Presenting Celtic Symbols at Women’s Retreat

I’m Giving a women’s winter retreat presentation next month for Gaia’s Womb. Won’t you join me?

A Winter Retreat for Women
March 2, 3, & 4th, 2012
DeKoven Center, Racine, WI

This presentation explores the importance symbols and markings in connection with ancient Celtic queens and goddesses. Findings and historical connections are based upon studies of Celtic anthropological research paired with Celtic legends as well as Celtic lore, folk tales and Avia’s own observations. Discussions will include relevance of symbols such as the triskelle, moon markings, agricultural symbolism, and highlighted Ogham properties. Special attention will be paid to goddesses such as Epona, Danu, Macha as well as Celtic warrior queens such as Boudicca and Cartimandua. We’ll look at how these powerful women are a reflection of this era of Celtic life (La Téne Iron Age) and how Her symbols still empower modern women today. The goal of this presentation is to tap into prime Celtic anima (feminine) energy via her symbols, step back in time and come back into the present with renewed understanding about the rich heritage of the goddess and global womanhood.

To learn more and register, visit the Gaia’s Womb website via this link: Gaia’s Womb Women’s Retreat

See you there!