Basics to Animal Totem Meanings

Animal totem meanings

Animal Totem Meanings and Communication

There are perhaps no better communicators of symbolic messages than the members of the animal kingdom. From birds to bees, bears to badgers, the creatures of this planet offer endless wisdom to us. Animal totem meanings are easily available…we just have to observe. The number one key to gaining insight from our animal totems is paying attention.

Take the lion for example. Just by sight, we can gather the lion is symbolic of power, prowess and pride. Other animals, however, might not be so obvious in meaning…like the snail, or sparrow. Sometimes creatures are so common or overlooked, we might miss the rich meanings they provide. That’s when we’ve got to dig under the surface. That’s where we find profound meaning.

So why should we even care about animal totem meanings? Because everything alive has a message to share with us. Exploring the deeper meaning of the critters of earth opens up a whole new way of seeing ourselves and everything around us.

animal totem meanings
Animal totem meanings are available to all of us, it just takes a little patience and paying attention.

Case in point: Very often we encounter a specific animal. Maybe it appears to us with curious frequency. Or perhaps this creature shows itself at a peculiar moment in life. Rather than cast these appearances off as coincidence, we can employ our intuitive ability to understand the messages the animal is offering us.

This website is jam-packed with all manner of information on animal totems, animal meanings and animal symbols. If you’ve had an animal encounter that makes you say, “hmmmm“, check out my animal meanings pages for illumination. Start your symbolic animal safari here: Animal Totems and Animal Meanings

All of nature speaks a symbolic language, including nature’s critters. It is a language we can all understand. This is because we are hard-wired with the ability to translate meaningful insight into what we see and experience in nature.

By observing and connecting with various animals, we become uniquely guided on our life-path.

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