Symbolic Meaning of Doves

I’ve been asked about symbolic meaning of doves.  The following is my response:

Primary symbolic meaning of doves stem in ancient cultures due to their voices.  The dove’s cooing has lulled the ears of humanity for hundreds of years, and as such finds meanings such as comfort and reassurance.

The Native American (Pueblo, specifically) believed that the cooing of the Dove could coax the rain from the skies.  In fact, they believed the appearance of the Dove was a sign of rain to come.  Or, if during a dry spell, the Pueblo believed the Dove would lead them to water.

Other cultures such as the Ancient Celts, Picti, and Gauls believed the voice of the Dove was a mourning call.  When its cry was heard, this indicated a soul was passing from the earth in peace.

The Slavs believed the Dove carried the souls of the deceased to heaven. Gypsy folklore believes that Doves are soft, subtle messengers – winging their messages of love to our hearts from the spirit world.

In Christian traditions, the dove is considered a symbol of divinity as it is the representation of the Christ.  Also in ancient Christian lore the dove is considered a symbol for mother, specifically their virgin mother Mary.

By far, my research has lead me to conclude that the primary symbolism of the Dove is that of patience and tenderness.   Their voice along with the soft hue of their bodies, and the tender glow of their eyes – all lead to thoughts of softness, tenderness and symbols of love.

Please note that ultimately, symbolic interpretations are up to you to determine.  I can only give you traditional symbolism, cultural perceptions, and my own interpretations.   

That said, I’ve come to understand that our animal friends are just as willing and able to communicate as we are, but we must be open to their message.   Therefore, I would encourage you to invoke the spirit of the animals  directly and inquire as to the purpose of its appearance in your life. 

And lastly, because of all these softly inspiring attributes, the most withstanding meaning of Dove is hope.

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  1. My lover and I were discussing whether we should stay together or not. At that moment a lone dove appeared at the window. I started crying. There’s a dove, only one. At that moment as we both looked moist eyed at the lone dove, another dove swept out of no where and the dove on the window sill took it’s place beside the second dove and flew away. Was this a sign? Does it say we should stay together or was it saying someone else would be coming into one of our lives?

  2. Hi Betty,

    Soft, gentle, loving, and trusting – doves are drawn to these energies.

    Rather than ask if the dove is a sign to take action, delve deeper into the qualities the dove represents.

    When we immerse ourselves in the higher energies of love, peace, and forgiveness – our answers fall before our feet.

    My love and light to you,

  3. Doves are pure sent from GOD, the most respectfull animal there is. The Holy Spirit sent from above with Light and Divine Love.

  4. A White Dove was found in the back yard. It was wrapped in a towel and placed in a shed. Next day it had died – What does this symbolize?

  5. On saturday many doves appeared on my front porch. I live in ny and it was such a cold day. this has never happened before. my dad is very sick right now and i need to know what this represents in this time of saddness.

  6. Donna,
    doves mean hope and uplifting promise. front doors are symbolic of new beginnings and openings. how many doves were there? what do they mean to you? what feeling did you have when they appeared to you? they must mean something importent to you, or you wouldn’tve asked the question in the first place.

  7. Hi Donna,
    “icanrel8” has a good point, and I too would encourage you to mine the golden nuggets of meaning this experience holds for you. ‘Tis true, doves offer energetic matches to hope, promise and higher inspiration. They also speak to us of rejuvination, and trasformation. Again, I agree with Icanrel8, front doors are symbolic of introductions, new openings, beginnings. The meaning is within you Donna, contemplate the energy that surrounds you, and the purpose of this very special message that has come to you, and only you.
    My thoughts are with you and your father.
    Namaste & bright blessings,

  8. One week out of hospital for open heart surgery, under a oak tree I had a dove follow me to a chair and when i sat down it flew up to the arm of the chair and walked on my arm. A table was near and this dove stayed on the table and would walk up my arm allowing me to touch its feet and wings. The Dove even took water from a bottle. After 30 minutes it flew off. To see if their was a history of this happening I called the owner of the property who said nope never happened before, he also paints murals on bikes and he said he just had a bike come into his shop that had artwork on the back fender stating,”From the wings of doves, God will send his Love”…….There was my answer..I took it as a get well card from God.

  9. Hi Keith,
    Thanks for sharing this inspirational story with us! Incredible, and a true testimony that we’re all (human and non-human alike) in this elegant experience of life together. If I may, in return, share something with you: Symbolism of the Oak tree. It’s a Celtic perspective, but valid nonetheless.
    Thanks again,

  10. I like the symbolism !

    In Judaism, Christianity, and Islam a white dove is generally a sign for peace. The Torah, The Old Testament and The Qur’an describe a story in which a dove was released by Noah after the Great Flood in order to find land. The dove came back carrying an olive branch in its beak, telling Noah that the Great Flood had receded and there was land once again for Man. (Genesis 8:11).

    The motif can also represent “hope for peace” and even a peace offering from one man to another, as in the phrase “extend an olive branch”. Often, the dove is represented as still in flight to remind the viewer of its role as messenger.

  11. I had a dream about my ex from many years ago and this upset me for days, when finally I broke down in tears and pleaded with god to send me a sign if she still cared about me. About an hour and a half later a dove landed in a tree near to where I was sitting, looked at me, and bobbed his head over and over. I knew immidiately what this meant, here was my sign. It gave me great comfort and renewed confidence. I am now going to follow up on my lost love.

  12. I was stopped at a stoplight when a single grey dove landed on the front hood of my car. It just stood there, and when the light turned green I slowly proceeded forward, and it then flew off. What does that mean?

  13. Hi Jay,
    You are absolutely right. The dove IS a symbol of hope. I added a sentence to the post, as it certainly needs mentioning. Thanks much!

  14. Hi there,

    Hope you would be able to assist in the meaning of below:

    Two evenings ago I dreamt of a flock of doves flying towards our apartment. For some reason I tried to close our bedroom window to try and keep them out, however just at that moment they were at the window and a few managed to get in before I could close the window. I then woke up.

    Yesterday I emailed my aunt (my mother’s sister) to advise her that I transferred the money for my grandmother’s old age home as I do every month in helping with her rent. My aunt replied that other family of our’s visited my grandmother over the weekend and she is not doing very well.

    Then today, I was driving home from work (on a busy highway), calling my aunt (same one that emailed me yesterday) on my handsfree kit. Just as she answered a dove flew infront of my car and crashed in to the top bit of my front car window. I looked in my rearview mirror and all I could see is feathers flying everywhere. There are still some feathers stuck between the window & where the roof start.

    All of this left me wondering if these appearances of doves in my dream & real life in such a short period of time could have a symbolic meaning, and if so what it could be? Trying to “keep doves out by shutting the window” and even a dove crashing in to my car does not seem like they are symbols of “peace” at all???

  15. I came to this site by accident. However, “accident” more likely means meaningful coincidence in this case. I was saddened to read MV’s post. It suggests to me that people are attempting to express their love (and even need) for MV, yet he or she is rejecting these gestures. There are more important things than rent checks and cell phones. A personal visit to the grandmother would in all likelihood be healing for both parties. Consider taking her a gift of something white.

  16. A little while ago, a young woman walked up to me, she seemed happy, and gave me a small plastic dove and three small ?rocks and told me to pray for world peace. She left the things with me and walked away.
    She told me to keep the things somewhere in my house. Does this mean anything? Should I do what she said? I am a little concerned. Any suggestions?

  17. i caught a live dove in my dream they were 2 but i caught one on my palm, the dove later flow from my palm due to lack of carelesness…2 one morning i was walking outside my back door and i almost heat a dove with my foot and it flow…..what does that mean

  18. A gray dove flew into my back sliding door this morning at 9:44AM and fell to ground on it’s side. It’s right eye looked hurt (blood) and after 15 minutes it straightened itself out and laid upright then moved (crawled) towards the wall of the house. I called the rescue group in our community and they came to give her antibiotics and check her out. I don’t know how she is. What does this mean?

  19. I was parked in a parking lot and had just completed a telephone conversation had turned on the engine to head home when I was aware of something on my front car windshield. It was a single grey dove which looked quite comfortable. I started to open the door to shoo it away before I drove off, but it jumped onto my canvass top and then flew off into a nearby tree. This has been on my mind so much and I am wondering if it has a meaning. Anyone know?

  20. I was leaving work one day in a tree were I park were fifty or more doves.. When I walked up some flew off but the majority stayed and started cooing..I stayed there for a few minutes maveling them they just seemed to look at me cooing as if the were trying to tell me something…Im a Christian person who strives on doing whats right and letting people be them selves..I had been getting a lot of flack for people who think im fake but I am what I am what you see is what you get..This gave me hope to keep pressing on im a leader not a follower..I choose God…

  21. Hello, I love your site! I had a question..A few months back I was reading up on what the dove symbolizes, and I came across a page that said -aside from it being holy and motherly- “a one winged dove symbolizes the passage to death” or something along those lines. Is that true? I really like that idea.

  22. My step – father just passed but he was more of a real father to me than my biological father ever has been or ever will be. Any way he just passed very unexpectedly just prior to his passing we had a string of bad luck that is still continuing. I have recently seen 6 doves that come and roost in the trees in my back yard. They seem to be here every day is there a message they are trying to bring me?

  23. On June 30,2009 my Mom passed away after being ill for many years. Last spring around March/April 2010 a dove showed up at my back porch. Made a nest beside my door in a wall hanging. She stayed all summer and to our surprise allowed us to pet her. She had babies that we got to watch grow and fly away. Just today she came back to the same next. A year later. We are amazed and so happy to see her again. She has brought us such joy.

  24. what does it mean when you see a dove, lands on the side walk and walks right next to you??

  25. we have 2 doves that have been here in our trees cooing for 2weeks now my friends have noticed them too very rare here for them to be this part of of the state its cold.

  26. hi, just yesterday my mom told me that while she was at my aunts house two doves landed on the gate and my mom aunt both said ” mourning doves ” at the same time. My mom and aunt and uncle and grandma have been fighting for sometime. Also two of my family members died from cancer. We then both concluded that the two doves were them, and that they were trying to get my mom and aunt to be friends again… I think it succeeded.

  27. on mother’s day my mom was sad that i am getting old and still not married. her other 2 childern were married with children and i am the only one left. after dinner i went to my room crying for 2 hours because i felt that i am a disappointment to my mother and didn’t know how to please her. I couldn’t believe that on mothers’ day i made her sad. I finally fell asleep on my soaked pillow and when i woke up i was still in tears. i got up and headed to the gym and when i opened the front door there were 2 grey doves in front of me on the step. They didn’t fly away until my neice came running. It seemed that they have been there all night as the step was filled with their droppings. then i looked to the side and saw $5 on the ground. i was shcoked, all this at my front door, what does it mean?

  28. About 2 weeks ago I was headed up the hill in my van and just out the passenger window a white dove appeared and flew in perfect tandem with me for what seemed like several minutes. We would turn our heads and look at each other as though we were trying to carry on a conversation.So I’m watching this dove stay with me around the twists and turns of the mountain road all the while fascinated with the way it looked in flight and dumbfounded as to why it was traveling with me.
    Well, 2 days ago my wife and I learned that the baby we were expecting died in utero at 4 mos. The doctor estimated that it died about 2 weeks ago. I believe the little guy was telling his daddy I’ii be waiting for you in heaven. Oh, and the road we were traveling on lead to Paradise, Ca.

  29. We live in the country on a lake, pretty rural area in northern VA. A couple weeks ago, a white dove showed up on our porch. My wife though maybe it was hurt and took it to an old duck pen that we have. We’ve never seen a white dove around here before. She tried to let it out and it hung around and then just went back in the pen. She lets it out every day and then it goes back in before sunset every night. Now she feeds it as well, has gotten very used to us. Any thoughts on symbolism of this?

  30. After reading all above,I feel the need to express my firm belief in the divine symbolism of the “Dove”.In my life the turtle dove appeared when I was 9, my dog Astrid kept on killing doves and placing them on our front door mat, that year my father committed suicide,since then when ever a dead dove has made an appearance in my life wether killed by a cat or natural death , It is always followed by an end something ends ,a life,a job a friendship.When I was pregnant with my son a turtle dove made her nest above my window,I knew instinctively that everything would be ok.
    Sometimes when I am driving, a dive cross flies the front of my car, I always slow down because I tend to be a fast driver.Recently, doves have been very present in my life again, I lost my brother and acceptance of his death is very difficult because we had very bad communication between us.Yesterday two dove flew in and out of my house ,I felt as if my soul lifted…..sometimes the universe send us messages ,we should all try to open our love,hope and belief in something greater then us.
    Light and Love to all of you.

  31. As I was drifting off to sleep last night I saw a gray, what seemed to be an exausted, dove fly and land on my head. I picked it up and went to set it out the bedroom window onto the roof. Before I got to the roof I freaked out and woke up. I had only laid down for 45 min. I had two people on my mind. One My daughter who is not in my home. Two a friend with whom I’ve been intamate with. I am courious as to what this could mean. Any help would be greatlly apprieciated. I have looked for help on several sites and found very little to help. Thank You.

  32. One of my best friends had surgery recently to remove a brain tumor. She’s only 12. The entire time she was in the operating room, a white dove was outside both of her parents’ (they’re divorced) houses, in front of window in plain view. The doves didn’t fly away until the surgery was complete. It was successful and she’s healthier than ever again.

  33. Almost a year ago my dog died after a brutal attack from another dog.He lived for 3 day after the attack. right after we buried him a dove flew into our backyard and stayed there for about 10 min. This had to be one of the most symbolic things ive ever seen.

  34. 10 years ago, I had a dream in which I was with my mother and my grandmother (who has now passed), and we were trapped in a war zone. I can vividly remember the bombs and fire, the helecopters zooming above us. Terrified we were running as fast as we could to escape. Then the air was still and everything was silent, and light. I look up above me, and a great white dove descended down, and rested on my shoulder. I can still hear her whisper my name into my ear, where I wake up, sobbing. Without a doubt in my mind, this was the Holy Spirit intervening in my life, bringing me peace and promise. Ever since then, I have doves all around me. If I am having a particularly bad day where I just want to break down and cry, somehow, a the dove comes into my life at that moment and brings me joy.

  35. Hi. I was searching for answers on my dove this morning. My little girl is 6yrs old playing her games online in the kitchen when I went to recycle on my balcony. We both saw the dove flew by so close to the living room window. Then it took off. I was pretty amazed she knew what a dove look like. It wasn’t a white one. I just wanted to know what that means. Thanks so much for the understanding on Doves. 🙂

    On the day of my father’s wake, March 18, 2012, I saw TWO BEAUTIFUL MOURNING DOVES together walking carefree around the colony of CATS in the parking lot that I feed! I NEVER see any birds walking around the cats! My mother died 42 years ago, my father never remarried.. my mother was the love of his life. When I saw the two morning doves, I instantly thought that a message was being sent to me that my father is now together with his wife (my mother!).

    I searched for the meaning of this symbolizim (see link)

    and this is what it said:

    “DOVES are a rare breed. they choose ONE mate to be with for their lifetime. If the other dies (like my mother) the one left will not find another mate. They will spend the rest of their lives alone. (like my dad for 42 years1) Therefore the SYMBOL OF TWO DOVES MEAN an everlasting LOVE.
    When I saw these two beautiful mourning doves walking carefree around all those cats… I knew my dad was finally with my mother!
    and it gave me a sense of peace when I went to the WAKE that afternoon.

  37. In the middle of a 12 year breakup with my spouse and a dove has built a nest in a ceramic sun’s palms wall plaque that I have mounted by the front door. This morning her partner was with her, sitting on a very large white egg.
    I am hoping this symbolizes I am moving int he right direction.

  38. This morning a beautiful white dove flew into my garden .It was quite a surprise as i have many birds coming regularily but never doves.It was searching for food so i threw some nice seedy bread out and it ate it like it was starving.It wasnt at all scared of me and came right up and around my feet.It stayed for a long time and seemed when it was full that it just wanted to rest.It kept closing its eyes.I thought it would fly away but it has settled on my rooftop to rest.I think its just lost and exhausted..but nevertheless it made me feel very happy.I hope it finds its way home .

  39. I seen 13 doves on a cold winter morning (this was way out in the country) in February, in Northern N.Y., that night I got a phone call my father had died in N.C., 7 years later I was in S.C. in July I seen 8 white doves I got a phone call that my beloved grandmother had died in Vt.

  40. Thank you for the symbolic knowledge pertaining to doves. About 2 weeks ago, town workers cut down a beautiful tree in my front yard which was just about to flower after such a long and stressful winter. I was very saddened and upset, but the tree was on town property and they legally could do such a terrible thing. Two doves remained on the wires for hours over the space whee the tree had lived. I hoped the workers hadn’t destroyed their nest, but could only think they had. Well, last night while gardening in the front yard, I noticed only one dove perched on the wire. That’s because the other one was snuggled in her nest right next to my front door. Finding her filled my heart wih happiness. Tending to worry, I wanted my friend and I to put a wire fence around this smaller tree so they would be safe. Geno said that the nest is well hidden, birds know what to do, they will be safe. We are blessed to have a dove family right at our front door.

  41. Thank you for your lovely site. I often reference it when I see some natural marvel and sense it is a meaningful occurence brought to my attention as a messenge of something or other.

    I just visited a beautiful little old medieval chapel, named St.Catherine’s- my name is Catherine- which sat on a hill overlooking a sea on an ancient pagan site. Inside the abandoned chapel I encountered two white doves who waited for me to enter the chapel and open the door, after which they flew into the chapel and I discovered they had a nest with two baby doves that they were feeding. It was a site that was possibly originally linked with ancient rituals connected to death and burial.

    I wondered if there was any symbolism connected with a family of doves or four doves?

    Many thanks

  42. My father died at a hospice he had been in for 2 weeks.. His suffering was great. I prayed deeply for him and his soul as he seemed to be tormented…..A few seconds after he died I looked out the slider windows his bed was next to… His room faced Lake Erie.. very close in fact…. Slowly one by one on this bitter cold Feb 14. 2005 doves walked up to the window..coming very close to the glass and appearing to stare in at my dad. I was crying .. I know my dad was okay… he had MADE his passage to God safely..Those doves stayed for quite awhile.. what was so transfixing was how they clustered close by his side of the slider almost as if looking in.. I went and got the doctor and nurse. Asked if they had seen this happen ever before…they said ‘ no never’.. they were moved as well… Look to the dove for comfort is all I can say.. God is good and sends his creatures to sometimes comfort us…

  43. I had 2 grey doves fly down and land at my feet, when I was leaving the apartment. They stayed only a brief moment and then flew off. What does this mean?

  44. I saw a dove flying in rural Missouri it was directly in my line of sight flying low. It was a lone dove and struck me as odd because I’ve never seen one in the wild or near my home. I kept thinking about it and trying to think of what it could mean. Two days later my dad passed away in his sleep. I was wondering if you think it was a sign that he was going to pass. And that he’s in a better place now.

  45. Hi, last night I went for a walk near an old chapel, it was quite dark so wasnt sure if I saw a dove or a pigeon but he was just sat on the arm of a bench all alone. He seemed quite peaceful, not in pain and when I went closer to him, he didnt show any signs of flying away. I was only about 6ft away and we looked at each other for a few minutes and I made a small noise and he was moving his head with interest. I think we shared a connection – it felt like it. After a few minutes I walked away and left the bird sat still on the bench. The area by the chapel is very peaceful and was used to be run by monks in around the 13th C. In the last year I have got significantly more spiritual and wondering would anyone have any idea what the significance of this was or could be? It certainly felt positive and it was only by chance that I felt the need to go for a spontaneous walk (so wondering if that was meant to happen?)

    Many thanks in advance to you all

  46. 3 days ago I was crying and praying for help for my son who is depressed. In my prayer I asked my late parents and mother in law to help as he loved them dearly. A half an hour later a white dove flew onto my patio where I was sitting, it kept pointing it’s head as if it wanted to look through the window and seemed interested in something inside my house. It then flew up and perched on my front door security gate for 5mins looking into the house. It was only when my son approached it about a meter away did it fly away. All this time the dove did not appear to be concerned by my presence.I definitely saw it as a sign from my deceased loved ones for my son.

  47. Donna .My Grandma was sick and dying from cancer when we brought her home for hospice! Every day a white dove would sit on her window ! Like he was just waiting for her to be ready as soon as she passed he stopped coming we all said that it was an angel coming to take another angel home !

  48. We have a screened in porch where my husband and I sit. I was not working all summer so we were together every day sitting on our back porch during long hot summer days. While sitting at our table one day, I looked up and there on the edge of my neighbor’s roof sat a dove. This dove was there day after day and it became so eerie to me I even took a picture and cropped it for a close up. Many days I would look up and still the bird was there, facing me, quietly remaining. At the beginning of October my husband passed away suddenly from a sudden heart attack. I now know why that dove was standing in watch. I read that doves are a symbol of a maternal figure, Christ, an Angel, a celestial messenger, patience and tenderness. My husband’s mother was already in Heaven. She was on my mind the entire day that my husband passed. He did not take sick until the evening. Later after the funeral, I remembered the dove and looked up its symbolism. I am sure the dove being there was related to my husband’s passing. If only I had understood at the time. I could have spent my husband’s last days with him in a more aware state of mind. I miss him terribly, but I find comfort in knowing that theHeavens were anticipating his arrival!

  49. Hi, a very sick dove damn near climbed into my lap when I was working on my car outside. It was not afraid of me and let me pick it up. I took it inside and provided it a warm place for the night. There has been a lot of sadness and death around me lately. 8 deaths, friends and close family, within 4 years. It seems like everyone is hostile, but this fearless dove, near death befriended me. The next day we took him to the local animal sanctuary (CALM). I figured that would be his best chance for survival. Later it occurred to me that the dove is holy symbol. Do u have any thoughts on this

  50. Hi

    I am Ndeya

    i dreamt that my town was under attack and as we were escaping i saw an eagle poisoning (killing) alot of Doves
    what can this mean,Please help with interpretation.

  51. hello, im donna from oklahoma. thank you for your great info you share. i would like to share an experience that i had about 2 yrs ago that i will never forget.every since ive pondered its meaning. theres a place i love close to where i grew up,a pond,on the osage reservation with miles of reservation forest behind the neighborhood.i have went to this place since a child,i have had a NDE there as a child(fell through the ice on the pond). i met my angel/spirit guide or whatever you call it there as well.ive experienced many mystical things there and i love this place and find peace and healing there.i spent most of my childhood there and i still go there often to meditate or just think,heal,reflect,cry,pray,etc….on this day i went i was feeling the pressure of so much trauma in my life and i was so fed up to the point that self destruction had crossed my mind to end the pain, as i stood there looking out at the pond,remembering what it felt like when i dround there at age 6 wondering how i even lived through it(no one was there to rescue me yet here i am). anyway, it was very quiet except for nature sounds and i heard i different sort of bird that got my attention and looked to the left of the side of pond and this white dove was flying out of a tree loudly whooo whooing and it flew the opposite direction of me but made a circle all the way around the pond and i turned as it started comming towards my direction. my mouth must have been wide with amazement as this dove come flying so close towards me that i instinctively put out my arm because i was so amazed at this point i thought it was a dream and maybe it would perch on my arm(of course it didnt)but it flew past me so close that i could reach out ant touch it, then it made one more complete circle around the pond and flew away past the tree it came from! i know it sounds unbelievable but i swear its true! it was the most amazing thing i had ever seen or felt! my spirit immidiatly felt so good and thankful to have witnessed such a thing! i have NEVER before or since seen any bird that even looked close to a dove there. it is so strange to me when i think of it and it puzzles me. to be honest it seems like a simulation or something. but it happened and was no dream and no hallucination. what do you think of this? sorry my post was so long but i felt i needed to give a visual with my words. thank you again!

  52. I just had two doves begin nesting on the window sill of an open window. I had to shoo them away and remove the nest, else then I wouldn’t have been able to close the window for a month, and their nest would have been disturbed by maintenance crews this week. In a symbolic sense, 1) was it a good symbol/energy for them to be attracted to my window and 2) was it bad energy for me to shoo them away? I was thinking that this would be for their own good, as likely if they had laid eggs they would have had their life disrupted. I am concerned as to whether I created bad energy in having to shoo them away. Thank you-

  53. My boyfriend says he had bad wished upon him before.
    Lately we have been changing our lives for the better and have been arguing because of it. We woke up this am and he went to the bathroom, our bathroom is outside across the way. We live in a backhouse, after he was done he said there were two doves on front of our door. I would really like to know what that symbolizes?

  54. A couple of weeks ago i was pulling out of my driveway i noticed a dove on my other car looking at me i got out and went to her she didnt fly off. Of coarse i ran and bought her food. My back went out so i didnt see her for a couple of days,i finally was well enough to go out again and sat outside it was pouring rain and i see a lilltle head peaking around the corner she as if to ask is that you?she came up to me! She is amazing ! Now she has a mate hes not as friendly but he waits for her to finish visiting with me everyday. She sits with me or on me for at least an hour a day its amazing!i am interested in a meaning why did she pick me? But if there isnt one i truly feel so very blessed i have an amazing new friend.

  55. I like how you mentioned that in Christian traditions, white doves are symbols of divinity. My grandpa had white doves released at his funeral. It was so beautiful! Thank you for the information on the symbolic meaning of doves.

  56. I was recently in a car accident due to having a seizure while driving. I am in pain still but recovering, and found out I have epilepsy. I have definitely been struggling physically, emotionally and mentally. This afternoon I went to go outside and I saw two mourning doves on my porch where I have been sitting outaide for fresh air since the accident. We made eye contact and they flew away, what does this mean?

  57. Hi
    Interesting perspectives on doves, I had one in my dream this morning a mourning dove, but that’s not what I’m writing about. A year ago my brother passed away, we were sitting outside and a mourning Dove was on my garage roof. This huge Hawk flies in no one sees this but myself, the dove didn’t move wasn’t nervous. The Hawk I believe a red tail, flew up in the old oak tree and perched starring at all of us, still no one sees this but me. My thought process was, oh this is bigger than the Hawk being hungry, then the Dove stayed never moved neither did the hawk for at least an hour. Were they messengers sent to help us with our grief, absolutely. Spirit vision, prophecy the Angelic doppelganger what ever it was it brought peace to my heart 🙂

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