Tau Symbol Meaning

I was recently asked about the Tau symbol meaning (image of Tau seen left), to which I respond:

In the strictest definition, this symbol is a representation of the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet with a numerical vibration of 300.

However, taking the single-mindedness out of the task at hand (interpreting only the meaning of the Tau), we see many more symbolic meanings of the symbol itself (as a “T”), and these vary according to era, lore, culture, region.

For example, this symbol was shown to represent the crucifix in many European and Western religious traditions.

It was also thought to symbolize a phallus in ancient Egypt and also believed to be a marker for holy waters.

We find this image in primitive/native man glyphs as a representation of the meeting place between earth and sky (horizon).  Consider the deeper meaning here – that which is above the horizon (or at the table top of the T) is known to our conscious minds.   That which is below the point of contact (the stem of the T) holds the mystery of the unknown. 

Mythology suggests this symbol is associated with the Roman god Mithras & Greek Attis.

The symbology of the Templar/Freemasons/Rosicrucian indicates the Tau represents the One God and It’s three attributes which are: Wisdom, Strength, Harmony.

The Tau is found in center circle of the Rosy Croix (rosy cross) – symbolizing the union of the subjective and objective – mysticism and the alchemical practice of the Great Work.

Kabbalistic references indicate the symbol holds to the mystical references of the number three and holds meanings such as: Creativity, Expansion, Magic, Intuition.

More literal focus on the Tau reveals its correspondence with the 22nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet & corresponds with Saturn. It also resonates with the World Tarot card within the Major Arcana

It’s an ancient symbol with lovely connotations.  If you’re really serious about tapping into its symbolism, I suggest you meditate upon the symbol to derive your own interpretations.  I also encourage you to do your own independent research on this symbol as my provisions only touch the surface of this symbol.

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  1. Tau also stands for Talion law , it embodies the promise not to forget vengeance for those who weren’t able to punish family and honour crimes.

  2. What does it mean if a dove walks into your house by the back door, rests a few minutes than walks out the front door.
    Then rests just outside the door.

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