Silly Bands and Animal Totems

Silly Bands and Animal Totems
Silly Bands and Animal Totems

I got the low-down on silly bands from my niece, who gave me this one – a Dragon, who happens to be my predominant animal totem.

Now, I’m not big on extraneous consumerism.  I prefer to keep my personal adornments and purchases as pure and simple as possible.  However, I can see some pretty practical uses for silly bands in relation to our animal totems.

To explain…

Life is replete with distractions.  There’s so much going on in our modern lives.  Busy-busy, push-pull, tag-your-it. 

If your days are potentially crammed with complexity like mine are, then perhaps you’ll agree it’s good (indeed, even necessary) to keep reminders close by.  Reminders that ground us, and redirect our consciousness back to the pure vitals of life like: Compassion, Dynamism, Expansiveness, Balance, and such.

I have tattoos that serve as permanent reminders of these things and more.  Photographs plaster my office-studio walls serving the same purpose.

Imagine my surprise and delight when this tiny silicon silly band fulfilled the same function. 

Every time my eyes catch sight of this little guy, I return to my core – a place in which my Dragon’s crave for me to stay rooted.  Why? Because being rooted in the realms of our animal totems manifests superior benefit for them, ourselves and our society.

Just thoughts…an idea for triggering awareness back to your ideal, totemic core.

That said, a special thanks to my niece for this wicked-keen gift! 😉

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3 Comments on “Silly Bands and Animal Totems”

  1. I also use tattoos as potent reminders.

    My totem is etched in a rib panel on my left side. It was the first tattoo I ever received, and his face was committed to flesh on the Autumn Equinox, the gestation period before his cycle of Power.

    I have been keeping up with your blog, and greatly enjoy what you give back to the world. I would be interested in your take on some of the rich symbolism that is an integral part of my psyche.The blog (given above) acts as a record of symbolic journeys, from dreams to art to poetry.

    The more we reference and meditate on our totems, the more we honor them.

  2. Oh, Silly Bands, fun 🙂 I’m so minimally connected to the world right now, a UFO could have landed for millions to see, and I wouldn’t know about it, lol So I just depend on the Universe to direct me to that which I need to know or see–like a Dragon’d-up Silly Band, lol 😉

    For me, dragons (one of mine totems too) invariably pop up when I’m feeling fearful or vulnerable. They wanna let me know I’m protected — very 🙂 It’s always proven to be true, I always seem to land on my feet, and so many “miracle” stories behind that…

    But I love to see the Dragon, it makes my heart feel all toasty and safe.

    Thanks for the reminder of protection…and that there’s potent power in light-heartedness.


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