Goose Totem Message

goose totem message

If the goose comes onto your path, have you ever wondered what it might say to you?

Here are a few ideas about a direct message from the goose, and what it might say:


Getting Insight From Goose Totem Messages:

“I’m a sign of the times.  I’ll show you the shift in the seasons even before you see the first autumn leaf fall, or the first spring bloom.  You might say I’m a good tool for predictions of things to come.  When you see me and my gaggle, get attuned to the changes around you.  Be aware of shifts in the season of your life.  Forewarned is forearmed.  Your alertness will make you prepared for changes ahead.

I’m also here to remind you of loyalty.  Did you know my feathered friends and I are fiercely faithful to each other?  Yep. We never leave a fallen fellow behind.  We’ll stay behind the flock in order to help our friends succeed.  That’s a good way to feather the nest of your lives.  Be loyal to your friends, family, beliefs.  If you do – you’re being loyal to yourself.  Fidelity is a must if you expect to fly right in this world.”

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