well sonar (also known as echo-location).  My voice bounces off stuff in the sea, and helps me and my herd migrate effortlessly through the expansive waters we traverse.

So what’s this got to do with you? Well, in a way you can echo-locate your destination too.  Your method is just a little more internal.  I mean, you’re not going to find your car keys by bellowing out a high pitch noise. But what you CAN do is echo-locate with your mind. You can communicate with the universe, with your higher mind, with whatever that you connect with that is powerful and divine.  Doing this is a form of obtaining spiritual guidance. I guarantee you, there is higher energy out there, and it is not inert, or unfeeling. It cares about what you have to say. So speak! Sing!

You can also echo-locate to find your way to achieving your goals and dreams. Speak positively, and believe in your own voice. Sing your way to your desired outcome. This is just as vital as speaking to a higher spirit. Trust me, I know scads about communication. It is a marvelous gift all creatures have. You have an extraordinary advantage when you communicate with authority, unity, peace and expectation that your song will lead you where you want to be.


Your Friends,

The Whales”

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