Two Common Symbols for Clarity

Circle up for Clarity

The concept of “clarity” is such a one, so finding one single “symbol for clarity” is a tall order.  This request reminds me of my response to the question: “what’s the symbol for visualization?”  Again, this is such an expansive concept, obtaining one universal symbol to represent it is an impossibility.

Further, concepts such as clarity, consciousness, or visualization are very personal, and as such, they morph according to personal perspective.  Ultimately these concepts are infinitely vast and pinning one single symbol for clarity or visualization limits the possibilities of visual expression.

However, we can take a look at some very basic symbols for clarity that give us some visual reference to the concept of the universe…

Since the beginning of man’s own development the universal symbol for clarity – or more aptly – the symbol of mans “awareness”  of himself within the construct of the universe has been the circle.

Furthermore, the circle has unanimously captured the totality of man’s psyche in relation to it’s dovetailing into the cosmic consciousness.

Another historical symbol for clarity is the triangle (tipped upright) as it is a visual emblem of ascending the din of life and reaching life’s peak – leading us to experience the clarity that awaits us there.

To illustrate, the triangles two lower (horizontal) points symbolize that humanity is inevitably of 2 minds (black/white, good/evil, less/more, high/low) – duality being a constant of mankind. 

Then, as the lines of the triangle move upward to the peak it symbolizes man obtaining:

  • higher thought
  • aspiration
  • inspiration
  • enlightenment 
  • one-ness of mind

We see here that man gains acceptance of his own duality, and finally becomes CLEAR and is resolved into one mind – one thought, cosmic consciousness.  Clarity has been achieved.