You Are Not Alone


You are not alone.”

Some of us know this instinctively.  We feel the presence of supporters – as close to us as our skins, as intimate as the inhalation of air. 

Whether we call them gods, goddesses, angels, higher selves, animal guides…by whatever name – we are aware of intangible energy buoying us with assurance and support.

However, others of us feel a ring of isolation, preventing us from feeling that consistent presence of energetic support.  Some of us incorporate techniques, rituals or healing habits in order to gain etheric unity for the purpose of becoming saturated by the varied presences of the divine. 

I was philosophizing on this with a friend of mine.  We discussed varying reasons why some people – even if they’re locked in a box on some remote island – will tell you they are never alone.  Why can some people feel the presence of supportive energy no matter how removed they may be from everything?  Conversly,  why do other people feel completely remote, and unable to grasp the presence of divine help, healing and guidance within their midst?

Those who find themselves feeling hermetically sealed in a vacuum of solitary confinement may wonder what the trick is to ripping off the lid and encountering divine accompaniment.  How to feel the buoying presence of profound support on a daily (or even moment-to-moment) basis?

Pulling ourselves from the attic of our minds helps.  Walk “downstairs” into the body

That means making connections with movement, breathing, heartbeat.  It means listening to our own blood as if it were an exotic music.  And if it is music, then we must acknowledge a composer, a conductor and a collaborative orchestra rendering that specialized music from within. 

Each cell within the body represents an individual life.  We forget the billions of individual consciousness’s residing within ourselves because they function so elegantly as a whole. 

To be sure, the body is a multiverse and tapping into that diversity of consciousness is a vital step to feeling less of a stranger in a strange land.  

One of the most (deceptively) simple ways I’ve found to dissuade the mind of its separation is to draw attention to the wilderness within the body. 

Try it some time.  If you’re feeling that ring of isolation squeezing the joy from you, and you’re seeking divine connection and communion – try a dreamtime ride within the subway system of your arteries.  Listen to your aortic tympani.  Start a discussion with your intestinal bacteria (don’t laugh! They can be stimulating conversationalists!).

My point is this:  Indeed, we are inseparable from all manner of divine energy whose presence and purpose is to accompany each of us on our life-journey.  Being alone is an impossibility

Nevertheless, some of us feel the austerity of seclusion more often than divine companionship.  So, if that’s the case with you, I’m suggesting a move out of the mind and into the body.  It’s an effective first step to becoming intimate with the reality of inclusion and consistent support.

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  1. OMG! This is a revolutionary idea for me. I’m gonna try it! Sometimes my sense of “aloneness” is suffocating. And I’m always reaching outside myself (grabbing my boyfriend, my dogs, my social groups, etc) to fill that void. I do meditate pretty often, and that does help – but what you’re suggesting here is a new level I’m anxious to try. Thanks!

  2. This is so incredible ! I was just having these very conversations with friends last night over backyard-picnic dinner! Matter;energy;
    string theory and Over-lapping dimensions are food for thought.
    Is it miles that separate us or could
    it just be our way of thinking?
    Sometimes, I do a guided meditation
    where I climb this spiral staircase
    up the side of a giant black cast iron cauldron, when I reach the top, the inside bottom is so deep I can’t see it. Then I take the leap of faith and swan dive into the void, the creative force comes alive and anything is a possible.
    Anything that is a reality was most
    likely an idea first.
    Another guided meditation that’s
    fun is one where your walking down a long hall-way with doors on both sides. Each door is stenciled with
    works such as “the next big adventure” or ” important recollection” “Mysterious Magic”
    ETC. You could even imagine what- ever floats your boat as the words
    form and labels the door. Pick your door and go on in. Explore.
    But, remember to come back Safely.

  3. Hello Avia.

    The reason why I’m here is I have had an empty feeling for my whole life and I am tired. To tired care, to laugh, to love. A few days ago I began searching for something deeper than what the masses have to teach me. The truth be told, I didn’t know where to start, as far as I know I was born in the Chinese year of the horse and my Element is Earth.

    I read the symbolic meanings for the horse right here on your website and I didn’t feel I had any of the attributes of the “HORSE”. It talks of power and freedom! While here was here I had one those “AH – ha” moments, like everything I had been looking for internally had hit me all at once. There are two main reasons that i now know have got me through the moments past. Nature and music, for every time I felt down I would resort to these without truly releasing the effect they have on me, my thought and emotions!

    I hope I’m not just talking to a computer. But if you do read this I just wanted to thank you, because I have found a an energy here that I have never felt before and I that your site gave me the last push to get me into a new way of thinking.

    The Mind Is The Center Of The Universe!

    Thank You Avia! Thank You!

  4. I love this post- it’s impossible to be alone- yes it is I know, but what a wonderful wonderful reminder. I love the idea of listening to our blood as exotic music. Oh heavens, this is rich! Thank you for your great work. I found your blog because I found a tiny blue jay feather on the way home from work when I ha asked for a sign just minutes before. Namaster, Janice

  5. Hi everybody, thanks so much for sharing on this blog. Time and again I’m reminded we’re all in this life together @ this pivotal time. It’s an honor to be swimming in the same seas of dreams with each of you.
    Brightly beaming,

  6. wow I was just saying a prayer to my guides this morning that I wanted to feel more connected to them as I have been feeling aa bit numb and quite dissconnected from them for too long. Then I happened across your blog today – so glad I did. Great advice.

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