Days of the Week Symbolic Meanings

We’ve all heard of the Monday’s Child nursery rhyme:

  • Monday’s child is fair of face
  • Tuesday’s child is full of grace
  • Wednesday’s child is full of woe
  • Thursday’s child has far to go
  • Friday’s child is one of giving
  • Saturday’s child works for a living
  • And the child born on the Sabbath day (Sunday)
    is bonny, blithe, good & gay

Where do these days of the week symbolic meanings come from? 

The following are a few correspondences to the days of the week that may lend more clarity to the week-day symbolism.

Planetary correspondece with the days of week:

  • Monday = Moon
  • Tuesday = Mars
  • Wednesday = Mercury
  • Thursday = Jupiter
  • Friday = Venus
  • Saturday = Saturn
  • Sunday = Sun

Each planet has a character to it.  These planetary characteristics are shown below (and see how they compare to the age-old nursery rhyme!).

  • Monday/Moon = Moods & Emotion
  • Tuesday/Mars = Aggression & Achievement
  • Wednesday/Mercury = Strategy & Purpose
  • Thursday/Jupiter = Power & Expansion
  • Friday/Venus = Love & Beauty
  • Saturday/Saturn = Suspension & Prevention
  • Sunday/Sun = Expression & Confidence

Symbolic numbers assigned to the days (planetary correspondences):

  • Monday = 7
  • Tuesday = 9
  • Wednesday = 5
  • Thursday = 3
  • Friday = 6
  • Saturday = 8
  • Sunday = 4

Got a hot date? Click here for number meanings for each day of the week – great tool for determining premium days for your plans.

Alchemical elements corresponding to the days of the week:

Astrologically, we can use the Myanmar-Burmese Zodiac animal signs to bring color and character to our weekdays:

  • Monday = Tiger
  • Tuesday = Lion
  • Wednesday = Elephant
  • Thursday = Rat
  • Friday = Guinea Pig
  • Saturday = Dragon
  • Sunday = Garuda the Bird King

Click here for more on Burmese Astrology and find out which animal sign you are according to the day you were born.

The old Monday’s Child nursery rhyme was instrumental in teaching youngsters the days of the week, but when we delve deeper into the week day meanings & origins, we can incorporate these meanings in our every day life.

If we follow the belief that each day is ruled by a specific planet, we understand that each day holds a specific vibrational frequency.  To take this a step further, we may be able to enhance our days by taking specific actions on appropriately aligned days. 

To demonstrate, here are a few things we can do on certain days of the week to enhance our everyday living.

  • Monday’s:  Get in touch with your feelings, be mindful of your moods, purify your surroundings, show compassion
  • Tuesday’s:  Express your passion, get some exercise, release pent up frustration/energy
  • Wednesday’s:  Study, travel, research, meditate
  • Thursday’s:  Donate to a charity or worthy cause, make an investment, show your appreciation
  • Friday’s:  Appreciate the people in your life, go on a date, show your love, recognize beauty, make new friends
  • Saturday’s:  Clean your house, take a break, finish a project, meet a deadline
  • Sunday’s:  Take time for you, take a nature walk, get in touch with your spirit, meditate

I hope you have enjoyed this bit on symbolic meaning of days.

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