Seeds as a Symbol of Consciousness

Seeds - A Symbol of Consciousness?
Seeds – A Symbol of Consciousness?

Last night, in the dreamtime, symbolic seeds were sown into the meaty furrows of my brain.  Their manifested identities known only to my deeper consciousness.  It was a fabulous sensation.  The grey matter of my mind seemed willing, pliable and moistly awaiting the first touch of root to mental-membrane.

A good dream. An oracle of potential growth.  A sign of depositing new ideas into old rows with the hope and promise of a bumper crop of…of what?  Creativity?  Productivity? New kinds of nourishment?  Food for a hungry mind?  New neuro-network patterns?

Who knows.  Dream-walking advances at a far different pace than common ambulation.  That means, I’ll have to walk calmly between multiple time-lines to see the cycles of growth these dream seeds represent.

But in the meantime, while I’m weeding, feeding and cerebrating over these dream seeds, I thought I’d sow a few symbolic thoughts on seeds as a symbol of consciousness.

Traditional symbolic meaning of seeds include:

  • Potential
  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Nourishment
  • Sacred
  • Earthiness
  • Initiation
  • Reproduction
  • Cycles
  • Time
  • Provision

Several years ago, while dining with a colleague, he asked: “What’s the symbol for consciousness?”

In response, I pulled out a pen and drew a single dot on a paper cocktail napkin.

“That’s it?” He asked.

“Yep, that’s it.” I said, “The dot represents a single point of awareness.  It is, essentially, a seed.  It is the point of pure potential.  This present moment of focused consciousness gives no clue as to which side of the polarity it leans.  There is no gender, no higher or lower, no light or dark.  It simply is.”

My colleague protested: “But isn’t consciousness expansive?  Pervasive?  Everywhere at all times?  This dot, or seed suggests limitation, and that’s not how I see consciousness.”

I loved this observation, and after pausing a moment to let his implications sink in, I responded:

“Yes, I agree with your model of consciousness.  However, I chose this dot to represent a seed as a symbol of consciousness because it is the point of initiationAwareness must be initiated.  And the concept of initiation is inherent to the ancient symbolism of seeds.  So, it’s the idea of initiation…specifically, initiating the potential that is powerfully packed in a small unit (a dot, a seed) that I’m emphasizing here.”

I was reminded of this conversation when I woke from my seed dream.

Those crazy brain seeds!  That tiny dot drawn on a cocktail napkin.  A single unit of initial potential!

These images made me want to become that dot…to become a seed and

  • Auger a sense of stillness in the midst of daily bustling.
  • Be as a seed is: Patient, Potent, Packed with potential.
  • Be silent, rest in a damp darkness, suspended.
  • To “just know,” and own remarkable wisdom without the necessity to prove it.
  • Submerge in resolute assurance that transition, growth and ascension is inevitable.

Just thoughts.  Thanks for growing along with me..

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  1. LOVE THIS! Especially your visualization bullet points @ the end of your post. I am going to use these as a meditation.

  2. a point of concentrated energy – a seed. yes, i see what you mean here. so often promise comes in tiny packages. keep sowing avia!

  3. Things that came to me in reading this…

    Spiral — the Fool, with the Seed in this heart, the starting point (Ground Zero) under his feet, is off to see the Wizard (outer reflection of the Magi within). Ultimately leading him Home, having grown and learned of his own power and value, back to his own Heart. “Follow the yellow brick road” … See the bright circle and spiral at the beginning of that journey:


  4. i dreamed of a wedding and seeds were being thrown into a punchbowl at the reception dinner. from your teachings, i learned to gather up all the symbolic elements of the dream:
    Wedding=Union, Partnership, New beginning
    Seeds=Potential,Promise, Awareness, Hope,Growth
    Punchbowl=…well, honestly i really wasnt sure about the symbolic meaning of the punchbowl, but I looked at your Tarot site, about the symbolism of chalices (cups), and really thought that fit. So I think the dream is a message of a lot of awesome things happening (and yet to happen) in my life. Lots of love, promise, hope, and beneficial partnerships. I guess you could say “my cup (or punchbowl) runneth over” with oodles of potential! Anyway, just thought i would let you know that your websites are consistently helpful to me in interpreting my dreams and other signs that crop up in my life. Thanks for everything, Crystal.

  5. July 22, 2010. Thor’s Day
    The wedding ceremony, high in a mountain canyon ( Big Cottonwood, Utah )at a place called “Silver
    Lake ” an all female procession
    (young male ring bearer,exception)
    Maid of Honor, bridesmaids (Brides
    two sisters) Female bagpiper,
    Mother of the bride…linked arm
    & arm with the most beautiful daughter on this green earth,we
    made our way off into a canopy of
    At first,from afar, our guests, families, friends, and the random
    on-lookers could hear the pipes,
    so softly and faintly they tell me.
    And as we drew closer, the sounds of the pipes &
    anticipation began to grow.
    As our procession joined the
    group, our flower girls tossed
    black oil sunflower seeds for the
    later enjoyment of our woodland creature friends, birds, chippers,etc. Our male attendants
    escorted lovely ladies to stand
    with groom and justice of the peace. Then I gave my wee Bonnie lass to a worthy man.
    We called in our ancestors with
    “amazing grace” to link our past
    with the present, to honor our dearly departed, and for a moment
    call them close.

    Words spoken,
    Vows made, hip custom rings exchanged ( Thanks Canada! well done!) all sealed with a kiss.
    Hugs,hand shakes,offerings of congrats from all who came….
    Pictures, here. there and every- where with everyone. Whole families
    reunited after many years apart.

    Then, we all
    circumnavigated the path
    around the lake, to bring it
    full circle, piper still pipping,
    she was marvelous, by the way.
    More shots of the man & wife with
    granite peaks of glory and shinning
    water framing the day.

    Much, much later in the day…
    evening almost
    our home-style backyard garden
    party reception went into high gear.

    Punch Bowls flowing with “passion
    tea-lemonade” or mineral water
    wet our pallet.
    While the more adventurous enjoyed wine and or champagne.
    The panini
    bar was a hit! Fresh fruit and savory olives of every possible
    size, shape, and color plus lots
    of leafy salad greens fed the crowd. Our event tent was strung with clear twinkle lights, hanging
    and the tons of flowers arranged by the bride youngest sister made
    for a magical setting.
    So many well wishers stayed and enjoyed , lingered and laughed &
    Communed with joy and happy hearts.
    After dark,
    A fire-dancer wowed the crowd
    while the newlyweds slipped away
    into the night and their new life

    So many helping hands coming together in a labor of love to pull off the night without a hitch.
    Friends, neighbors,relations all did their part. My gratitude knows no end.

    My most favorite gift from the universe at large ( besides our
    health and safety so far )
    was today when finally getting
    to check my e-mail after days &
    days,getting very special note
    from a very dear friend w/link
    to her site and this subject.
    I wept many happy tears reading,
    absorbing the info and comments.
    Avia V. & Crystal tapped into
    yesterday and
    the entire experience. Wow and wow. Thanks for letting me decompress and debrief.
    love <3 and peace,
    mommio-of-the-bride, Vera 😉

  6. The most ebullient days of our lives are crafted as delicately and soulfully as poems. Ephemeral, magical and exquisitely crafted by means both divine and human. Vera, this conveyance is pure loveliness. Brightest blessings & highest love to you and yours. 😉

  7. WoW, beautifully said. I love it …. it described it perfectly where
    I am at my life…. thank you

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