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Life is Symbolic. Start Interpreting.

Symbolic Oracles are Everywhere
Symbolic Oracles are Everywhere

Nestled in soft pockets of awareness, there are messages waiting to unfold themselves to us, cosmic messages intended for our eyes only, and in James Bond ‘double-oh-seven’ style, with cryptic innuendo and a bit of humorous cheek, we are left to ponder the symbolic implications of oracles glittering on our path.

This human life is all espionage and safari, and I contend the hunt begins at the front door of our own consciousness. We all seek meaning, we all seek value, we all seek to lift the veil of the mundane that tends to cloak the brilliance awaiting us in this life.

To be sure, there is a remarkable quality of life available to each of us, and in my experience that extraordinary quality reveals itself via the endlessly versatile language of symbolism.

We all know this language, and we owe it to ourselves to interpret deeper symbolism in all its delightfully unusual dialects and cosmic contexts.

Symbolism is a language spoken from the Unified field, and its speech is variable, multi-tongued and infinite in manifestation. Interpreting signs, symbols and all manner of natural oracles is akin to tapping into limitless potential as well as establishing an experience with the Mystical.

Our lives are replete with multi-layered meanings, and that means big juju for all of us.

It means there is magic inherent in every moment of our lives. This magic dispels the ennui that sometimes clings to the human experience. Interpreting personal symbolism rekindles the conviction that we are all light-infused, special and valuable.

Regardless if we may be beset with grief, boredom or rage, we have the power to open just a few cracks of unique contemplation and view the moments of our lives as symbolic messages – these messages offer validation about our connection to something grandiose, something utterly unified in its ability to support and encourage our well-being.

Life is symbolic. Start interpreting.

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Seeds as a Symbol of Consciousness

Seeds - A Symbol of Consciousness?
Seeds – A Symbol of Consciousness?

Last night, in the dreamtime, symbolic seeds were sown into the meaty furrows of my brain.  Their manifested identities known only to my deeper consciousness.  It was a fabulous sensation.  The grey matter of my mind seemed willing, pliable and moistly awaiting the first touch of root to mental-membrane.

A good dream. An oracle of potential growth.  A sign of depositing new ideas into old rows with the hope and promise of a bumper crop of…of what?  Creativity?  Productivity? New kinds of nourishment?  Food for a hungry mind?  New neuro-network patterns?

Who knows.  Dream-walking advances at a far different pace than common ambulation.  That means, I’ll have to walk calmly between multiple time-lines to see the cycles of growth these dream seeds represent.

But in the meantime, while I’m weeding, feeding and cerebrating over these dream seeds, I thought I’d sow a few symbolic thoughts on seeds as a symbol of consciousness.

Traditional symbolic meaning of seeds include:

  • Potential
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Nourishment
  • Sacred
  • Earthiness
  • Initiation
  • Reproduction
  • Cycles
  • Time
  • Provision

Several years ago, while dining with a colleague, he asked: “What’s the symbol for consciousness?”

In response, I pulled out a pen and drew a single dot on a paper cocktail napkin.

“That’s it?” He asked.

“Yep, that’s it.” I said, “The dot represents a single point of awareness.  It is, essentially, a seed.  It is the point of pure potential.  This present moment of focused consciousness gives no clue as to which side of the polarity it leans.  There is no gender, no higher or lower, no light or dark.  It simply is.”

My colleague protested: “But isn’t consciousness expansive?  Pervasive?  Everywhere at all times?  This dot, or seed suggests limitation, and that’s not how I see consciousness.”

I loved this observation, and after pausing a moment to let his implications sink in, I responded:

“Yes, I agree with your model of consciousness.  However, I chose this dot to represent a seed as a symbol of consciousness because it is the point of initiationAwareness must be initiated.  And the concept of initiation is inherent to the ancient symbolism of seeds.  So, it’s the idea of initiation…specifically, initiating the potential that is powerfully packed in a small unit (a dot, a seed) that I’m emphasizing here.”

I was reminded of this conversation when I woke from my seed dream.

Those crazy brain seeds!  That tiny dot drawn on a cocktail napkin.  A single unit of initial potential!

These images made me want to become that dot…to become a seed and

  • Auger a sense of stillness in the midst of daily bustling.
  • Be as a seed is: Patient, Potent, Packed with potential.
  • Be silent, rest in a damp darkness, suspended.
  • To “just know,” and own remarkable wisdom without the necessity to prove it.
  • Submerge in resolute assurance that transition, growth and ascension is inevitable.

Just thoughts.  Thanks for growing along with me..

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Source of Power in a Symbol (the Evil Eye as example)

Symbolic Eye
Symbolic Eye

I got the following question from a reader of my Symbols website:

My neighbor suggested I have some sort of evil eye symbol placed on my doorway to my gallery, (I expect as a symbol for protection).  I feel the place is protected because I ask for protection.  What are your thoughts?

My response:

I agree – our energy is protected (or otherwise) when we consciously choose to make it so…a physical symbol of our intent is unnecessesary.

Symbols are useless to us if we do not believe in their vibrational potentional.  Similarly, it is not the symbol that holds the power – it is the intelligence that holds the symbol that commands power.

In other words, the fire of human belief fuels the implied meaning of a symbol.

As you know, our ancestors used symbols frequently for drawing in or banishing various essences.  As humankind moves forward, we see these old ways dropping off more and more.  I think this is because humankind is beginning to understand the Hermetic axiom “As within, so without – As above so, so below.”

  • Now it is no longer the symbol holding the power – it is US! 
  • Now the esoteric art of symbolic interpretation is even more profound because it is our human heart that forms the meaning
  • Now the symbol merely serves as a reminder to us of the attributes we embody, the ultimate reality of our infinite potential.

So what is our infinite potential? We can answer that with another question: What are the symbols we hold?  With what are we aligned?

This cycle of reason reminds me of: “Which came first – the chicken or the egg?” because our symbols can define us, or we can define them.

And then, for another philosophical turn in your question:  If you DO put an “evil eye” symbol above your doorway with intent for protection – does that not imply an existing level of UNprotection?

Meaning, if we feel we must have a symbol to protect us, then we are coming from a position that we are unprotected.  I propose that protection (from a symbol or otherwise) need not be an option, because we are already protected 100% and at all times (just as you said “I feel the place is protected because I ask for protection” – simple as that – done deal).

Let’s just say we wanted to put an intentional exclamation point at the end of your request for protection.  Fending off an evil with an evil eye is highly ineffective.  If a space resonates evil, it will draw unto itself the same resonance.

In essence, Evil Eye’s wink back to evil, and say “come hither.”  Whereas, something with the verities of purity, love, compassion would be more suitable.  Love always trumps.  I’ve written a summary that’s kind of an antithesis of the Evil Eye here.

And I love this question – it’s one I’ve given tremendous thought to because I’ve asked it of myself…thanks for indulging me the expression of these thoughts.

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