Symbolic Meaning of Number 911

I get many emails from people telling me they see the number 911 in their lives – and what does it mean?  I provide a short answer on the symbolic meaning of number 911:

Nine’s deal with attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment, and our success to achieve an influence on our circumstances. The spiritual meaning of number Nine deals with intellectual or dominant power, inventiveness, influence & control over situations and things.

One’s deal with with strong will, positivity, pure energy as well as new beginnings, and innocence. One’s represent action in both physical and mental realms.

In the case 911, we can double the meaning of the One as it is duplicated here.

So to tell the symbol story of 911, we may deduce that this number meaning as a whole deals with starting out in a new direction the hope of obtaining accomplishment, release, satisfaction or even creative expression.

This number meaning sequence also tells us that the observer (of this number) is powerfully intent on getting on a different track in life or wanting to making a bold move in a different more challenging direction with a goal of becoming recognized for his/her own true meaning.

As a whole (visually), we can see that the 9 is an invention or evolution between the doorway of the number Eleven.  We can see this when we look at the number sequence as a whole image….looking at the 911 we see the nine curling out of an expanding spiral of creation….entering (from an unexpected clockwise direction) through the gateway of infinite possibilities (the two ones side-by-side representing the door way).

Personally, when I see elevens I know I am walking through a door of change – I need to prepare myself to expect a change coming.  Adding the 9 prefix aludes the change will be sweeping, dominant and will have a tendency to control my mind if I am not careful & aware of what is happening amidst the change.

A special note, elevens are very powerful, and I’ve written a whole page about them on my website: Spiritual Meaning of Number Eleven    I also have good information on all the primary number on my Spiritual Meaning of Numbers page

You may also be interested in my symbolic meaning of number nine essay here.

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  1. Hello! I was absolutely stunned when I read your blog because that’s exactly what I have been witnessing. Ever since 9/11, every morning when I look at the clock and every evening I always see 9:11. Even a credit card says it expires on 9.11. I have been afraid of it because I was thinking someone or something was trying to warn me. But this is a relief to understand that it really means that I want to take that next path in life. Thank you for your much needed post. =0)

  2. I recently moved to Atlanta to attend graduate school. This has been my dream for many years. The day before I left to come to Atlanta to get a job I had a Doctors appointment at 8:30 am. I went to this appointment with my car packed and ready to head out. The nurse called me in to a room in a very timely manner. I looked at my cell phone it was 9:11. But then I waited in the room for about 45 minutes. I read articles, read charts on the wall etc. So I looked at her clok on the was it said 9:11. I got suspicious. Somebodies clock was very wrong and it wasn’t my cell phone. But why 9:11 in the same our. Any way I left for Atlanta. It was late when I got there, so I got a hotel room. Guess what the number of the room was 119. I went to the School board bright and early the next morning. When I got there I looked at the clock to see how long this was going to take. It was 9:11. At this point I got worried that some thing was calling for my help or that 9 1 1 had a specific menaing to me. I got the job. I went back home to rent a truck and move to Atlanta. I found a home, no the address was not 911 or 119 it was 114 but the brdge that takes me to my house is 9′ 11 inched high. OH MY GOD! I went to the gas station a police car pulled in fornt of me. I saw 911 0n the back of it. I went to the store as I was talking on my cell phone telling my God sister that every day I see 911 several times, I saw a car tag 9011 was the last 4 numberd. I got a receipt 911 was the change. I once had a total of 9 dollars and 11 cents to pay. I was reading a book and in the middle of the page was a reference number 19:1-11 Genesis 19:1-11. I was reading about sodom and Gomorrah. The book is From Eden to Exile: Unraveling Mysteries of the Bible by Eric H. Cline. Please look it up on page 40. I found your web site. It said 9 means attainment and 1 means strong will. I came to atlanta to go to GRADUATE SCHOOL to attain knowlegde and a better life for my family. I am very strong willed by nature. These definitions releaved me. The next day an upset happened on my job. I tried to quit! But I kept thinking 9 1 1. This number was going to remind me of my purpose and my strong will was not going to let minor bumps and bruises along to way stop me. I hated the job and I did not need it to go to school. School was stright. Ijust wanted to work because gas was so high and I had a car note and insurance to pay. THANK YOU!

  3. Interesting… this is the first time I’ve sat down to investigate this. Two weeks before the 911 attacks, this number came to me. However, I was in a transitional stage in my life and thought that something was urging me to join the police force. Just a year before, I had completed a contract with the Marine Corps, it seemed only natural to join the police academy. Besides, the starting pay was around 54,000 a year and, I must say, I was tired of being broke. My friend had talked to me about joining the police force, but under the airport division which would be a cake job for the pay. It sounded great, but I was still uncertain. Then the number… again… and again and again. I talked to my girlfriend about the number and what I thought it meant; she thought it might be a good idea. I love adventure and physical activity… I even thought that I could join up for S.W.A.T., but… there was one question which kept me from signing my name. Will I be fighting the right people? Something I’d seen or experienced previously in life must have influenced me to feel like that at that particular moment. I didn’t join up. I was in Thailand during the attacks. I had spent a month traveling around with a close family friend. I found out about the attacks the day after… and didn’t make the connection even though I had continued to see the number. A few weeks after returning to the states, me and my girlfriend were having a casual conversation about the number and the police gig; I was still uncertain whether I had made the right decision. It finally clicked. Oh my god… wow. That’s crazy. Wow… Not being too worldly or spiritual at the time, I shrugged it off, but the number has never left me. I continued with my work, although I wasn’t too passionate about it. It paid the bills. But one morning, at 530 I was on my way to work and I wrecked my motorcycle. The night before I had cleaned my bike and forgot to take the degreaser of the rear wheel where it still covered the rotor. I took the 30 mph hour s-bend at Sixth and Rimpao (can’t even remember how to spell it) at about 80 like I usually do when I’m on that side of town. A third of the way through the turn I grab the brakes hard, but they don’t have that crisp reply like they usually do. I was out of work for four months. I’m not a reader, but somehow a few good books came to me and I read them. I wasn’t the same after that. I couldn’t go back to where I was. I had to move forward. I had the urge to go to school. I don’t know why. Something was pushing me… but no one I know… none of my family… no one has ever gone to school… college… University. My girlfriend and I had come to a parting point. We weren’t mad with each other… still not exactly sure why, but we remained happy with each other… and sadly parted. It was time. She returned to Canada and I met a physical therapist named Cindy (aka Fairy Momma) from Topanga. She had a lovely family and a magical guest house on her lot that overlooked two beautiful green giants (Santa Monica Mountains) and straight down into the open sea. I stayed there for two years while attending SMC, and then I transferred to CSUN. Then I finished. Wow… I finished. That’s cool. The number has never left me. So many years now… I’ve ignored it for so long, but lately it’s been stronger. There are times when it’s stronger. I follow it. I’ve now been in Bangkok for a year teaching English. It’s getting stronger again. Last Saturday I woke up, went to the bathroom, walked to the fridge and aimlessly peered in; “what am I doing?!” I thought. It’s Saturday and I should be sleeping in. As if I hadn’t seen the number for ages it didn’t dawn on me when I wondered what time it was. I walked back into the room and plopped myself onto to the bed. Yawning, I stretched out to glance at my cell lying on the bed, 911. Yeah, of course. Tonight, I’m deeply engrossed in a movie, the phone rings (I normally wouldn’t even bother looking, but, being that I just completed a one year contract with my current employer and sent out a few resumes yesterday, I had to at least look to see who the hell was calling), I look down; 911. Oh god, great… ok. I have to pick it up even though so much inside of me wants to let it ring. I don’t want to talk; I don’t want to be distracted. I just want to watch my movie. “Hello. Hey, what’s up (unenthusiastically)?” I have been invited to go out tomorrow night. I tried to say, which happens to be the truth, “I don’t have the money.” “It’s my Aunt’s bday on Saturday. “ “I can’t really… I…” Funny… Friday my main job finishes at 240. My first private class starts at 300 and ends at 430. Oddly enough, earlier in the week, my Tuesday private canceled wanting to reschedule for Friday. So for the first time ever, I’m forced to drive across town to meet my typically Tuesday on Friday at 600. I finish at 730 and guess what… the spot where my buddy wants to meet is merely blocks away the place where I’ll be; and they’ll be meeting around 800. Everything in my body wants to say no. I just want to sit at home, save my money, study, prepare to open a language center… have a normal fucking life, but I can’t. I know… I have to follow it. It’s leading me. It’s pushing me. I have to go.
    I can honestly say I have never given this number this much thought. Never have I ever sat down to write about it. I’ve never talked about it this deeply. Your explanation of the number seems so bright and full of hope. But it doesn’t necessarily feel that way to me. OMG. I have goose bumps… an aside… I have had only two visions in these eight years. I think I just made a connection, but that’ll have to be another time. What I wanted to say was that I don’t feel so positive about this. It’s definitely life changing; however, I… I don’t feel good about this… I think it’s leading me… I have this feeling it’s pushing me towards my death. What else do you know about these numbers? The visions where monumental and they indeed illustrated a massive change… a movement of change… but I didn’t die, but I also didn’t see beyond that. Please…

  4. I see the numbers 911 every single day i hit my remote the other day on accident and the info and time popped up and it said 911, i got a paper back the other day saying 9/11, i have a plaque on my wall with states with the numbers 9 and 11 next to eachother, so i cant escape it, its everywhere

  5. I see the 911 every single night… either I’m watching TV or out doing something, i just happen to look at the clock.. it says 9:11.. not 9:10 or 9:12… there are many times it just changes to 9:11 when i look.. it is very odd.. very odd

    just tonight i had looked a watch that i had not seen in a while and it said 9:11 !!!! but guess what it was off from the real time.. i looked at a clock that had the right time on it and it was 10:00 … i have no idea maybe it is a sign.. and with the whole change thing.. I am trying to change alot..

  6. I am another one who has the “911” experiences on the clock. First of all this has been happening for about a year or so now. I don’t think about what happened on 9/11 but everytime I look at my clock to see what time it is it says 9:11. It doesn’t matter if I am at home in front of my computer or in my car or in bed. Where ever there is a digital clock it says 9:11 when I look at it. What does this mean? I am glad to see I am not the only one who has this happen to them.

  7. I see the number 911 everyday, a few times a day.I see it on Licenses plates, clocks, bill boards. At first it was creepy, but now I am used to it.

  8. The two equal numbers, One, represent two individual existential columns of thought. They are like two great towering civilizations. The swirling number 9 represents the wind of change. That number 9, that wind, being at their side, does not stand between them, but is the universal manifesting breath of creativity effecting them both. As out of soil lovely flowers bloom, out of the debris of ‘911’ can be peace. It can be this just as out of the trauma of every birth is born a beautiful being. For two great civilizations, 911 is that birth. If we let it, it is the symbol of true understanding, real tolerance, and love.

  9. Wow, I am so glad I finally got to know people that are going through the appearance of 911 in their lives. Well, here is my story: I used to live in LA by myself, and I suddenly lost my dad who lived with my mom in the caribbean. I spent a couple days crying and then I decided to move to live with my mom, but I was sort a reluctant to fly away, so a friend of mine decided to take me to the airport,so we were talking and all of a second my eyes caught her car clock and it said 911, so mentioned it to her and she laughted. Since then I see this number everywhere at anytime.

  10. 1st, my birth certificate number is 911.

    weird. in the year 2001, i heard a psalm sang by teen in a church, was so touching and i was like fall in love with this word : Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
    in a year of 2004, i then realize that this word is taken from PSALM 119:105. long before this i never knew this word is taken from what phase.

    my 2 good friends born on 11 sept and 19 nov.

    wtc boomed on 9/11.

    i always saw this number at my clock. like everyone else here.

    last year, i woke up in the morning like always, and look to the watch down stair my house. what so FUNNY is, its dead at 9.11 pm last night.

    huh.. what a miracle

  11. finally, relief to know that i’m not the only one seeing 911 everywhere i look. what you say it’s true, my life has been one whirwind of a change after another as i enter one phase another transition stares at me right in the face. this has been goin for over two years now, i was starting to worry. you have put my mind at ease. thank you so kindly. peace.

  12. Wow….I was reading this hoping to get some understanding on this sign sent to me often… as I’m reading, I get a text…clearing the text and going back to the main screen on the phone, there’s the time…you guessed it, 9:11. Coincidence? I think not :-)

  13. I am just totally freaked out because I have been telling people close to me over the last few years my extroardinary experiences with 911…I have been planning to go on i/net for some time now to try and find out something, some kind of meaning, and to find that there are others having the same phenomena makes me believe 100% that there is more to this then we may possibly be able to comprehend .I cant help but think of the movie “close encounters” where people from all walks of life share a common vision that they know is important and significant in some way but they think they are alone and they struggle with the meaning.
    I was again amazed how simmilar others experiences are like mine..Like when people make comment that after a while it just becomes almost something you laugh at to yourselves..I see it everywhere..and its always like an unconscious movement to look at a clock a licence plate , the mileage on your car, a receipt, I even see 611 many times in a reflection or while laying on my side or back and looking up at something.Does anyone know of any more formal website or such that talks about this..if not I’m going to create one..feel free to contact me
    Godbless and I hope we all find our answers.

  14. I swear I thought I was the only one! My husband’s responce now ‘oh no……here we go…’ but I have been seeing the numbers for ten years exactly. It started before just before Sept 11, and I can’t shake it. Its like trying to avoid eye contact with that old aquaintance at the grocery store. I’ve been fearful of the number. The clocks, license plates, road signs…there is not one 911 that i miss. Oh…and don’t forget the prices of every item that Im about to purchase. 119 and 911 what is this? Ive been looking for answers. It has always been a warning of something bad to me, but maybe I just deny change and thats why I relate it that way. It’s too much. I want,,,,no I need ,,, an answer!

  15. For years Ive been afflicted by seeing numbers……After I had a seizure in 2001 I began seeing numbers on clocks, mailboxes, receipts , any place that has a number. 4 distinct groups of numbers 911 808 747 357 , and now a fifth 316 starting as recent as last year. I have tried to interpret the meanings of these numbers , and they each have a significant meaning . even by adding the first 4 groups of numbers together, the number 2823 has a specific meaning both from the past and present. I don’t look for theses numbers on purpose, they just appear . Each number that I have mentioned above have a specific meaning to me after I had done some self evaluation. I had a period of time where Ive added and subtracted , and tried to manipulate them in a way that I could better understand them. Keep in mind, that these numbers “Came” to me…I did not ask for them to appear, because they have turned out to possess negative results in my life. My interpretations of my “Nightmare” numerals are as follows..
    911…. terrorist attacks on U.S. soil .. very disturbing day not just for me, but for millions of others… Also a number that means safety for me. Medical help especially.
    808… This number took more time to evaluate, and I have produced 2 different results as of last year, and a third as recent as this evening. ( I will explain the third at the end of this blog/message) Ok…. 808 ..I had a customer who was in the military that seemed a little odd…Not that he himself was an odd individual, but that the last time I had seen him and shook his hand and looked him in the face, I had seen what looked to be a skull transposed over his face… almost X-ray like.. Yes, this may sound strange, but that’s what I had seen. I shook it off and though nothing of it. I hadn’t seen or heard from him in almost a year, and one day I went into one of the custom shops in Killeen, and noticed a flyer on the wall.. In Memory of Tyrone Benton who was killed in Iraq by an IED…. This was my customer…. He was from Hawaii…. Prefix for Hawaii…808. The second meaning that had came to mind was August 23rd 2008 . My wedding day…. 808… 8th month of 2008.
    747…. I couldn’t put a specific meaning to this one, so once again mathematics….. My sister was killed when I was 13 years of age she was 18 when she passed……7 + 4 + 7 = 18. Another would be aircraft.. Boeing 747… Still no significance, unless tied to the events on 911. Yet I believe the planes used on 911 were Boeing 767’s.
    357…. My sisters passing was due to a gun shot…. 357 is a firearm, yet it was not the type that was used to kill her.
    2823…. The 4 groups of numbers above… By adding these four numbers together I came up with 2823…. This number has a very significant meaning in my life….. My father passed away in 1998 …. I lived right behind my parents at the time of his passing…. I had another traumatic event happen a few years later at this same address, and this was also the address I was living when the events of 911 unfolded………. I lived at 2823 Gila Bend. As for the meaning of this number in the present……it is the last four digits of my work phone number.
    316… a new addition to my numbers which started last year…… The only meaning I can come up with Bible verse John 3:16
    Now back to the 3rd meaning to 808 which might have hit me this evening.. I was thumbing through youtube to possibly find some answers to what I am writing about and came upon a video explaining different number sequences and their meanings…. A book was mentioned ..Angel Numbers…..By Lynnette Brown …. Who had written the book in Hawaii…Prefix 808.
    here is a link to that video:

    It seems that all these numbers are based on traumatic events that have happened in my life, and in others lives.. I did not want to see them , nor did I plan for them to take control of my life…. Some people had said that I have a gift and that there is meaning behind them….I wish they would just go away, but they wont. For years I have been seeing them , and like some people say … “Good things come in 3’s” or “The third time’s a charm”…Not in my case…
    3 of these numbers in one one day usually means something bad will happen.. Ive had cases where family illnesses had set in , or received bad news about such events following the viewing of three numbers. Ive had too many to recall , that it has become routine. Last month I had 3 numbers , and the last in that sequence I was on my way to Waco and 808 was the last of the numbers. I told my stepson who was with me something bad was going to happen… Yes something bad was going to happen…On my way home I got a ticket. 2 weeks ago I had 5 numbers that whole day….. I had never had 5 … all of the first 4 and then 808 again…. That evening at 11:30 pm I had a Grand Mal seizure on my bedroom floor. I don’t want this …Its not fun for me. I just want answers to why , and why me?

  16. I have been seeing the same numbers over and over again and I have been able to do some research on a few sites including
    It’s funny to see that a lot of people share common numbers, or maybe these are the numbers the more conscious people are able to see. Just saying.

  17. Thank you for your insite. This meaning definitely rings true with the transformations that have been happening in my life. :)

  18. Something is happening.
    I too have seen 911 show up, in weird places.

    Some force of the Universe is telling or showing us something.
    Probably the greed in our world, and the raping of our planet, have a role in this world wide phenomon.

    Stay Positive, the meek shall inherit the Earth!
    I’ll put a bet on this one.

    Knowledge is on our side. Nature got it right.

    Bruce Repert

  19. I stumbled on this by accident. Thank You. For 6 months now everytime I look at anything dealing in time I see 9:11. I was with my son at a football game in the 1st quarter and looked at the time clock. 9:11 remaining in the quarter. No matter where I’m at my cell phone, microwave or clock I always see 9:11 doesn’t matter am or pm. I started noticing it after about 4-5 occurences and became a little nervous especially as 9/11/13 was coming up. Now its just an everyday occurrence that I’ve grown to live with

  20. hi i see 911 all the time for my whole life…what are the angels trying to tell me very spiritual person but i tend to block stuff when it gets to strong.but i know i shouldnt be fearful my i act like i am eventho its like soul is not…i want to move forword as i feel im not being my true self..jus feel stuck a little
    also i see 333 alot

    my daughter has the same name as you avia…theres not many lol

  21. I’ve been seen 9:11 for a few months now. I thought I new what it meat. 9 for God’s son ship and 11 for judgment. I did felt very judged or me judging and me trying to analyze my lately behavior towards others and evaluating if I’m doing God’s will. After some event that happened the numbers stopped and thought that was it , but they came back again , at least two times. I feel I’m not doing my full potential ,I’m not doing enough to help others and myself. I’ve had the most two and a half difficult years with illness,a newborn baby with not a lot of support from husband and family, depression , anxiety, my faith was questioned, some traumatic experience, my husband almost divorced me… . I felt ready to die at some point and felt physically, emotional and spiritually broken. I renewed my faith in God , I almost stopped believing and I searched…… I had to change church and cleared up some questions about my faith. I now put my trust in Jesus, something I had heard before all my life , but I now lived it. I’m still struggling, but doing way better,with Gods help of course , I could of not do it a lone. I first felt so relived and safe when I felt God giving me confort after I had felt him so away. Then I started changing some things in my life that I was doing wrong. i’m sure I’ms till doing somethings wrong, but I’m learning.Sometimes we know what is the right thing to but its so difficult doing it. I feel change is coming my way. Most of you guys have gone through a lot of trouble. I don’t want to get into numerology , tarot reading or anything spiritual that God condemns. The time where Jesus is coming back is near, and a lot of catastrophes first, like the 9/11 attack or worse . As I became afraid when I read about punishment, I also read paragraphs where Jesus said to not worry, because this things must happen. He will protect us and guide us even if we have to go to trouble; it’ll be worthy at the end. 911 is also an emergency number. It seems the message we are all getting is to not loose hope in the middle of emergencies, because even thought there will be a judgment day, selected gentles and Jews will get to receive God’s Mercy through Jesus Christ. God bless everyone and guide you in your path.

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