Symbolic Meaning of Birch Quick Facts

Birch Meaning
Birch Meaning and Birch Tree Symbolic Facts

Here are some hard, fast, quick-facts on the symbolic meaning of Birch:


Birch is symbolic of beginnings, renewal & starting over.  The Birch is in the primary position within the Ogham.

Ancient Siberians hailed it as sacred – calling it the ladder that spanned the gap between heaven & earth.

Used by the Native American Indians as the center pole in yurts & tee pees.   This was symbolic of new beginning – the center must start fresh the process of gathering, shelter, and all other representations of home.

Ancient Europeans also hold the Birch as a symbol of hearth & home.  Bringing in twigs inside the home is a physical intention of invoking protection.

Further, the best brooms are considered to have Birch branches at the end as they are thought to “sweep away” negative energy.

Symbolic meaning of Birch continues with the Gauls who used Birch twigs in marriage ceremonies.  Traditionally, branches would be lit during marriage as a sign of good luck and an omen for a long, happy marriage.

It was also considered a sacred tree to the Germanic gods Freya, Thor & Donar.

As a Chinese symbol, Birch is honored for its attributes of protection, communication, & rejuvenation.

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2 Comments on “Symbolic Meaning of Birch Quick Facts”

  1. Wow. I’m an artist, very much at a crossroads in my life, and though I’ve always painted trees, these past few months, as I ponder a way to make a new start, career-wise, I’m filling my canvasses (inexplicably, until today) with birch trees, birch trees, birch trees, in summer, winter, fall, birch trees. I just learned they mean change, renewal.
    This is amazing knowledge.
    thank you.

  2. Hi Rea,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts & experience with the birch – I’m anxious to see your site when it’s done – the introductory painting of the birch is brilliant.

    Some symbolism is much more subtle in hooking us – trees are that way…real subtle.

    When I posted this birch entry I was just finishing up months of meditative contemplation on trees which caused me to launch 20 pages of tree symbolism of the Ogham.

    Not an easy task – especially in the winter when trees are much more slow (sometimes downright unwilling) to be “tapped” of their knowledge (pardon the pun).

    Thanks again for commenting.

    Oh, one last thought – I’m at a crossroads too – it prompted me to write about the symbolic meaning of crossroads here. That post helped me more gracefully accept the “in stasis” phase of being in-between.

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