Symbolic Snake Totem

Symbolic Snake Totem
Symbolic Snake Totem

Universal symbol of rebirth and renewal due to the shedding of its skin, the Snake is a hugely
powerful sign of fertility in its many forms.

Agile, sleek and lightweight, Snakes encourage us to reach our maximum potential through the simplest most economical means.

Often feared due to misunderstanding, the Snake totem reminds us we must be our own source of encouragement even if the outside world may shun us.

Snake Totems Facilitate:

  • Slough off extraneous fluff in our lives. Get back to basics, live sleekly,
    effectively, with maximum effectiveness.
  • Acceptance of dormant times in our life with the expectance of re-growth.
  • Focus of fertility – be it concerning areas of wealth, health, or spiritual rebirth.
  • Self-acceptance, self-reliance, and innate understanding that we are all beautiful,
    and powerful regardless of what the outside world may try to indicate.

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4 Comments on “Symbolic Snake Totem”

  1. For me, snakes evoke thoughts of venomous and non-venomous reptiles, as well as thoughts of the auger, also known as a snake, used by plumbers to dislodge objects in curved pipes. The connection between these snakes becomes increasingly noticable when I relay a few stories: friends of mine in Panema and Australia have encountered poisonous snakes wrapped around the underside of their toilet bowls. This often ahppens during dry seasons when snakes venture out for water. In one case, I heard about a snake inside a toilet bowl. The image os someone sitting down on the seat evokes uneasy feeligns there:)

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  3. I had a dream last night that I was swimming in dark water & a red snake had attached itself with its upper fangs to the inside of my right forearm. I kept swimming as I felt the snakes fang penetrate even deeper into my arm. It was painful, but not unbearable & I didn’t panic! The snake then detached it self & I reached shore. I wanted to find something to put on the wound, but it appeared there was already a form of ointment left by the snake & it was healing on it’s own. There was a sense of excitement & pride as I shared my experience & showed others the marks on my arm. I suspect the red is linked to my root chakra, the water my emotions & my right arm is linked to my masculine side. Do you have any info on snakes in dreams? I love your work by the way! I consult your site often!

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