Native American Symbol for Sister

Shown left is an adaptation for the Native American symbol for sister (plains Indian).

The X with a small circle is a represents woman-ness, female power, fertility, and compassion.

Side-by-side, these symbols represent two women bonded in a relationship of the soul – sisters.

Should one female symbol be above the other – this would be a symbol for mother or a representation of a grandmother relationship.

The positioning of side-by-side is very important as it indicates a union, bond, equality – a sharing in the journey of blood.

The circle around the two female symbols signifies family – family ties, family blood, clan closeness & protection.  The circle that never breaks – it holds that which can never be broken – the bond of souls, the bond of blood between this female relationship.

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  2. This is an intriguing topic. People often ask themselves how basic symbols emerged from the human mind to become integrated in cultural thought. Why is it we see “universal” symbols on bathroom doors and on roadsides? Who decides these images will have widespread meaning? We do.

  3. Can you please tell me what the native american symbol for daughter is? Is it some variation of the sister one as the mother is?

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