Symbolic Meditation

Meditation is Symbolic Too
Meditation is Symbolic Too

Meditation is symbolic too. I’m not just talking about the journeys and impressions received during meta states. I’m talking about the act of meditation as a symbolic event.


Because meditation is an engagement with the aspects of ourselves that dance with powerful intagibles of higher experience.

The act of meditating is a signal to our expansive selves that says: “Oy! It’s ok to play now! Let’s party in the dreamtime! Let’s fly! Let’s create! Let’s experience everything without restriction!”

As a practice, meditation is symbolic of:

  • Commitment
  • Devotion
  • Awareness
  • Connection
  • Liberation
  • Focus
  • Freedom
  • Unconventionalism

Do you meditate?  What does the act of meditation symbolize for you?

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3 Comments on “Symbolic Meditation”

  1. On a recent vacation, I found myself
    meditating on a rock out-cropping
    on a pebble beach in northern Calif.
    The weather was cool and overcast.I imagined I was on the back of a giant turtle.
    And although it was cloudy and wind swept, in my minds eye, the sun broke thru enough to shine down upon me and warm me where I sat.The turtle image was born from the colors and textures of the stone.

    Six days later, still on vacation, I had the great privilege
    of an encounter with a real live desert tortoise in Joshua Tree National Park. Magical, Mystical,Perfect. The experience
    was priceless, fruit of the above mentioned meditation, no doubt!

  2. This is good to think about.
    Meditation for me symbolises relationship to the entire Cosmos.
    As pretty much a hermit when I’m not at work, I meditate to bring into focus the fact that we’re all God, and I’m all of You.

    Terri in Joburg

  3. Interesting post. I never thought of the symbology of action before. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere! Thanks for shoving my thinking in a new direction!

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